Evernus [3.8 release] - the Ultimate Market Tool


(Jakov Finn) #344


The same problem. Was banned for macro. I used only evernus margin tool on my acount. Also, never used any other programms on any of my account. I asked friends and they also was banned yesterday and also their trade accounts only. And the only reason we can see is margin tool.

Also, you can see this topic on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/8qmv82/i_got_banned_for_macro_using/

Guys think that this ban because of new event and speed clicking on gates, but all of them wrote, that they was trading in Jita on their alt when it happened

(Pete Butcher) #345

Then I would suggest creating petitions and explaining what you’re doing. My guess is they changed their bot detection and it’s giving false positives.

(Garruk Brinalle) #346

It is just my suggestion but maybe the reson is this (from original description):

The Margin Tool is a multipurpose tool aimed at quick market reconnaissance and price updating. Every time you export market logs from the game with the tool open, you will get detailed information about the profitability of trading given item. The tool also supports automatic copying of buy and sell price to the clipboard (modified to ensure being at the top).

Seems it kinda violation
Not just copying-pasting but also modifying the price

(Old Pervert) #347

You aren’t automating input. You’re merely getting it keyed up so that you can paste your input in quickly.

There’s still a player sending input to the game. The program doesn’t do it for you.

(Pointman Absoulution) #348

WoW… so I got banned for checking prices for items with evernus?
This is so stupid but what can we do now will they permanent keep us banned for that… Some of us already got a response from CCP Peli and he just copy pasted the EULA nothing more… what can we do now?

(Rachel Syne) #349

Ive not even used evermus but my trade alt got the same ban…Basically if you traded yesterday you got banned.

(Pointman Absoulution) #350

And yea I am that guy… I thought it was because I speed clicked to fast trough the event but now I know its because of Evernus… this keeps getting better :smiley:

(Pete Butcher) #351

Copying prices to the clipboard isn’t violating the EULA, since there is no automated interaction with the Eve client, and you are required to manually update the order yourself.

Seems like their bot detection went crazy. Any dev out there who can shed some light? @Steve_Ronuken do you know what’s happening?

(Rachel Syne) #352

These bans were all delivered by ccp peligro, it seems that the way they were handled is less than detailed, and he didn’t even pay attention if the person being banned is a chinese super macroer or trading character.I even offered ccp to give them my hard drive to check for macro software, if I get the same copy paste then that will be bolocks. I think someone else needs to handle these petitions that is not biased.You can’t have the guy that wrongly banned you handle your ticket.That’s just absurd.

(Pointman Absoulution) #353

Exactly Rachel… this CCP peli is going mad right now… he does not even check our tickets he is like “Another Chinese Copy Paste Done”… I am so mad right now… all my assets are frozen in and I can’t play because of this dude who does not spent enough time looking into tickets… we need quickly another DEV here… and I would also give my Hard drive to check it out… even all my eve data from folders or whatever they need to proof that…

(Pete Butcher) #354

If this is indeed a ban wave for ctrl+v, this would be beyond absurd.

(Rachel Syne) #355

I’ve tweeted at ccp falcon and hilmar about this.This an issue for the security department but its a very big screw up.Hopefully someone will at the least raise an eyebrow, and decide to check if these bans were indeed for the right thing.We need to make them aware that this is not ok.If we stay silent this would just get swept under the rug.I would advise everyone to keep an eye on this thread.I have other ways in mind that we can apply to solve this but lets see if we get ccps attention first.

(Pete Butcher) #356

Yeah, I would suggest reddit too, since it gets quite some attention.

(Jakov Finn) #357

My friends got the same answer. Just copy-paste of EULA. I am still waiting… In our community we have a lot of banned traders, and we all use Evernus. We tried to explain how it works, how we use margin tool. But it seems CCP Peligrio didn’t read what we sent to him.

(Pete Butcher) #358

Can you all try talking to someone from the community team? They usually listen to users.

(Old Pervert) #359

@CCP_Falcon @CCP_Peligro

Since for all the comments involving them, they haven’t been cyno’d in, cyno up. I’ve no skin in this, to my knowledge I’ve not been banned… but that would require checking.

(Armis Spartan) #360

Hey, I got my alt banned too for “The reason specified was: Repeated Macro Use - Permanent suspension” and got same copy-paste of EULA answer. I suspect it is for actively updating market orders often. And I didn`t even use ANY third-party software or macros to help me pick items to trade or update my buy/sell orders. Just “mouse left-click ->modify order”.

And from the looks of it a lot of accounts (who knows what the number actually is) that actually used botting software got banned at the same time and those who got false positively flagged will be buried under a bunch of data. What are the chances that not all of them will be looked at and will never have their ban lifted.

It would really suck if I lost all that time I invested into skill training, standings raising, buy/sell orders baby siting just because I had time to spare and did it a bit too actively…

(Rachel Syne) #361

Btw on the login screen the message I saw something along these lines “User EVE-SSO-CONNECTION is banned pending investigation”, and I’m sure many of you had the same message.So if the investigation is pending why is the supposed justice delivered before the investigation is completed.That doesn’t make any sense.

(Lachdanan ImmO) #362

That’s the last straw i put my hope into.
If you have the “ongoing investigation” message AND no ctrl+v reply on your ticket from Peligro, i still believe they really do investigate.

(Rachel Syne) #363

thats the message you get when you try to log in your account not a ticket reply.