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(Ling Soikutsu) #464

And the same with me. Perhaps we should open a new thread instead of continuing to hijack PETE’s thread? I think we’ve already confirmed evernus was unrelated. Still appreciate all the help PETEPETEPETE. (In fact, you brought this to some official CCP people’s attention, and without that I don’t know if this would have been addressed, much appreciated :+1: )

Edit: Oddly, my ticket’s ‘last activity’ was 19 hours ago, about 5pm Sunday BST, but the last thing written was by me on Friday

(Pete Butcher) #465

Steve? :wink:

(Ling Soikutsu) #466

I’m a moron Pete :sunglasses:

(Brutal Majority) #467

o7 bro. good idea. The problem is not in the Evernus. Start topic bro.

(Ling Soikutsu) #468

Which area of the forum should it go?

(Brutal Majority) #469

Dont know, perhaps, in the section “General Issues.” The first message about the ban was from me. Just because I thought it was because of “Margin Tool.” (No).

(Atron Manticore) #470

In the same boat with one of my accounts getting false positived into the latest ban wave. Ticket submitted last Tuesday with only the same copypasta CCP response everyone else has received. Also same situation as a lot of folks here, my market pilot account doing nothing but market and industry including lots of market data refreshes and price adjustments on my 200+ buy/sell orders which you pretty much have to do to stay competitive in a high activity market area.

I too have noticed activity on my ticket but seen no changes in them and received no communications, including over the weekend. I’ve been wondering if that means anything or if it’s just something automated.

(Lachdanan ImmO) #471

It would be a good idea if someone with a “name” opens that new thread, ideally who is already in contact with officials about this topic.
If some random guy starts a thread for being banned “accidently” it may turn into a reddit like onslaught.

(Ling Soikutsu) #472

I’ve opened it 12/6/18 Bans for repeated macro use
but will close as per Lachdanan’s advice if necessary

(Richard Price) #473

how do you work when you have 1 tool and 2 corporations? the tool always displays the corporation order, even if you have chosen a completely different character, from another corporation …

(Pointman Absoulution) #474

Since ur Thread got closed but I and a few others still need a platform to talk to eachother and to share information I’ll post it here then…

Are u still banned Ling?
And did anyones ban got lifted this week… since Monday Nothing happend anymore :confused:

(Balton Wait) #475

Nope… no news in my case. :frowning:
It’s a real shame that the thread got closed. Feels like censoring.

(Pointman Absoulution) #476


(Ling Soikutsu) #477

Yeah still waiting

(Pete Butcher) #478

Someone just asked me why evernus isn’t pasting prices into eve. Really? REALLY?

(Harry Naskingar) #479

To be fair, if someone doesn’t understand where CCP draws the line, the difference between creating a pastable text with multiple orders that the user can paste in eve by hand and actually going ahead and pasting it for him seems minor and nitpicky.

It’s insult to injury that 90% of what I’m accused of having done with a marketing bot can legally be done by trading tools anyway.

(update: no news)

(Pointman Absoulution) #480

Wow Friday again and still no answer… this sucks so much

(Reileen Kawahara) #481

Can I offer some friendly feedback. The output section really needs an apply button before it fetches the information. It takes forever to deselect items as it constantly tries to update. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

(Pete Butcher) #482

Which output section?

(Reileen Kawahara) #483

The output screen on Industry Tab. When you try to deselect an entry it seems to update again before you can deselect or select something else.