Event Feedback - Guardian's Gala 2019

Today I found a small reservoir of patience, and ran 5 sites in highsec. Only loot I saw was log entries and tickets… sigh.


Is anyone else making 20 or more hops in high-sec before finding a site to run? I really feel like when a player wants to participate in an event, there shouldn’t be 30-60 minutes worth of friction just to find a site. I’ve even tried circling every system in a given constellation 2-3 times but nothing shows.


How would you include trades and industrials here without mining requirement?

Hahahaha. You haven’t read this topic obviously.

CCP, arent you trying a little bit too hard to the point i had a thought of marking these as spam:

It feels like you are desperate.


Lol at 3 PLEX offers. The budget must be tight when koreans rule the books.


Hi folks,

Firstly, I’d like to convey my thanks towards all of you for taking the time to check the event out and provide your feedback here.

I’m going to be the first to admit that we were quite off the mark with this one. It’s been a valuable lesson for me, personally, being only the second event that I’ve worked on in my new capacity as a designer. There’s a lot that I’ve taken away from the feedback over the last couple of weeks and while I haven’t been active here until this point, I have been reading and considering.

While it’s always exciting and tempting to try and reinvent the wheel or even just add something new, it’s easy to also get blinkered and develop a degree of tunnel vision when exploring novel ideas.

In this case, while I tried to preserve the markets for the rarer things available via the Surprise Gifts, I underestimated the overall volatility of the tables. For that, I want to offer my sincere apologies.

Again, thanks for taking the time to let us know you care.


What was the train of thought behind artificially choking event material availability by scarce ore availability in sites, poor reprocessing rates, poor design choice by quickly despawning sites when it perfectly worked in previous event (permafrost) where you had to add rocks and adjust refining as well?

It just feels that event team learns nothing from past mistakes


Thanks for responding to some of the concerns that have been expressed in this thread. As a player and customer it’s always good to see that feedback has been received and will be taken into consideration.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I think part of the frustration has been knowing that the game content can be better than it is sometimes because we’ve seen it be better. If it’s a question of time for developing and testing content, I know that I and some others have expressed that having fewer events but at a higher quality level would be a preferable outcome if that’s what’s needed to get consistently good content.

Thanks for listening and posting.


I wanted to drain the resources from previous events. Mining was never intended to be a focal point for the event and the amounts present in the site were an attempt to incentivize the draining of stockpiles.


That is so simple, just have both, if one becomes too dominant over the other simply adjust the drop rates accordingly, all the way up to 2:1 or even 3:1 ratio if necessary. Done and done. Also most importantly, make this doable by 1 character or at least people that play 1 account. Remove multiboxing requirement while at it.

All these things were already done when they first started doing blueprints, before they removed drops. Only difference is on next event after they removed drops from combat side of things completely instead of just getting the droprates correctly.

So I don’t understand why even ask such a thing when it was already done in the past and not too long ago either on top of that and it was successful.

@CCP_Sledgehammer I’ve already said pretty much everything there is to say from my end earlier in this thread. I’m not going to continue to beat the horse to death. So let me say this.

Thanks for posting. Seriously, thanks for stepping up and wading in and copping to a miss here. It happens, man. I will say that coming in earlier to address some issues would have been nice and would have alleviated a lot of the feelings that we had that nobody was listening, I get that this is a hard thing to do. If anything the fact that you popped in as things were getting uglier and uglier means a lot, and I really do appreciate you coming in to make a statement.

Honestly, man? That’s all we want from CCP’s side as well. To know that somebody gives a damn and is willing to listen to us when we are asked for feedback. We love this game, and sometimes that can make emotions run high and create a tough atmosphere to wade into, but it (usually) comes from a good place. Again, thanks for stepping up.

OK, I lied. This is a horse I’m going to beat back into the atomic particles from which it was created.





I get it, I’m sure this was an agreed upon term internally that has to be used. But this very thing is at the root of what some of use are distressed over. I’m sorry, but I can’t let that go. Please pass that along to marketing, the team, and management that while the loot boxes were objectionable, constantly referring to them this way is frankly just insulting.

I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but this one really pushed a button for me.


Thanks again for posting and doing what you do. We love the game, we love events, and we really want EVE to be the best that it can be. We do it out of love for EVE and New Eden and our community here- you guys very much included.

Peace :v:


Okay, but then the inflated prices for those materials screwed price-reward balance on lootboxes (no, they are NOT “gifts”). And neither price nor ore availability were adjusted to address that with later patches. If we throw into the mix material requirements on the BPCs - relying only on stockpiles never would have worked to begin with.


When you skip the test server, this level of failure is simply expected.


Thanks for the honesty. I can get behind the motivation but to do this you rewarded those with stockpiles and penalised those without. Maybe if the mining materials were a short cut and not a requirement for the rewards the goal could have been achieved more fairly to the whole community.


And it seems to have worked as intended. I know my stockpiles are almost depleted. :slight_smile:

I think mixing up the refine rate is a good thing and provides gameplay to traders and miners and some continuity between events. There is the issue though that if the accelerators become too expensive to build as compared to just buying skill injectors they will be ignored like happened here, but I think next event there will be massive stockpiling to fill a similar hole in demand for a future situation where less CTs are available so that is less likely to happen.

The lottery was a bit a of a bust I think, even if the CTs had been cheaper, but good on you for trying something new.

Have a good weekend!


You did not have to go to such extremes though, and even if you did not have the time to test it, once it went live you could have adjusted some rates and make such a statement at the beginning instead of the end of things. Instead, a lot of people quit doing events, a bit even unsubscribed and / or quit playing the game for time being because of it the sum of all the issues and the way it was mishandled to say the least.

A small portion of players, but a portion nonetheless, was subscribing, or plexing their PvE characters / accounts in addition to their main ones, just for events. This has dropped significantly. And these were active people, not some multiboxed AFK crap or bots with Rorquals or VNIs. Active actual people. This is your most important thing here.

The other thing is, you only bring up the rates and table volatility. Nothing of basically turning it into multibox requirement, oh and forget “get a friend” or “corpmate”, this is Eve man so get real. For stuff like this its multibox or GTFO.

Also you didn’t bring up accessibility issues. I do understand there was an effort to make these less doable by bots, but at what cost ? Have you played the past events ? Are you aware of what they were like ? How much fun people had when they would willingly mind you, not forced in any way shape or form, but actually willingly PvP over drops ? There was no even incentive other then lootbox shenanigans, no “kill other player” as item to be awarded points for, nothing, people just did it. this is the kind of stuff you are completely missing now. As in totally, the concept seems to be foreign and above what is currently done and is completely missing from these current events.

Again you guys took the extreme route and eliminated so much of what was good about them in the process. Why ? Why not make some at least reasonable changes instead, why such extremes ?

I would like to be hopeful for future of events and content in general, but with these sort of issues and things going on, I just can’t. I let my 1st sub already expire due to this, you can ask accounting and check and verify, and I am certainly not the only one. If the game in general continues this sort of downward slide then my remaining one will go as well.


Thanks for having the balls to come here, better too late then never (yes, it’t too late). I think the feedback in this thread is exhaustive, but one point needs addressing:

C’mon, this is cheap. The loot table of the “loot boxes” (yes, things you have to buy are not gifts) was only one and not the most important issue with this event’s design. It’s important that we were able to bring that message across.

Would be happy about a sign of acknowledgement :slight_smile:


Arent you Graphical Quality Assurance Analyst in CCP? How you ended up in event team? Is CCP so understaffed? :scream:

The draining of resources is not the only issue, its everything combined. Its synergically bad in effect.


an afterthought/freebie:
to avoid using crutches in next events - expire not only BPCs and accelerators, but also raw ore, gas, materials and tickets as well at the end of event, or give some time (a week?) for materials to expire. They ARE “limited time” items ffs!

That way every event will be “fresh”.