Eveonline 2019 npc ventures use 5 lasers instead of 2 like the rest of us

Again, it’s disappointing to see you like this.
Just because something happens after an event doesn’t mean the event is wrong. I wish you the best in figuring this out, since you seem like you need it. :slight_smile:

You did not tried it yourself did you? They are back in 10 minutes. Pointless entirely. You need t o be able to kill them which requires fleet or top tier skills, solid fit and experience (or exploiting their AI if you know how).

You really don’t, but you too, are free to continue being wrong.

Anyway, I’m tired of all these kids coming in and being wrong one after another. Good luck to you, @Vokan_Narkar, bc I don’t really care.

Gas harvesting in wormholes is far more profitable than high sec belt mining, although it does require a bit of an up front investment in the relevant skill. It’s also a bit more risky, of course.

OP, if you’re interested in exploration (whether WH gas or data/relic sites across all of EVE), feel free to join the EVE Scout channel in game for friendly help and discussion!

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attention. So no one is doing it while you can AFK mine.

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Wouldn’t it be better to try and help instead of forum shoot newbies in an attempt to rub a dub an ego?

Post how they can get rocks without NPC fleets would be a starter.


Sure, but the OP didn’t ask about AFK mining. It certainly does require attention, you are right!

You can shoot them in a free noobship.

I only see 4 mining lasers on those ventures…

that being said it would be nice to have a 4-laser variant. something like venture equivalent of a covetor - can mine alot and fast but requires dedicated hauler to really do if efficiently…

EDIT: even picture is named 4 lasers xD so where did OP got 5th laser from xD

You’re not a new player …
… and even if you were …
… you’re still a bad person.

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Ignore the toxic players. If you want to hangout and mine and chill in high sec send me an ingame mail. I’ve been doing indy for a long time both in high and null. I’m on every weekend and some evenings during the week. My TZ is US East Coast.

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