Evernus [3.8 release] - the Ultimate Market Tool


(Rachel Syne) #404

If that’s true they will need to educate their support what app is allowed and what not or educate their security team?

(Pete Butcher) #405

Right now it looks like a bad troll attempt.

(Jakov Finn) #406

I think if this answer is true, it is just unproffecional support. Now we know a lot of people who were banned even without using of evernus

EDIT: Pete, we do not want to say that it is your falt with evernus and thank you for your help even after we know that it is not your problem at all.

(Pete Butcher) #407

Exactly, therefore this cannot be an official explanation. Either this reddit user is simply lying (most probable) or someone at CCP is having a really bad day.

(Ling Soikutsu) #408

I think they have bigger problems right now, servers went down. zkillboard is filling up with dead abyssal runners :fearful:

(Pete Butcher) #409

Well, I’m still calling ■■■■■■■■ on that evernus statement.

(Lachdanan ImmO) #410

i have the bad feeling they will foremost work on all those hundreds of reimburse tickets for lost ship due unscheduled server restart before they even have a glance at ticket from us bad cheating ‘makro users’ :confused:

(Harry Naskingar) #411

Just wanted to note that I had my account banned, on which I practically never ratted, but on which I traded a great deal, including buying PLEX/multiple pilot licenses in Jita, without ever using Evernus, or anything macro like whatsoever, or visiting any sketchy website (I did use evepraisal, eve-market-data and the like). My hypotheses are: they banned based on faulty “smoking gun” tests - deeming updating orders too fast to be physically possible while it’s not too fast at all if you can +0.02 isk with the mouse wheel - they banned for spending too many hours trading, in which case, shame on them for making an addicting game and then punishing the addiction - or else they banned for getting too many botting reports (too ridiculous to believe, almost).

(Balton Wait) #412

I believe exactly the same thing as you…

I can also imagine i pissed a lot of people of with my overpriced items in jita the last days and I spend over 12 hours a day constantly (with some breaks) updating them against the competitors.

(Pointman Absoulution) #413


(Brutal Majority) #414

If internet is for porn, then EVE-online is for pain. eh!1

(Ling Soikutsu) #415

I guess I’ll talk to you guys some time on Monday :wave: :confused:
Edit: whoops thought it was friday for a bit :brain:

(Harry Naskingar) #416

Last login: 2018.06.12 19:32

(Pointman Absoulution) #417

Does CCP Work on Petitions on Weekends?

(Jakov Finn) #418

I think not(

(Pointman Absoulution) #419

Great then I can’t play the whole weekend and if CCP keeps us perma banned eve is over for me and all my trader friends

(Rachel Syne) #420

Have never had ticket response on weekend but its best to ask them directly about it.On a side note I do not think its humanly possible to ban this amount of people with 100% accuracy from what I’ve seen on reddit threads.More than 5k chinese players moved from serenity to tq, I can bet on every login it would say ccp peligro delivered the ban.Now lets assume 3k of those 5k were macroers, there’s no way for a human to deal with 3k people in the time between 16:00 and 22:00 eve time in which most bans were issued looking at this thread.They must have used a software to determine using certain parameters and then just select the names from the software and have someone issue mass permabans. In which case there’s room for error.How big that’s for the security team to determine, but if this had happened in my workplace and customers were affected by a mistake of mine i’d get fired on the spot.

(Pointman Absoulution) #421

Its just I did sent my Petition 2 days ago and did not got any respond yet… others already got a Eula Copy paste haha but I am just sitting here refreshing my Browser in the hope they respond :smiley:

(Rachel Syne) #422

Getting copy paste is not reason to give up make tickets until you have human reply, specially if you can provide details that you did not macro to them.If we’re gonna move to robot support then this game will go quickly go down hill, one of the values of eve support staff is they always have had human reply to tickets this is why this game is still running.

(Lachdanan ImmO) #423

Yeah, sittn and waitn, refreshing this thread and the reddit one.
i’m till looking for a one-liner or other statement from someone relevant that there IS an issue with the ban wave, and that they ARE looking into it.
But till now it reads like “here’s your ban, if you open a ticket, eat the EULA”