Evernus [3.8 release] - the Ultimate Market Tool


(Pointman Absoulution) #424

Exactly Lachdanan :frowning:
I really hope they will put a Human on my ticket …

(artist D) #425

I am Evernus user, I like Peter’s work. Hope CCP can make proper investigation

(Pointman Absoulution) #426

Just by the way…

User EVE-SSO-CONNECTION is banned pending investigation
Last login: 2018.06.12 20:50
Number of visits: 3162

The funny thing is if its a “Pending Investigation” why do they bann u in first place?
Why don’t they finish the investigation and then ban you… logic pls

(Pointman Absoulution) #427

Is Market Manipulation Bannable or let’s make it easier… let’s say if u Buyout all Warp Disruptors II and put them for 5 Mil isk each… can u get banned for that?

(Zymex) #428

If this is true this is beyond retarded by CCP.

If Evernus is not allowed to be used, they should shut it down here on the forums first and make a public list of unallowed software.

Not do a banwave on software people been using for years.

If they ban any of my accounts I will quit Eve for good for sure.

I was going to buy the Galaxy Pack, which I will not do now.

(Harry Naskingar) #429

Of course market manipulation isn’t bannable. Even straight up market scams like buying off all of a 250.000 ISK worth frigate in a station and selling for 250M to fool people who don’t read warnings (like I did once) should be perfectly fine.

They banned because they thought we were using market bots. It’s difficult to know for sure exactly what went into the way they made their decision.

(Pointman Absoulution) #430

Thanks Harry Naskingar
I asked in help channels around and they said as well it is not bannable… I was just wondering if we got banned because of that but it says for Macro use so yea not because of buying and selling items for 10 times higher price :wink:

And yea I know I also got banned for “Macro or Bots”… and never used any its weird whats going on there we can just hope that CCP Clears this mess up soon

(Pete Butcher) #431

Maybe try reaching someone from ccp directly on Twitter? Also, it looks like a good idea to spread the word of this fiasco, and maybe it will get some attention. The amount of false positives is a bit over the top.

(Jakov Finn) #432

We already spread the word on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/8qmv82/i_got_banned_for_macro_using/?sort=new

But a lot of users there think that we are crying bot-users, so not a lot of “+” in the post. As I can see we were banned in the same wave, as a lot of chineese guys.

(Armis Spartan) #433

After reading information for a few days, it seems that the common pattern is that if you recently (no idea how long they tracked us) updated your orders fast and often you get flagged as using a bot to do that. And it did not matter if you used illegal software (bot), legal software (Evernus) or no software at all (plain old “mouse right click -> modify order”).

Same thing is going to happen with the next ban wave if they are not going to look at it now. Be careful when trading now.

(Pete Butcher) #434

Maybe there should be another topic which explains what’s going on - traders seem to be getting banned at random, with not much support from petitions.

(Pete Butcher) #435

I’ll create a post on reddit in about 30 min with some summary.

(Pete Butcher) #436

And here it is: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/8r96sc/the_great_trader_banpocalypse/

(Pete Butcher) #437

Someone on reddit says he got the ban removed.

(Jakov Finn) #438

IMPORTANT INFO! I do not get even answer on my petition yet, but TODAY my account was UNBANNED. Silently, without any comment from CCP.

The same situation with another trader from my community. We lost 2 days and more important - a lot of nerves. We need to force CCP to give us excuses and proper answer.

UPD: It was my post on reddit

(Armis Spartan) #439

Yes, my trading character`s ban was lifted too. Waiting to see how they will resolve this situation in public now. Will they apologize publicly or just sweep it under the rug silently?

Don`t get me wrong, I am all for banning users using illegal software to gain unfair advantage, but wrong doing like this should come with at least an apology.

EDIT: Also would like to thank @Pete_Butcher for believing us and all the help he provided to resolve this issue. Thank you!

(Zymex) #440

This may be a lot of false positives in a ban wave.

But we still need HARD WRITTEN CONFIRMATION that Evernus is a tool that is allowed.

(Pete Butcher) #441

No tool ever got a written note like that. I got a confirmation directly from security team, and current ban lifts confirm that.

(Jakov Finn) #442

I want to join Armis’ post and say THANK YOU to @Pete_Butcher! It was very important, that you support us in such uncertain situation, even after we all understood that problem was not in your soft.

Now we need to help others.

(Ling Soikutsu) #443

Just home from work aaaaaaaand… still banned!!! I would really appreciate someone looking into this before the weekend.
I mean, if I was botting I would be pretty embarrassed because after a year or so on and off I’ve only really just made my first billion! (Seriously, if someone looked into this it would be clear as day that I was not botting)
And also a big thanks to @Pete_Butcher for the help in this matter

I will gladly share every single program that was or could have been open on my pc. I’ll let you remotely access my comp if you want CCP! :persevere:

Edit: Support ticket still open since /wednesday/ (tuesday actually)

And these quiet ban lifts? Yesterday people were furious and demanding compensation for 3 hours of downtime (to my surprise, I mean, servers go down sometimes people). A 3 day undeserved ban, that deserves some compensation.