Evernus [3.8 release] - the Ultimate Market Tool


(Pete Butcher) #444

I just received some information suggesting that at least one person here was rightfully penalized. So I want to make one thing clear: if someone was indeed botting and thinks he can use the situation to get a free pass, I will do all I can to keep that person out of the game. Trying to take advantage of those banned by mistake is a pretty asshole thing to do, and will end up hurting legitimate traders now and in the future.

(Pointman Absoulution) #445

I am still Banned… and did not got any answer on my Tickets yet no even a Copy Paste Eula :wink:
Guess I have to wait the whole weekend…

(Ling Soikutsu) #446

Pete I completely agree, but I think you might be implying that its me who is lying. You seem like a stand up person, I will literally do whatever it takes to prove that I did not bot.
It was my main account with a 5.3m sp pilot, an 800k pilot and a 500k ish or something pilot. This is my only alt, with about 1.3m sp on the two pilots in it. I’m so small time, but still, I grinded (ground?) very hard for every isk I have, be it missions, explo, or watching the market like a hawk.
I’m actually going to post every program on my pc, wait for edit

Edit: Battle.net, hearthstone, hearthstone decktracker, overwolf(heartharena), cpu-z, steam, vlc player, google chrome (with youtube, twitch, eve market data, evepraisal maybe, reddit), GOG galaxy, rivatunber statistacs, msi afterburner, geforce experience, razer synapse, microsoft edge, open hardware monitor, a scheduled task to ping my router every second (I use a powerline adapter, this stops it from going into sleep mode, or some kind of mode where it loses connection), possibly DS4, but no controller has been plugged into this PC for weeks, Discord. Looking through my processes, EA origin (for some reason), Nvidia shadowplay, punk buster, avast anti virus,

(Pete Butcher) #447

I’m not pointing fingers at anyone. My reply wasn’t to you, but in general. Those who were breaking the rules know who they are.

(Pointman Absoulution) #448

Don’t waste ur time posting all that here… if u get an answer to ur ticket and u are still banned explain all that clearly in the Ticket and what u did in eve and how… we can’t really do anything with that Info.

(Ling Soikutsu) #449

Sorry I’m just getting frustrated

(Pointman Absoulution) #450

I can understand that I am too… hearing that people got unbanned and I am still makes me ■■■■■■■ depressed… I want to play the weekend…

But the good thing is they might still remove bans right now… which means they just need some time to do it so wait a few more hours and we could be unbanned as well soon

(Armis Spartan) #451

Just to clarify, I did not use ANY third party software to assist with my trading activities, just what in-game regional market history provided and used in-game “mouse right click -> modify” to update my orders often and fast. That meant mistakes such as sometimes updating order incorrectly and not being top most order or missing a digit and ending up selling/buying items for 10x less/more. Maybe this is why my trading character`s ban was lifted and I do not know if this is also the case for @Jakov_Finn. I got initial EULA copy/paste response to my ticket and it is still open without explanation or notification that the ban was lifted.

But the fact is I still got false positively flagged as a person using illegal software to begin with and this was not true.

(Jakov Finn) #452

I used Evernus Margin Tool every day during last 2 months. Also jEveAssets to analyse trading data. That’s it, nothing else.

And I still have no answer on my petitions…

UPD: So, my account’s ban was lifted not because i did’t use ANY 3th party soft. Just because they checked my account manually? Maybe?

(Rachel Syne) #453

If you have a way, look in your assets(in my case i can because the banned account characters are in corporation), if your assets are not removed then it means ccp has at the least yet to verify if you macroed .From what i saw on reddit ccp cash was nuking bottters corp wallets in the same day which means they have enough information for some users and maybe they are just investigating those that are banned atm but unclear if they used forbidden software.

(Pointman Absoulution) #454

Jakov Finn… that makes me happy to hear… that means it is not because of evernus so there is still hope for me and a lot of others :slight_smile:

(Balton Wait) #455

Still no update here… i guess there will be no news for the weekend and i have to wait till next week. The complete lack of official information is one of the worst customer experience i ever had anywhere!

(Ling Soikutsu) #456

Bit of a ■■■■ one alright

(Lachdanan ImmO) #457

Like pushin Article 11/13 in EU during World Championship, banning some innocents during a chinese botter ban wave and a long unscheduled server shutdown which affects all players, our voices will fade fast and soon be forgotten :sob:

(Ling Soikutsu) #458

I am afraid of that too, but we’ll see on Monday.

(Akiko Yosano) #459

A question about Evernus:

In Tab ‘Character Orders’ the ‘API-Import’ refuses to work 60 minutes after last Import - why is that ? The cache timeout for character orders is 1200 seconds.

(Pete Butcher) #460

That’s what the ESI server returns.

(Pointman Absoulution) #461


Is it just me or are we still banned and still Pending Investigation?

(Lachdanan ImmO) #462

still banned and pending investigation.

but keep in mind it’s just 9:40 on a monday yet.

(Harry Naskingar) #463

still banned, ticket open with no answer