Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords

(Mei Seung-Li) #41

I’d be happy to flood militia with thousands of bots, if they aren’t willing to do anything because a small group of pvpers speak up, I guess it’s time to flood the game and see how everyone enjoys bots.

In the past that’s the only thing I’ve ever seen online developers respond to, either everyone leaving the game, or everyone complaining. Not some small group.

(Sophie Natnde) #42

hence this post, we are doing everything we can to spread it far and wide, get more people in and get the large group of angry voices needed to force action against bots. I am 100% with you that a small group of annoyed pvpers voices will be ignored, thats why we are trying to let people know and get more voices on side

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #43

Annoyed isn’t what i’d describe it as. More along the lines of angry, desperate, and flat out despairing. We’ve tried every single thing we can do. Hunting the bots, dplexing for days on end, specifically closing the novice outposts they go for, recruiting people, but its literally a Syssiphean task, and no, Syssiphus in not happy.

If there was anything, anything else we could do, we would, but there just isn’t.

(Erik Aihaken) #44

Hey, make sure to navigate those atrons 1 by 1 through a particular gate and make that gate known to me, and me and my instalock svipul are all too happy to oblige.

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #45

There’s a couple of gates they come through, but they come in from every single trade hub, and by the time they get to lowsec they’ve spread out. The amarr bots are appearently funneling in from a specific gate, Bullet has had a lot of luck catching them, for the Galmil bots coming from dodixie or the Minmil bots coming from Hek and Rens we’ve yet to find a good spot to camp. That is also part of the reason why Amarr has been hit proportionally harder than Minmatar, though us holding less systems also has to do with it.

(Sophie Natnde) #46

we think many of them are based out of hek, being in the galente militia you should be free to shoot them in highsec if you are in amarr or caldari. we thank you for your service

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #47

That said, we also suspect that these bots may have been the final nail in the coffin for what remained of Calmil, last time we talked to any of them they had pretty much given up completely on Faction Warfare, if not EvE entirely.

I’m afraid that the same thing will happen to Amarr militia sooner or later if the botting issue isn’t resolved, and without at least 1 militia holding their ground, there is no real content in faction warfare anymore. At that point, whatever PvP pilots left in Galmil and Minmil will leave as well, and it’ll just be those two militias crabbing all day until the bots manage to crash the value of Faction Warfare LP entirely, in which case whatever remaining human players there are will leave as well.

(Erik Aihaken) #48

Eve’s dead bros.

(Mei Seung-Li) #49

Yeah but if bots crash the value of everything and everyone leaves? Who is going to buy the stuff? Other botters?

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #50

Oh, that’s when the bots leave.

Or when CCP finally bans them.

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #51

Feel like its kinda what happened on Serenity. Everybody botting, or krabbing all day. Titans and dreds everywhere, but noone would fight each other. A month of PLEX costing 20bn ISK due to inflation.

To be honest, its weird how this wave of FW bots cropped up just after they shut down Serenity.

(Maekchu) #52

Arh… But a krab festival with no one PvPing, is what certain forces on the forums believe to be the salvation of eve.

I suppose, Serenity just got it wrong and the same thing will not happen to TQ.

(Byrom Penance) #53

I think some of the comments in the screenshot were mine, but it is true and about as bad as it can get. We’ve been dplexing like mad for a week straight and outside of getting our home system lower we have accomplished nothing. Systems that we plex down are vulnerable again and less and less people log on anymore. In the meantime we did an hour long roaming frigate fleet and encountered 0 minmil…we killed one pirate thrasher. I used to send daily updates and goals to the alliance…dplex this system, oplex that system…but I have stopped doing that since it is no use…you can’t motivate people to keep doing this.

I give it another month, and every serious player will have left the warzone or quit EVE.

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #54

Same here. I used to keep a list of dplexing and oplexing targets in the MOTD of our Corp Channel. Today I thought about changing the former to ‘Don’t bother’, and the latter to ‘Anywhere you want, doesn’t matter’.

Its completely demoralizing.

Compare that to the time we were just fighting galmil in our pocket. Now they were crabby, and would bail whenever you popped into the plex, but you could bait them into fights. Or they’d get sloppy and you’d catch them. We needed more people to deal with their oplexing, and better timezone coverage, but we dealt with that, and continued taking systems. Now we recruit someone new and the botters just launch another bot. What takes us an hour of recruitment and another hour of tutoring takes the botters one click.

(Sophie Natnde) #55

yeh, we are in the equivalent of overheating here just to hold ground, sure it is working for now but you either have to turn it off and repair or the player burns out, we can’t afford to loose players but equally if we let up we loose anyway. this whole thing is a race against time before the militias are all gone.

also i am totally with you on lack of targets, i used to love small gang pvp, roll out with 3-4 coercers and go kill stuff, usually managed to catch a lone ship and then engaged another small gang either for victory and loot or a glorious death. now when i take a group out we either find no valid targets or end up with the sorry state of one fleet where we managed to catch and kill a single rookie ship, no idea what it was doing trying to enter a plex.

it is the players that keep it alive and as more leave the zone dies a little leading to more people leaving.

(Erik Aihaken) #56

unsubbing now btw.

(Pol Macsliebh) #57

Its a real shame there a lot of good players on both side of Faction Warfare who have found a home, it wasn’t perfect but we managed to have some good fights and “content”. You could tell which systems the Amarr were pushing and counter it if possible and as CiXiang said you could plan to take a system and deploy accordingly.

Now it is pointless the Bots are what defines the the warzone and players have stopped plexing and fighting. Yes you can go out and look for fights but all you will see is AtronBots, so you refit your ship to catch them making it non pvp sebo nonsense so if you do see a legitimate target you are not in correct ship to engage. very frustrating and detrimental to the FW player base and CCP.

Hopefully something can be done

(Yiole Gionglao) #58

How could I say this…

Income sources for CCP, pre-2013:

Pecking order chosen by CCP in 2013:

CCP development focus since 2013:
2013-2018 Null
2018-2021 High? Or just some more Null?
2021-2022 Low?? Maybe more Null?
WH interlapsed with the others

CCP’s deadlines to fix life-or-death demography issues:
2016 for High
2018 for Low

The deadline for Low has expired and CCP is on their way to lose Low as much as they’ve lost High.

Welcome to the incredible shrinking EVE…

(Sophie Natnde) #59

low isn’t quite dead, if they can fix this fast we can and will rebuild low into a home for solo and small gang pvp, i agree though that null is the favourite child and that highsec should probably be filing for neglect.

some of us just want to play in a small group where you actually know the players in your corp. we don’t want to be throw out of low by bots and end up in null where you join a power block or get stomped by said powerblocks

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #60

Yeah, it’s one thing to have CCP be a bit neglient about adding more featurres or balancing things regarding lowsec. Hell, we’re used to pulling the short staw there. But this is different.

Remember when CCP said that ‘wormholers would become an unwitting casualty of this balance change’? Wormholers were rightly pissed. But this isn’t a balance change, or some feature that has been long ignored. This is people breaking the TOS in the most flagrant and obvious way possible, completely screwing over players in one activity.

Imagine if there were hole rolling worms in every C1 to C6 wormhole system, closing them down automatically. Imagine there were enough mining bots in highsec that there wasn’t even ore anomalies left. Imagine there were enough bots in Delve to prevent every member of Goonswarm from ratting or mining. Because in comparison, that is what we have been dealing with.

Our usual playstyle, the way faction warfare was intended to be played, is completely dead in the water. We haven’d done any of it in the last few weeks.

We’re not crying over not getting any feature attention. We’re angry that our favorite activity in eve has become completely unplayable. At this point, they might as well remove faction warfare complexes entirely so that the bots can’t run them.