Evernus [3.8 release] - the Ultimate Market Tool


(Pete Butcher) #545

Have you read the initial message box? Or the help section about this issue? Or a couple of reddit posts about it? Or countless questions here, which have been answered?

(Object640) #546

Would love to have version 3.8 for Mac :slight_smile: thanks!

(Aldurin Pollard) #547

Not all my citadels are importing. Do I have to visit the citadel for it to import or just have docking rights?

(Pete Butcher) #548

(Aldurin Pollard) #549

it says to reimport citadels and “wait half an hour” but mine doesnt even do that

(Pete Butcher) #550

That’s not the relevant part in your case. The issue is with ccp not providing any list of citadels.

(Aldurin Pollard) #551

Ok well maybe point out the bit relevant to me instead of just linking a wall of text lmao

(Pete Butcher) #552

So you can’t be bothered to read a single reddit post, but I can bothered to write and then parse it for you?

(Aldurin Pollard) #553

You could have just said “CCP doesn’t provide a list of citadels”, as you did in the response to my confusion with your reddit post. So it is quite obvious that you can be bothered to write and parse it.

(Pete Butcher) #554

Ok, my mistake. You can be sure I won’t waste any time on people who do not respect mine.

(Object640) #555

Any news about Mac version? thanks

(Missions'R Me) #556

Hey I’m trying to use this awesome app but for some reason i cant get the market analysis to load. is there any port forwarding or anything that’s needed? I let it sit for about an hour and a half importing and it never got past 0%

(Tample IV) #557

I’ve been waiting for several days to see if this problem would resolve, and it hasnt managed to work right yet. Every time I try to sync up, I get a connection refused error for citadels.

It will say fetching citadels, then connection refused. Not sure whats up with it or how to fix it???

(Pete Butcher) #558

I’m open to merging any fixes.

(Slazanger) #559

The issue is the hammertime structure hunter site has gone offline

(Tample IV) #560

ok so what if any, is the fix for this?

(Slazanger) #561

the public structure list needs removing; unfortunately im not aware of a replacement… im trying to find a similar solution for SMT

(Dread Saboteur) #562

Is this tool still accepted by CCP?I just getting into station trading and recall there was a big ban of players using this.So is it safe to use?

(Pete Butcher) #563

The ban was unrelated to it.

(Tahhem Losa) #564

How to get total value in journal filter? It shows every transaction im interested but i also want to know their total value