Eve's War Dec Groups and who are they

Dunno about that as I was not there. But when we engage as part of TTC frat can be on grid around JITA as war targets with us, but the TTC aligned fleets do not shoot at each other during a TTC OP. Even when Blinky red to each other.

And sure… if we only have 5 people online maybe 20 ships, it is pointless to engage a fleet of 60 frat busy moving to an engagement.

Many FC have tried to help in the past, and combat in high vs null/low is different. We have watched entire enemy logi wing explode when we warp in a suspect between then just for the lols. or warp in a gank character to go Blinky red and create a timer.

Even when we don’t use those tactics hit and run vs battleships sitting at 600-800k EHP just does not work. Even our logi is over 100k EHP with tiny sigs. They only way to counter that is N+1+1+1+1, or drop a similar fleet and just have a good old brawl.

Good fights are good fights but when we go to pop a warhq of a group because they wardecced a protection contract we will overkill. The goal is not a good fight. It is to win and win all the other fights afterwards for the people that pay us.

For the most part we leave smaller wardeccer alone unless we see them wardeccing protection contracts or dec large groups we dec and be visible around JITA. Or if they talk to much nonsense on the forums.

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I’m not saying anything thing is wrong with retreating from battle , with 2 frat fleets and a JH fleet , it was the right thing to do , but people read into things that are not necessarily right

Shoot me a mail with location, type of structure and name of corp. We custom quote each structure based on a number of variables.

Had my first corp fleet battle yesterday in nullsec. Amazingly managed to keep up with the fleet, and it was all good fun…though as the wormhole I used to get there has disappeared I now have a 45 jump trip home through nullsec. Ouch. This is where I need a list of all Gix’s alleged shortcuts.

1000 people in the system was extremely laggy.

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I ransomed a freighter for a billion ISK yesterday.

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I killed a miner. Laughed at him, convinced him to uninstall.

That’s nice , is that really you, my spider senses are tinkling , hope your ok.

Some will say that’s mean…but Eve is basically a game about survival, and not everyone is a ‘survivor’. I get by via seeing every little thing as an achievement…and ironically, being seen as just some puny little fish in the sea is discouraging for some but motivational for others, and that is what decides who survives and not any NPE or being ganked or whatever.

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The big meanies usually go for the bigger fish so not necessarily a bad thing. :wink:

There you go…, boom headshot! 30 wars lost from that.

And prior to that:

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Oh nice , so do they transfer their war hq To a new structure now .

This structure and war link is not the best I feel.

I do not see any pending wars apart from an Ivy League one that ends after a day from it’s starting point which indicates that it was linked to that war hq too. As of yet they have not yet activated a new war HQ, though they do have other structures in space. They cannot war dec those that they had wars on for several weeks.

I think having a war HQ needed for blanket wars is a good thing. In the war dec discord where I participated as a defender and occasional war deccer, which seemed to confuse several people, I suggested that there should be a max number of 3 wars per entity and if they wanted more they had to have a war HQ. This would be a much better system, I would also not tie wars to structures, so anyone can be war decced.

I would have the war follow the character for 24 hours if they leave a war. And I get told I have no idea what I am talking about by certain people.

I did want someway for small indy groups to be able to impact the war, and one thing I suggested was a Observatory which was very weak and easy to kill and which enabled a war in a region or constellation, this was to push indy players to get out in space and actually fight in trying to remove it. Sadly all my suggestions were ignored.

What I liked about last nights events was that UK and DamFamm ambushed RIOT on the way to defend, very nicely played by them.

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Technically the other way round. RIOT have been working with a couple of other wardec groups in this war, who had since dropped out. RIOT , Strictly Unprofessional and some others staged to intercept the UK and Dammfam fleet in lowsec en-route to the war HQ so that those not part of the war could help.


Even better than, because they miscalculated their own strength and whelped. Thanks for the correction, appreciate it.

PS I know some of the history of this war, but I am not a participant. Pain and Compliance lost their war HQ to EM and UK for example.

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Their (RIOT) ships were fitted to counter our logi ball. We were on our way to “Spring their Trap” when our alts spotted the damfam fleet dunking them and friends. RIOT and friends even whelped a logi cap.

We were in lowsec when Pain and Compliance as well as Unprofessional decided not to engage us in low on our way there.

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Thanks for that, looks like you had a good night apart from those others deciding not to fight you, well played sir.

It happens,

Trolling in local ensued because at that point we had more numbers so how dare we bring more people, but apparently it is not an issue if they have more numbers camping lowsec.

But it is ok. :). It is the same guys 50c and 1 or two others that always talk the most when you tell them to get out of caldari space. Then cry the most when we decide now you going to loose your warhq.

I was busy with own little project when I quickly jumped back in BF to assist for the night.

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Can someone give me a TL;DR of this thread thanks.

JFC now people are messaging me about the forums and asking for fireworks. Let’s see…

People become so confused when meeting with a galaxy-sized brain. They just can’t keep up!

I wonder if there’s a reason for that?

Yeah, because those suggestions are total garbage and offer nothing in terms of an evaluation of cause and effect. It’s just autonomic verbal disgorgement due to an innate desire to seem smarter/more informed than everyone else, like a “true expert in the field :smirk:.”

Here’s that XL adult diaper’s worth of steaming Dunning-Kruger diarrhea we were all (not) waiting for. Without having a shred of a clue, he immediately squeezes the teat of conjecture to get a spray of hogwash all over his unwilling audience. This of course isn’t surprising for someone who thinks that bashing the gays is an entire nation’s cultural identity, but it’s also not any less annoying.

And after being corrected, he does it again, because the itch to talk some crap and appropriate a victory that wasn’t even remotely his is impossible to not scratch. It’s like there’s zero self-restraint at all. Like I said before, everything he thinks and says about the game comes from trying to derive the experiences of other players through their forum posts and YouTube videos, and maybe like a hundred hours’ worth of personal gameplay at best.

Like, he can’t fathom that this was a stalling tactic because his own brain never thought this way about the game before. That a defending party would stage ships on the inside and not the outside of an attack vector is unimaginable to him. The station was attacked and we all rushed to save it like headless chickens, and fell into a carefully-laid trap! Heh, RIOT got really served :smirk:.

He thinks this way because this is what he himself would do in such a situation. It’s ape-level thinking that doesn’t try to see even five seconds into the future. I’m actually morbidly curious how he would lead an alliance or a fleet. There’s no way that wouldn’t be hilarious.

@Xuixien tldr:

In the end, there was simply nothing we could do. We had 16 people in the system, and they had nearly 90. There’s no novel counter-play to N+1 when being forced into a station fight.

This is the kind of game that CCP wants. We can either adapt to it, or stop playing. I’m sure that most of us are choosing to keep playing. Structures will have to be treated as disposable ammo. It’s just another way by CCP to shift costs onto small-group players (whether they’re industrial or PvP, doesn’t matter) in favor of their large null-sec and null-sec aligned lobbies (of which BF. is essentially a direct part).

There wasn’t any real trolling or smack-talk Unless you mean something like this, which is just making jokes, except for your guy, who was being kind of a dick:

[ 2022.06.08 19:40:17 ] 50c > Any one know if eve uni coming
[ 2022.06.08 19:40:29 ] 50c > 8-1 not enough
[ 2022.06.08 19:40:36 ] drbforever drbforever > lol
[ 2022.06.08 19:40:37 ] Murdoch Luther > yeah, 1,000 Tristans
[ 2022.06.08 19:44:26 ] 50c > wait wtf where is Wrecking machine and AO
[ 2022.06.08 19:44:34 ] 50c > did u fall out
[ 2022.06.08 19:44:47 ] Hairless Logi > Don’t need them to kill you idiots

So no, this is just you being dramatic and making something out of nothing to give this some kind of rational justification when it doesn’t actually need any, because this is just a game where you can shoot stuff.

It should also be noted that you’ve been able to siege the station at pretty much any point over the past couple of weeks, but you only came when another group that already outnumbered us two-to-one attacked us. Not exactly a great look, especially for a high-sec war group that has a lower solo kill ratio than the Goons.

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You did not fail to deliver your normal level of bitterness and stupidity.

What I did notice is that you did nothing to defend your War HQ, and that my dear Destiny is all that needs to be said.

Blimey, hidden in that emotive pile of garbage was something I agree with, though I don’t think Blackflag are what you describe, they are just far superior war deccers.

That was actually not bad.