Evernus [3.8 release] - the Ultimate Market Tool


(Rachel Syne) #384

Nice glad to see a csm member helping out in this mess, really need you guys to step seriously in this one, because I don’t see here a chinese players whining about their bans just honest people, who got caught in the crossfire.Most of us have made tickets already and some ppl got a copy paste replies, mine has yet to be answered but i straight told them if my bpo holder char which also happens to be my trade alt that got banned well I’m gonna quit for good with all 17accounts that I have.Yea I’m gonna macro on a char with 300b+ worth of bpos from which account the other two are manufacturers…good logic…10 market orders is what i had in the time of the ban…If they want to treat people like this its easiest way to lose player base.

(Jakov Finn) #385

Also lost my main account with trade alt on it and more then 50b isk in trade system without counting all assets, time and real money spent. Never used any macro, bot ot somthing like that. It is very strange and unhonest decision. I hope it is just mistake, i will hope… Because if not, it is unfair and maybe even criminal action because i paid for service with real money and i was unfair banned. And i belive that all people here have the same situation.

UPD: In such situation CCP may spend a bit more time to check manually our accounts. If nedded, I can give all accesses even to my PC.

(Skynet T800) #386

my acc is blocked
CCP saport not answer, I am outraged

(Pete Butcher) #387

@CCP_Zoetrope to the rescue:

Team Tech Co has spoken with Team Security and Team Security will follow up with individuals directly if required.

(Ling Soikutsu) #388

Awesome :slight_smile:

(Pete Butcher) #389

I’m curious what actually happened. As it doesn’t seem to involve any 3rd party apps at all, only touching the market, something went horribly wrong with the bot detection.

(Ling Soikutsu) #390

I just got a message from someone on reddit saying their ticket was replied to about 40 minutes ago saying that he wasn’t macroing but his permaban was staying in effect because they used evernus

(Pointman Absoulution) #391

If thats true then I quit eve… I just paid all my Acounts with real money to support CCP and keep eve alive and now my Main with all my Assets is banned because of a Evernus which is Supported by CCP HERE IN THE FORUM?!
Without any Warning… are u kidding me…

(Lachdanan ImmO) #392

still hope for all who got banned without the help ov EvErnus.

(Ling Soikutsu) #393

I’ve never used it, but from what I’ve seen it was pretty popular and everyone thought it was ok :pensive:

(Jakov Finn) #394

Ling, can he give the copy of CCP’s letter to him? Becouse it sounds…damn strange

(Ling Soikutsu) #395

You want me to ask him for the text? Sure. Is it OK to post it here?

(Jakov Finn) #396

No-no, not post it. It is not ok. Just look by your eyes. And if it is really true, just say to us

(Ling Soikutsu) #397

Can confirm, its true

(Pete Butcher) #398

I find that very hard to believe. Unless I get a confirmation from CCP, I’ll consider that a troll or a bad PR attempt.

(Ling Soikutsu) #399

Yes take it with a pinch of salt until there is some official word

(Pete Butcher) #400

Just talked to CCP. In short: pics or it didn’t happen.

(Jakov Finn) #401

As I know he can’t post private letter to him. So we need to wait official answer from CCP

(Rachel Syne) #402

Yea I find that hard to believe why would they keep a thread of third party tools on forums if they were forbidden?For example i’ve used eve isk per hour for ages, and i know many other who has as well.That means half of the player base will have to be banned basically because eve has always existed with these tools.

(Pete Butcher) #403

He can send it to me directly, and I’ll take it forward to CCP, since they asked for it.