Excerpt from personal log

Us absolvents of center for advanced studies are sure there is something very, very unnerving going on in the cluster. Though we do not know how if the boys and girls of Federal Navy Academy or University of Caille are yet aware of it or if the government knows. Well some of us are sure the government knows yet does nothing on purpose. Some even claim the government or concord are behind this.
Well I claim nothing, or rather refrain from claiming anything. Personally this happening or trend is just a petty nuisance. A nuisance that drives some insane while others not so much. Nothing more than a small pain or itch in the behind which I can willfully ignore.
In so far most likely it is an effect of something and a driving force of anything. Not saying that the view on it by other people is entirely wrong, however at the monastery I was taught to not put to much attention into anything too obvious.
Such habits darken and cloud the clarity of the mind, disturb the mental clarity and lead to emotional outbursts. As a saying goes hunger drives people and bruning fields migrate them.
Still this going on is unnerving, this sittign in chat in a talk and suddenly someone loudly shouts an offer is worse than what I remember about the market places in Liang-Jol…
First the shouting there could be muted by walking away and second the offers shouted were more like “Fresh fish for sale” or “Hadniy meat freshly today”.
However the communication channel her ein space is different, sequential, in so far if some people talk and someone pushes something into the channel then it interrupts the talk.
In most instances and as humans have good memory a talk can be picked up again. However if 20 people do shout the same message over and over again, it gives off the eerie feeling of sitting in channel full of message bots. Message bots that can not be shut down, reasoned with or influenced to change behaviour.
So far I only foudn oen way to deal with them, it’s a method the interface provides. It does easen the pain. And even I through sometimes wished cocncord would place a butllet of an automatic rifle between their eyes, deep inside their cerebral cortex, I know concord is due to lack of reason not able to do it.
In so far the block button for a person has become my best friend in recen time. It is trustworthy and follows orders, in so far it might be a true friend everyone has at hand’s distance.