Evernus [3.8 release] - the Ultimate Market Tool


(Pointman Absoulution) #484

Good Monday… Any People like me Still banned?
2 Weeks now and NO Respond from CCP to any tickets… bans still not lifted…

(Balton Wait) #485

same …

(Pointman Absoulution) #486

They have to give us Game time Reinbursment for that… or even more… this sucks so much could not play the event at all :confused:

(Richard Price) #487

Hi, i am the ceo of the corp, but get this error:

maybe i should cleare cache? but where?

(Richard Price) #488

and this one https://i.gyazo.com/acd4dd50b1319646e0e8ceb4e59cf0dc.png if you use several characters on several corps… but the settings are global. is it fixable? the corptransactions do no import.

(Pete Butcher) #489

This seems to be an error on the ESI side. You would need to file a bug with them.

(Richard Price) #490

the thing is… i resigned as ceo and then some minutes later i was again ceo… needed to cancel all corp orders without leaving the corp… and now its broken :frowning:

other question:

how to fix this? i mean when i sell in several regions on player structures, i never know in which region and on which stations the item was bought or sold :frowning:

(Pete Butcher) #491

Probably the station is not in structure hunters.

(Richard Price) #492

what is it? where to find it? is it not possible to take the information from the market order?

(Pete Butcher) #493

Google it and you’ll find their service.

(Ling Soikutsu) #494

I got unbanned today and a ticket response, they said very sorry, gave me 15 days Omega time (skill queue was god damn paused though!) They said they’re pretty overloaded at the moment, but hopefully they’ll get to you guys soon. Thanks to everyone for the help. And Pete I’m gonna use your Evernus program for sure :sunglasses:

(Pointman Absoulution) #495

I got the same response and I am so happy… Finally it got solved and we are all unbanned… :wink:
But I am wondering why we got banned in the first place

(FC Wut Do) #496

When I import data on the market analysis tab it hangs here every time. Left it go all night last night and its still there. I’ve only selected Jita. Something im doing wrong?

(Balton Wait) #497

Also got unbanned today… :slight_smile:

I think nobody will ever tell why… but still a happy end.

Thanks for the help and updates from everyone here o7

(Pete Butcher) #498

There seems to be an issue with the ESI server which can suddenly stop sending any replies. Evernus should time out tho. Can you share your main.log file?

(FC Wut Do) #499


Should I delete the log and run the import again to make a cleaner log?

(Pete Butcher) #500

Yes, that would make it easier.

(FC Wut Do) #501

This is with “The Forge” and “Sinq Laison” selected. It does import correctly(save a few unknown items) with only one region selected though.

(Harry Naskingar) #502

I got unbanned too about an hour ago, with a ticket message and some added omega time. Thanks all, you’ve made this a lot easier to go through.

(Kaleidosis) #503

Hello, first evernus tool is a really amazing tool! As a beginner trader I love it :slight_smile:

The only issue I have is that the order I place in “faction” fortizar (the replaced station in null-sec) are not found when I import them. (it works for regular citadel).

also evernus.com seems down for me ?