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(Balton Wait) #364

I got banned too and never used any kind of automation, evernus, or even bots or macros…

The problem is… I am afraid to get banned again as soon I start trading in Jita again just by doing order manipulation faster than ccp expects them. That is the main problem here.

Beside that it is very frustrating to have some days off work and not able to play the game…

The experience from the support ticket is also not a good one.

(Pointman Absoulution) #365

Know that feeling… only got 1 week free and now I am banned… until this is solved it could take days…weeks

(Pete Butcher) #366

Talked to CCP Zoetrope. Maybe I’ll be able to get some more info.

(Armis Spartan) #367

Some traders must be making a killing right now with a lot of active competition banned.

(Pete Butcher) #368

Quote from @CCP_Zoetrope:

so I was able to get ahold of one of the security guys and they think this looks a bit odd as well, so at least they know. I will also be following up with them tomorrow

(Rachel Syne) #369

That’s good news.They should let us know if we can also help them distinguish us from bots in someway.I’m sure all people who are playing normally would do everything to provide details that can be of help.

(Richard Price) #370

Maybe Bug:
When setting a color Tag to an order, it reset the sort filter. I have sorted my orders by Volume and then tried to set colors, every time when setting a color to an order the sorting resets to Name

(Ling Soikutsu) #371

Just bumping and saying that I also received a perma ban yesterday at about 10 pm BST, and have never used a macro, a bot, evernus or any other third party program (have used EVEnova app) and I am also willing to provide whatever is necessary to help prove my innocence. I did receive a section of the EULA as a response to my ticket.
At the time of the ban I was taking part in the event, and I had also been doing some missions, combat sites, exploration and market trading in the preceding week. I logged on with the account for the first time two weeks ago, after an approx. 6 month break.

Edit: some details

(Rachel Syne) #372

I’ve had about 15 total support tickets from my 10years of play but I’ve never had copy pasted reply so far, while I’ve not received a reply to my own ticket its discouraging to see other players getting trashed in the bin like this. I’d like to think ccp will not do this on a mass scale to deal with an issue that requires specific touch.Keeping this bumped so @CCP_Zoetrope can keep us updated what’s going on.

(Pete Butcher) #373

There is more info on people not using any tool getting banned.

(Brutal Majority) #374

Apparently, we got together with China-macrousers:

(Rachel Syne) #375

Yea it doesn’t make much sense, because most of the chinese macroers were using supers for ratting, at least I’ve not noticed anyone with chinese name being my competitor in jita.I still hold to my theory that if you were trading yesterday actively or even just updating orders at the time they were banning people you got the shaft.My last login on the banned account was 18:42 eve time.It would be curious to see what’s everyone else last login time so that we can verify if it was indeed issued around the same time for all people which would verify my theory.

(Jakov Finn) #376

My last login was 15:45 UTC
Ban time - about 20:40-20:50 eve time

(Pete Butcher) #377

Can everyone affected post time and date of the ban?

(Lachdanan ImmO) #378

banned 12.06.2018 @ about 20:50 ET

(Balton Wait) #379

Last Login: 12.06 - 15:06 EVE Time
Ban: around 20:45 EVE Time

(Brutal Majority) #380

2018.06.12 16:40

(Armis Spartan) #381

Last login: 2018.06.12 16:41.
Banned: 2018.06.12 and can`t tell the time because I was not logged in at the time.

(Ling Soikutsu) #382

Last login: 2018.6.12 16:57
Banned: 2018.6.12 (21.30 ish?)
Submitted ticket at 22.02

(Steve Ronuken) #383

Just a note to say, I’m not ignoring this.

I flagged it to the community team yesterday. We’ll see what comes out of that.

I would recommend that anyone affected puts in a petition about it.