Everyone constantly trying to be the funny guy/centre of attention?

Alot of people in Horde are saying I have main character syndrome.

For those who don’t know me, I often try to be the “main character” or centre of attention in Horde staging local. I used to be active on forums around like 2005 era and I would try to be the centre of attention funny guy in one forum topic, posting memes, jokes. But here’s the crucial thing. In the next discussion I would let someone ELSE be centre of attention, I would let them crack their jokes and be funny while I stayed fairly quiet as more of a supporting/secondary character. This dynamic doesn’t seem to happen on the internet anymore. These days everyone seems to want to be centre of attention.

The “funny guy trying to be centre of attention” can be genuinely amusing and interesting, but only if it’s one or two people doing it at a time. It just doesn’t work when everyone tries doing it, you just end up with hundreds of people drowning each other out in a desperate attempt to get attention. There was always a few people who liked being centre of attention, but now everyone does it and it makes things boring. What do you think has changed that causes EVERYONE to behave like this now? Is it social media turning people into narcissists and thinking the show always has to be about them?

In the old days you would let me be the “main character” on one forum discussion, but the next day in a different topic I would be quiet and let you have all the attention. Basically we would “share” the main character role. But today it seems like nobody on the internet is willing to do that dynamic anymore, everyone just wants to be centre of attention all the time. Why is that?

I think it’s always been this way on the internet, and it’s probably you who has changed the past 15 years.

Congratulations on progressing your main story arc with newfound and meaningful character growth, excited to see you take down the main villain.


I don’t think it has. In the past people weren’t so desperate to be the centre of attention. Yes in every forum you would have a few wind up merchants and people who were always trying to be funny but that’s just it, A FEW. These days it seems like literally everyone is trying to be the funny guy. And I just don’t think it works at that scale.

Like in an old forum thread the majority of people would quietly post what their opinion was and you’d have maybe 2-3 jokers posting a one liner or funny quip. Go on any reddit post today and the top dozen or so comments are ALL people trying to make a funny quip. But it doesn’t really have the same impact when everyone is doing it, it just looks rather pathetic and attention seeking. Whereas when it was more limited, and only a few people were doing it, it could actually be amusing. Is it social media turning society into narcissists do you think?

No. It’s just a bunch of people with Reddit brain.

Being raised by someone who has narcissistic borderline personality disorder means my bar for calling something narcissistic is fairly high. Since I am a side character my backstory is pretty limited in depth, however.

Funny guys? Here? Where at?

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Maybe they’re stepping up because you just aren’t funny or interesting?


Funny ? How ?!


Roleplay is one thing, sabotaging cyno vigils is another. What you have done simply shows that you have no awareness of what is acceptable and what isn’t, and I don’t believe you deserve any attention or praise for whatever you’ve done.

For those who aren’t aware of what happened: Sigil | Loak Vries | Killmail | zKillboard
He killed a cyno sigil on the MJ keepstar during the cyno vigil for hateless gaming.


Nice. I would have blown it up too. If you undock in New Eden you consent to PvP. There’s no exemption for cyno vigils.


If Streamers can be susceptible to PvP, and I agree that they should be, then no one and nothing should be safe from it anywhere.
EVE is a PvP game and no one has to stop from PvP just because someone named ______ happens to no longer be among the living. It’s sad and all but PvP in the server should take precedent.

Also, I can just take an alt and say so-and-so was a great friend who passed away and there will be a procession of mourners from Nullsec all the way to Jita, and load all those ships with expensive modules to sell.


What gives you the right to say “what is acceptable and what isn’t”?

I already explained before that our attack on that vigil was in no way personal and we offered our condolences for Hateless. But this is a PVP game and the fact is that cyno vigils present lots of easy targets, who are literally locked in place because of their cyno and probably don’t have anything to shoot back with. Please remember that at the end of the day, this is a game. A lot of people in Horde don’t seem to understand that, and have called me a horrible human being because I killed some cyno ships. I don’t think that’s fair at all, there is a line between the game and RL. Hostility in game is fine, we can be enemies and shoot each others ships and burn each others structures, but we shouldn’t be disrespectful to the RL person behind that character.

Most groups in EVE will already honour vigils but not everyone does. It is your responsibility to ensure proper security at the vigil. That really isn’t difficult, you were holding it outside your staging Keepstar. As soon as I realized that you had cloaky arazus and t3c’s loitering near cyno ships, I backed off.

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Let me run this through google translate. Ahh, “as soon as combat ships showed up my balls fell off”


I can totally relate to your RP situation.

I wrote some RP about my time in incursions and how I am pretty much peaked and looking for angles to exploit/undermine.

Role play is nothing without some sort of action behind it. This “action” can very vauge. Action can mean killing ships! Or it can be getting under people’s skin! Living rent free inside the heads of the people that have to deal with you on a day-to-day basis. :smiling_imp: It can be very rewarding work honestly and I am proud of the sometimes… corrosive rhetoric and backdoor action that propelled me to where I am today. That is really why I love EVE.

Sometimes clear and concise is the ONLY way to break through ignorant people… I have learned that over the various threads where I directly confront people on their insane ideas. Sometimes the entire OP’s thread can be literally summed up in a meme or “HTFU.”

Some people want to watch the world burn? EVE is a dystopia. It’s YOUR fault there was no security there. If you want to connect this to RL. High profile events always have security watching for bad actors. There are some sick and twisted people in EVE who don’t follow the norms. Welcome to the internet.

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So far what I have gathered from this thread is you think too many people are looking for attention and you are upset that it’s not just you telling jokes, and that you shot a known cyno vigil because you knew it was immobile and unarmed and then panicked and ran when you saw the cloaky security force. That all seem accurate? I’m real surprised that people in Horde are getting tired of you.


Because there is no everyone in the center, there’s just me. Wherever I go, whenever I get there, it’s me again. If I go back and arrive where I started, there I am again. It’s always me.
That everyone they keep talkin about, I never met him. Everytime I had to do something hard or dirty, there I was. Through cold and heat, when I stayed last on the job and everyone wasn’t there, there I was again.

signed: no one


It’s just bad form to mess with cyno vigils. One of the very few things in EvE one should refrain from doing.


I’ll do it.

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Someone in Horde has just called me “subhuman” in local. Wonder if they will get as outraged about that? After all if they think shooting a vigil is disrespectful then surely calling someone less than human is even more disrespectful. Or is it ok for them to be disrespectful?


When we’re undocked and floating in spaceships, aren’t we all sub humans? :thinking:

I think the difference is they didn’t whine to the forums about not being the center of attention any more. Isn’t that what you want? People talking about you? There you go. Mission success.