Eve's War Dec Groups and who are they

I stand corrected thank you , i did see an attack was planned for a timer of yours , i will look into what happened later

I think it’s more the case that people are starting to work together and fight back and using the allied sys.

I noticed that when a Riot war dropped some of the participants jumped onto wars to fight the Allies that Riot had called in.

Even Black flag had someone show resistance for a bit.

I supposed the trouble with griefing war decs, these groups often fight people with low skill or low numbers. If you alway fight these people your own pvp skill will diminish. Eve has skills you can learn but player skill or group skill is more important

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Why would you write that, Reddit is full of this crap, this thread is about war dec groups and mercs.

Take your toxic attitude to some other place

Just somebody that was banned for real-life threats. This person has a history of toxic behavior that has gotten him banned multiple times on various characters.

Just ignore him, he cannot help himself making his presence known from what I understood according to people that actually know him.

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I’ve enjoyed being with WM. A nice niche for me. But beyond that…I cannot and will not comment on any corp or alliance activities.

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FW is so much better and more engaging than HiSec faildecs.

Like the State npc’s at the gates in large numbers are there for the coming patch change and I can not wait.


Catching up on what I missed during the summer :smiley:

I say switch war decs back to the old system :smiley:


Bully and Captext mostly only go after abandoned structures. Or force people to hand over structures.

Not sure what you are on about? You did not defend your structure and I doubt you were able to do anything worthwhile as you have not been at war for a few days now. Staring intently at it does not count and it is still there. As a matter of fact (because I asked bully and I am always curious when people make statements), your alliance was at war with them for two days, got paid to go away.

Captext on the other hand did destroy your structure.

:joy::joy::joy: That was good @Destiny_Corrupted

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