Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords

Perhaps someone should write a polite, non-hyperbolic letter to one of the CSM members. CCP isn’t able to listen because CCP is not large enough to constantly scan the forums. CSM will be the only people who can bring this up to the developers, whether you think it would be useful or not.

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We could try that, I’ll see whether I’ll be able to write something up.


Ah, the irony is coming back to bite some of you in the butt. Mining put outa similar story more than six years ago when high-sec ganks were ‘so much fun’. You almost could not undock. Do not expect CCP to save you.


CCP’s fiendishly clever plan to fully automate FW finally bears fruit…
Oh, that’s not what they intended?
Stop whatever else you’re doing and flush out the bots,CCP, before the game itself ends up down the toilet. Only part of the current game being fully supported by CCP is null sec mega corps and (through lack of aggressive policing) institutionized botting. Use your new data mining and analysis ability to remove the botting leaches and restore some hope for those players who feel that CCP’s lack of action against bots has turned PvP into now meaning Players verses Programs.


That’d be a fair argument if those were suicide ganking bots. We have no problem losing to other real players. Real players you can fight. Bots like this however, theres little we can do. If you want an example how this would look like regarding highsec mining, it would be close to having one botting gank catalyst in every single ore belt. Might as well not undock in that case.

Also us faction warfare players are completely seperate from highsec gankers for the most part.

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If you’ve ever spent any time in the WoW expansion beta forums, you know that community managers are there in large to “manage the community” they aren’t there to pass on information to developers. I’ve been in countless online games from big to small, and generally across the board, things are ignored until someone with the actual ear of the developers gets pissed. Usually a top raiding group or clan, someone with actual influence.

The CSM should have curbed every problem I’ve seen with online games, but it doesn’t seem to have changed anything, CCP has still developed features in secret, still gone against the wishes of the larger community despite this. It’s still the minority top 5% having the only real influence over the 95% Same as other games.

@Brisc_Rubal. Since they were asking for csm input

It’s better than doing and saying nothing.

CCP please do something. As far as casual small gang or solo pvp goes FW was god tier for accessibility. Don’t let the bots keep messing everything up. Please change plexes to require your full attention through hacking, constant rats to fight or just anything you can think of that makes you have to keep actively playing on the character who is in a plex. Deplexing too.

The isk gains are pretty high just sitting on buttons especially for newer players. People shouldn’t be able to run them in a ship worth 1 m. Make them invest a bit more so they can’t just freight ten thousand atrons to a station and lose nothing when the bot is caught.

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They don’t even freighter in ten thousand atrons, the bots just pod back to a tradehub, buy another one, and fly back out in 10-20 minutes.

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Tribal Liberation Force? The Federal Defense Union? Is it just them? Or are there Arm-Mil or Cal-Mil bots in Gal-space or Min-space?


The bots are in every single militia. Amarr just holds les systems right now, so its more concentrated. If you look at the minmatar contested, its also 50% across the board, and they hold twice as many systesm as we do.
Not sure what goes on in the gal-cal warzone, but we think its been the final nail in the caldari coffin. They were already struggling between galmil and snuff, and I think this wave of bots has pretty much driven out whatever remaining holdouts there were.


I dont think the Issue was Snuff . I would point the finger at Fed-UP (At lest the middle finger). CCP should monitor a few account holders in Fed-up(Goon-Pet) Looking at the KBs a lot of the Bots are The Federal Defense Union? Of course I have no proof but I have gut feeling.

*Let me clarify that Goons have nothing to do with it .Fed-up using their blue status to Goons took advantage of the situation. (In theory)

Yep adding in my two cents. Small gang player here, been doing my ■■■■ for 10+ years I recently left my nullsec blops gameplay style as I got tired of only facing VNI bots and cap blobs for my gang, and decided to return to FW to enjoy the gameplay I loved 2 years ago when I did it last.

Yep I found out you no longer play against players but its just trying to avoid the bot grindfest. I’ve already given up on doing FW proper and just started shooting random pirates as actually doing objectives is pointless.

Both me and many members of my corp have been annoyed at the bot behavior for a while now. If something is not done soon I am pretty sure I might have finally give up on eve for good. Its crazy for the past several years I have always made fun of people who say “eve is dying” as it never is… but unless the bot situation is actually handled for once I will join the doomsday crowd.

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3 day ban is a shitty way of dealing with botting, maybe a month ban and all assets removed from game.

Some MMOS can detect how long people are inactive from a keyboard or mouse, and if the packets received were done through an input device or just a file ? Therefore they are disconnected if the ones that are done through a file transmission.

They had a 30 day ban on first time offenses before. They changed it to be less punishing on the first offense, while being more punishing on the second offense (second offense is permaban now).

They changed their policy on botting back in february. I wonder what CCPs assessment of the change is.

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Idk why there is even a warning punishment for something as game breaking as botting… should just be instant perma ban and all logins from same IP at any time also banned.

Well, at least that’s what I heard over the grapevine sitting in amarr faction warfare. Galmil has nullsec backing somehow, Snuff has been purging citadels out of Black Rise, and the largest Calmil alliance disbanded after a failed forray into taking a slice of nullsec. Not sure about the specifics however.

That said, if someone has mroe nuanced knowledge on what happened out there, do tell.

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Three things.

  1. ■■■■ bots.
  2. No, seriously. ■■■■ bots. Ban them all.
  3. I’ve passed this thread on to CCP and will ask about this in our meeting Friday. This is kind of nuts and needs to be addressed.