Event Feedback - Guardian's Gala 2019

Good to see that CCP has not forgotten this thread, sad to see that this is all we get.

SO… NOTHING will be done to salvage this event?
As someone whom enjoy the events in EVE, I will be leaving this one very desapointed on how it was executed and no attempt at making it better was ever made… I do know the “BB monster OP” at the start of the event was a bug that was properly fixed by the team, but after all the feedback we left in here nothing here will be implemented to try and salvage it and honestly, I find this extremely frustrating!

I feel like the game left me down this time around, just hope it won’t happen in the next ones :persevere:



The earlier events were accessible to everyone, so lots of new players participated. In some cases, these events were the first pvp new players witnessed/experienced; and as a result, I had conversations with new players discussing game mechanics and allowed, not just encouraged, ingame activities.

And in one or two cases, new players, I met during the initial events, who were robbed of the loot drop spent time hunting down their robber…which, I believe, is called emergent gameplay, :slight_smile:


Ya see, one active dev response can change everything, look at the chat new posts, they are still pretty shite, but they arnt stinky anymore. Communication is key!


But alpha that can play effectively and do what omega can is against the profit, because why alpha would upgrade to omega if not for being able to do more? In F2P and pay to “accommodate” skills politics to make grind so unbearable to those who dont pay.

I am sure CCP devs were told to be aware of those politics.

Thats why the events are becoming harder. Just not enough people going omega…

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Basic marketing rule:
You must ATTRACT customers you can not FORCE them!

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They are already attracted, they play, and they are being attracted further by visions of more power and possibilities or gains. They cant be forced anyway, like you cant force anyone to gamble those tickets in this gala, but you can see people gambling hundreds of times each.

People see there isnt much shine in this event tho, to attract them, thats why it can feel like you have to force yourself to complete it, even on omega.


About 2 weeks 2 late for the excuses. When I noticed that my secondary account is only mining like 5 ores per site(8/9 in a T2 ref citadel with beamcounter implant) I said frack it. Not worth the time. This was the first event(since I play) where I started using +6 accels instead of the +10/12. It was simply not worth the time to run after the ore and buying it it’s to expensive. I’ve read in some older reddit post that if the price of the +10 accel is higher then 60 mil it’s not worth buying it more like selling it but not with these ref rates.

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many billions later…
a bit later…
in fact too late

Tsk Tsk.

Ha one day left. Not sure to ask if the event could be extended for another week because of the bugs and how long it took to get fixed…or just let this ugly baby ride out of town with that pink Machariel Skin


Let it die. This thing needs to be put out of its misery, and most of the game design decisions that were made here should never ever be made again. Loot boxes in particular need to be completely obliterated.


IMO when you are trying to engineer player behavior you are always going to be way out of your depth as a game designer. I have seen this from plenty of games and it always seems to go poorly. Starting with your idea of desired player behavior and building plans from there just does not work imo.

Start and end with desired game behavior. Let us handle the player behavior. You simply can’t engineer the perfect player from your end. That is a loosing battle every time.


Thank you for replying to this thread. I imagine you did it with quite a bit of trepidation.

The core of your reply, however, misses the mark. The most common comments in this thread are people’s hatred of loot boxes and bugs that persisted to the end of the event. Borked loot tables comes in a strong 3rd. If you could address these points I’d be grateful.


I may have to finally create new EVE accounts just so I can ‘Like’ this post more often. Nothing terribly constructive said, but kudos for reading, responding, and being up front about the event missing pretty much all the “good event” marks. I don’t require CCP/EVE to be always correct, always to my satisfaction… but it drives me buggo to see you guys go way off the beam and then not even respond or (apparently) learn anything from hundreds and hundreds of similar feedback replies.

So, THANK YOU for reading, and responding, and hopefully taking something useful away from this!

(But if the next event is more of the same, well let’s just say I hope your clone is fully updated)


CCP is short sited and greedy. Instead of punishing casual players that do events to claw back isk. Go and punish the goons and other null seccers mining trillions and ratting trillions in bounties in blue safety. Go fix them ALL being blue to each other then you might actually get sh!t blowing up and make you some money. Making the events unfun is just going to lose you players! I unsubbed all my accounts i used to pay cash for. Because of this event and you cancelling AT.

So CCP sledgehammer cost you my subs. Seems he went to the event planning with a sledgehammer lol. MAKE EVE FUN, GIVE ME A REASON TO LOG ON!

[edit] And stop people being able to day one skill inject into a roquel and earning billions a day AFK mining. Put a cap on injectors. Again CCP is short sited. Make the game fun and make people actually want to kill each other!! Fix FW too!..this game is a joke honestly…


Realy do not like to spend my time in game jumping hours between systems and finding Gala sites if I want to participate in this event. CCP change spawn rate of event sites next time. This was boring.


I have to wonder how many of those who claim to have unsubbed because miscellaneous butthurt have actually done so ?

Murky waters, something CCP isn’t going to repeat dipping a toe in. Last time they did, it had a domino effect.

EVE players are incredibly forgiving, immensely so. But the metrics have become trickier, with alpha status. Which makes it harder to realistically track matters, easier to fall for creative statistics.


I did, want a screeny? I even put in the reason box something like, Guardian gala for sucking and adding more gambling back to game.

CCP don’t care if under age people learn how to gamble and develop addictions as long as it pays their wages. CCP Sledgehammer doesn’t care if kids gamble, even happy to charge 13m a pop for his ‘gift’. gift lol…yeah


My Good Amarr Gods !!! This is by farm the worst event EVER ! A complete waste of time and ISK. NEVER, EVER I’ll join an event again.

CCP, think better before doing things this way. Some day people will just vanish from the game.