Everyday a Download

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Copious amounts of midget pr0n.

Stealth nerfs, stealth nerfs everywhere

It may depend on whether your first installed the game using the “Download full client” option or not.

If you used that, it should only have the occasional patch or launcher update to download. If you didn’t, then it’s downloading the rest of the game bit by bit.

I don’t use the Steam version so not sure what else it may download. But, you know, Steam…

they are likely patching some minor issues, mostly graphic related. Yesterday the download was because of the caldari union day event. The way it works, the additional graphic for these events is on-demand based. After event ends, those files are going to get removed from client. Hence why we are downloading these events over and over.

Okay. Thanks for the explanation.
I’ll try to figure out how to download full client.

I play a few games on Steam. None of the others have daily downloads.

Okay, that makes sense.

Not very efficient, is it. Oh well.

Safe to assume the files for each event are not identical thus it would be impossible to use the same for them all. Just a guess.

It is if you care about how much space the game takes on your hdd. Which used to be quite low. Then they improved graphic (which I disabled asap as I won’t see it my preffered camera view anyway + it caused issues) and increased the size significantly so I had to uninstall other games from my SSD and now it doesn’t really matter…

First you want free skills, now you’re mad about an MMO updating itself.

Maybe just play some stock Solitaire?

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Who ever said anything about being mad?
If I start a thread on something with criticism I’m mad?
Does that mean we’re not allowed to criticize the game or the devs’ work?
Is this forum only to sing CCP’s praises?

I don’t care much for space on my hard disk, I have terabites available.
I was just wondering why everyday a download.
The question was answered to my satisfaction.

Is that quafe you’re smoking?

Yes, you’re mad. You literally made 2 forum threads crying about stuff already.

MMOs update all the time. Its the nature of the beast.

Maybe ACNH more your speed yennoe?

Ignore that guy. He’s a mean troll.

What troll the truth?

He is literally complaining about an MMO updating itself and he’s probably referring to the DL cause of the Caldari Union Day.

In other words he is mad he has to download content. Content for his game that he plays.

Does this not seem crazy to you?

@Ursula_Anders Looks like this forum is overwhelmingly mean people judging by the replies I’m getting.
Thanks for advice.

What about helping instead of judging? Never occurred to you, eh?

Forums are like real world except people will insult you because they know they can’t get punched for it. Grow a thick skin or you’d be better off logging out of here.

Internet taken over by toxic people because they can’t be toxic out there. It figures. That’s why most websites don’t have comments anymore. They’ve ruined it for the rest of us, as usual.

This is getting out of the hand again…