EVE X Apple

Today we released more fixes:

  • A fix for certain AMD GPUs having freezes or crashes when using a jump gate. The same fix may also help with general client stability. @d0Ci0n - This may resolve your issue. Could you try and let me know?

  • Launching EVE is now possible on case sensitive file systems


Can’t install 10.15, latest supported OS on my Mac Pro is 10.14. Will try to flash it and install Catalina but I think it will be a problem due hardware.

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Good news, I have flashed my Mac Pro and installed Catalina on unsupported hardware with patcher.
Now I don’t have glitches as was on Mojave

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Great news. This matches what we have seen too - The Nvidia issues are resolved in 10.15.
Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t want to give your hopes up, but they have said recently no support will be given.

They like the Linux gamer’s money though.

I don’t see them refusing that.

It’s not too difficult to add support for Linux. Steam already includes a set of libraries that add binary compatibility to Windows games on Linux, called Proton. If I enable Proton manually in Steam settings, some games will work, some others will not work, and yet others will require some tweaks.

If a developer tests their game using Proton on a supported Linux distribution, which is likely just Ubuntu, a checkbox can be ticked for the Steam release, and the game is then going to be tagged as having native Linux support. It doesn’t need to be recompiled for Linux with exotic libraries or anything, just the exact same Windows binary needs to work reasonably well on Linux/Steam/Proton without tweaks.

Something else to consider: if the game works on Steam/Proton/Linux, and it can be played using the input devices available on a Steam Deck, it can end up as a supported title on that platform. That may end up justifying the effort.

I know I’m late to the party, but gotta jump in to add to the love.


I have m1 Mac. But I cannot understand why client cannot be backwards compatible.

It still seems that this is an emulation of windows. I might be wrong. But if Mac and windows are intel what is the problem?

I think it might be Mac’s policy to never make anything backwards compatible. To everyone’s detriment.

Well this used to work perfectly on my M1 MBA but for the last week or so, I click on my character and all I get is a black screen with a circle in the bottom left. If I click on the circle, this is what I see.

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 15.06.58

All I can do is kill it.

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does anyone have issues with screen resolution on the native macos client? The resolution on my scren is to large i can’t play. everything looks so tiny on the laptop monitor that I can’t actually read anything.

We’ve complained a lot on this, but the official response on this is “it’s just how it is”. The best you can do is set the resolution to a lower one, and make the UI larger. I really wish they’d add in in-game rendering multiplier option, like most of the other modern games provide.

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i dont have the option to change the resolution in game. all of the options are greyed out/not there.

I would like to have the following solution.

Saved version sizes. For example it remembers that on my laptop my size is smaller and I have different position of in game windows.

Also to include saved in game window positions. So I can transfer to other characters.

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It’s unclear, is it M1 (ARM) native or just “Apple”???
Bc if it’s M1 Arm coded I’m hyped…

It’s a macOS-native x86 binary, which runs in Rosetta 2 on M1 Macs.

The macOS client is a universal binary that has both native Intel and native M1 support. The game does not run through Rosetta2 and has not since launch. We did use Rosetta2 during some of the first playtests however, which is what may have caused some confusion.

The launcher still requires Rosetta2 however.


can we espect suport for mac 10.13 in the future?
pretty please

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