Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #122

I mean we probably would.

(Roan Pico) #123

CCP can’t help, they are busy petting their highsec cashcows and feeding them safespace-flakes 'n milk 'n honey.

(Venom Anarchy) #124

I moved out of high sec after my first year of playing Eve, I don’t recall anything there to be jealous of.

(Darth WTF) #125

It’s worth noting that the impact of bots is so much worse in FW than elsewhere?

Let’s think of the other prominent examples as of writing: The mining apocs in hisec, the courier mission bots, the swathes of VNI bots populating nullsec all ■■■■ up the game’s economy slow and quietly.

The FW bots render the whole ecosystem obsolote in what is basically one fell swoop, in a niche of gameplay already critically neglected.

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #126

And if CCP can’t save one activity in their game from being completely destroyed by bots, what says that they can save the rest?

Faction Warfare might just be the canary in the coalmine. Weaker to the noxious fumes of botting than other activities. But when the canary keels over, its not just a canary. Its time to leave the mine, or plug the leak.

(Rusty Spacesailor) #127


and don’t tell me about ‘create petition’ i have better things to do unless CCP gonna pay me for this work

after certain amount of reports, character should be even auto-banned or investigated manually

simple and used in many mmo’s, over and out

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #128

There’s a reporting system. We report these bots every time we see them, every time we kill them. Some of these atrons must have dozens and dozens of reports on them. They still buzz about the warzone like carrion flies.

We’ve also made a silly amount of petitions to CCP on the issue.

(Adija Amelana) #129


(Nicolai Serkanner) #130

There you go. Now head back to FW please.

(Mathra) #131

Bots have killed FW. The market, null sec, courier missions, mining and even now exploration are saturated with them and have been for the last 18 months, largely thanks to the introduction of Alphas

CCP does realistically nothing about them during this time, except feed the crowd once in a while when they become too vocal.

These bots are managed by large RMT businesses who have invested thousands upon thousands into botting. They are big money earners and these businesses target whatever games they can where risk verses reward pays. Eve is a soft touch in the gaming world and the demand is there. They will switch to other games if its made financial unviable for them, but currently this isn’t the case and as such they milk the cow till it dies.

CCP is complicit in their use. The bots hugely inflate log in numbers (reckon at least 20% of logins are bots in game) and they actually make financially from them - its due to the cost of subs verses plex prices, what those purchasing RMT’d isk is used for, namely a proportion of it buying and running their accounts on plex as opposed to subs.

The report bot function is simply there to please the masses, if it was an actual working tool it would carry more detail with its submission, ie select type of bot, comment on evidence etc.

You can report bots via the report bot function, tickets and email direct to team security. It doesn’t matter which, Ive reported hundreds over the last 18 months via all these methods and they all go unactioned

CCP doesn’t claw back purchased RMT’d isk from those that have purchased it, scared of hurting their actual player base plus as stated above, RMT’d isk is now a profit stream for them.

Team security consists of only two people. The last time they targeted bots (which was following an player base outcry over the botting Nyxs), they had to do so over a weekend on overtime, evidencing it isn’t their core business to target them during their standard 9 to 5 shift

Bots are not cunning and well hidden, CCP doesn’t need months to investigate them and gather evidence, an 11 year old can find multiple in minutes, they are blatant as there is no enforcement and hasn’t been for years now

Plex prices and inflation as a whole are driven by the increase of bots and RMT.

Do what I did, after 10 years of playing daily I finally un-subbed my accounts in frustration and disgust

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #132

Not that these multi-boxed alphas accounts make CCP any money.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #133

They actually do. Botter makes LP, uses LP to buy stuff, sell stuff for ISK, buy PLEX withg ISK. Plex is bought by other players who bought the plex from CCP. Tada.

(Mathra) #134

I didn’t say it had anything to do with the bots themselves paying subscriptions or subbing their accounts via plex. They generate isk, the isk is bought, those purchasing the isk plex their accounts instead of subbing, plex costs more then subs equals greater profit for CCP.

Edited as was a bit harsh, just frustrated at it all

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #135

Well, I guess I stand corrected then. Didn’t see that mechanism.

I’m frustrated with these bots as well, they turned FW from a fun activity to an absolute dumpster fire within less than a month. I do think that CCP turning a blind eye to botting is penny wise and pound foolish.

(Mathra) #136

Yeah, majority don’t and that’s what CCP is counting on. Its now become a funding stream for them, coupled with the need to keep login numbers high and activity visible for new players and the need to hit certain targets for their new masters… a perfect storm is forming……….

If this really hit CCP’s bottom financial line, they would have sorted it months, even years ago. They don’t because it suits their current business model

Feel your frustration bro :pensive:

(Erik Aihaken) #137

Not for long though, LP markets will eventually get flooded and crash. Then it’s all over.

CCP will effectively have to do something or see a gameplay part of their game simply die.

This is all likely to happen to most parts of the game over time.

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #138

Yeah, with the aquisition and having to make certain targets they certainly don’t have the incentive to make sweeping changes that reduce player statics. That said, botting at this level is like a gangrene that will slowly rot the game from the inside.

Sure, the bots help cover up the problem partially, but seeing ‘20k Players online’ doesn’t make for new player retention. Not when they realize soon after joining that it is a ghost town, that half the players they see flying around are bots, and the other half being completely disillusioned with the game they are playing.

Its like a cancer, which you don’t want to cut out because it looks like things are growing.

(Erik Aihaken) #139

In a nutshell.

(Sollis Vynneve) #140

Ive been killing cal mil bots for months, so many atrons with identical fits. Mustbe up to 200 atron kills now

(Aves Asio) #141

This is a demon that jumped out of Pandoras free to play box

CCP was warned this could happen but back then they were “confident”