Evernus [3.8 release] - the Ultimate Market Tool


(Pete Butcher) #504

You mean your orders are not shown?

(FC Wut Do) #505

Update: Importing data via Market Analysis no longer functions. It’s been hanging here every attempt since last night

(Pete Butcher) #506

Try a bit smaller data set.

(Kaleidosis) #507

Well faction citadel don’t appear in the citadel manager

(Pete Butcher) #508

You probably need to add them to structure hunters.

(Kaleidosis) #509

What is structure hunters ? I googled it but didn’t found usefull information.

this ? https://www.kalkoken.org/apps/evestruct/?page=structures or https://stop.hammerti.me.uk/citadelhunt/structures ?

(Pete Butcher) #510

It’s the second one.

(Arisha Moon) #511

when i update corp contracts, i get every time much errors and need over 3 minutes to update

(Pete Butcher) #512

These are server errors.

(Arisha Moon) #513

and that is normal?

(Pete Butcher) #514

Nope. Someone from ccp should take a look.

(Zymex) #515

I tried the industry tool but it says I will make no profit. It only calcs the cost but not the price of the item sold. And I can’t set the price I want to sell the item anywhere either.

I suggest being able to set a custom sell price of your finished item.

It seems it has trouble finding a sell price and then calculates sell price 0.

The citadel I want to sell in does not exist in the structure list despite multiple imports. It is a faction citadel.

(Pete Butcher) #516

I’m adding alternative citadel import methods, so this should be fixed in the future.

(Catherine Solenne) #517

When was this happening, exactly?

(Pete Butcher) #518

New small release is out now:

[new] option to not remove existing citadels on import (import preferences or Citadel Manager)
[new] possibility to add your own citadels in the Citadel Manager
[changed] dropped support for the 32bit version
[changed] bumped Qt to 5.11.1

There isn’t many changes, but they mitigate the problem with CCP not providing available citadel list.

Also, unless a volunteer steps up, this might be one of the last releases ever. Unfortunately, maintaining such a big application eats a lot of time, which is becoming less and less available. No matter what happens, it’s been a fun ride.

(Arisha Moon) #519

every time

(Catherine Solenne) #520

Some of those errors, specifically the 520 “ConStopSpamming” are caused by rate limiting on the monolith.

@Pete_Butcher while ESI doesn’t have any rate limiting the Contracts endpoints on the monolith do, you should consider slowing those down a bit to prevent the above errors occurring. It’s likely that this is also what’s causing the “no reply within 10 seconds” errors.

Contracts are rather slow on the TQ side of things, so ESI can’t deliver them at the same rate as most other things.

(Pete Butcher) #521

Isn’t that what caching is supposed to solve, like in other endpoints?

(Catherine Solenne) #522

To a degree, but it’s just a limitation of TQ that the ESI folks can’t actually work around. You’ll get the same thing when trying to send too many mails in too short a period. ESI is happy to let you do it but the monolith will block you.

EDIT: To clarify, caching won’t help here because it’s all different resources you’re querying, so there wouldn’t be any cache to hit. But the monolith doesn’t like you requesting that many unique contract items in such a short order.

(Pete Butcher) #523

Contract items are immutable, as far as I remember, so a cache could be filled once (with possible limiting) and stay primed for all eternity from our point of view. This would help with the constant problems when using many clients while trying to fetch the same info. Of course, we can argue this can also be implemented client-side when only one app is used, but other cases would be covered.