Faction Warfare is dead, long live our robot overlords

(Sepheir Sepheron) #142

Maybe if you guys didn’t make plexing and deplexing so afk it wouldn’t be such an attractive bot activity. Maybe apply the same logic to all your semi afk activities. I heard the bots are doing distribution missions en masse now too. Sounds about right.

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #143

I don’t think that anyone who is not a farmer would mind if offensive plexing or defensive plexing was made a more active activity. That said, before the atron bots, there has been plenty of bots running missions across the warzone too. We didn’t care about them quite as much, since they didn’t actively interfere in the warzone, and whilst they were certainly depressing LP values, that was more of an indirect effect.

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #144

In my time in faction warfare, I have not seen as many systems vulnerable at the same time, nor as much buffer on them. Nobody is fighting it anymore.

(Aves Asio) #145

That is ~15% of the warzone screaming BROKEN

(erg cz) #146

Porposed solution:
Any PLEX, defensive or offensive will have two rats. Friendly and enemy. Enemy rat will warp disrupt player entering the plex. Pirate will be disrupted by both rats :slight_smile: You need to kill rat to break free. Which will take time and let attacker point the bot by himself.

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #147

Could work to a degree. But much of the problem with the botting atrons is that for every one you kill, there is 3 other ones roaming somewhere. We killed hundreds of them. We’d need complete 23/7 coverage of the entire warzone to do it to the point where it really stops the bots.

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #148

The rest of the warzone is screaming it too if you look at the system contested ratings. Why is Anrher at 53.3% contested? There hasn’t been any concerted effort by Amarr militia to take that system. Can’t say I’ve really been up there either. Martoh in the Cal/Gal warzone is at 60%, but Calmil has been dead for the last couple of months. Who is doing that offensive plexing? Bots. The image of the impact of bots on Faction Warfare couldn’t be clearer.

Yup, both warzones.

(Venom Anarchy) #149

CCP might believe that like you do but it is a false economy, the demand for plex doesn’t increase due to botting.

(Teinyhr) #150

Mate, when I started EVE we were lucky to hit 12k at peak and 8-9k was normal, while WoW was pulling millions. Watching the concurrent user average grow over the years used to be so much fun. But the game never felt like a ghost town. In fact people appear to be more active than ever, nowadays the whole map lights up with active pilots in space when years ago you could scurry through null for over 20 jumps and not see a soul (and the map mirrored that).

(Venom Anarchy) #151

Yes please don’t turn it into an Eve is dying thread

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #152

Fair enough, it probably isn’t. But the same time, the sudden influx of bots into faction warfare and the lack of action of CCP on this issue does make it feel like it is.

Its easy to lapse into that kind of pessimism when talking about the topic of botting in EvE. If they can’t effectively ban 30 or 40 bots that are destroying an entire activity in the game, it doesn’t speak well of their ability to do it for any other activity in this game. Whether that is market trading, ratting, exploration, mining, industry, incursions, etc. They’re bigger ponds of course, but even those are finite in size.

The botters of course care little, they’ll milk a game until its dead if you let them. And it looks like CCP is letting them.

(Aves Asio) #153

Its probably a bot runing a site in a vni.

This thread points out that there is wide spread infestation.

(Bloodclart Raider) #154

Ha ha you don’t get away that easy they made it free

Where do you get stats that show the system index at over 100% ?

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #155

Jwrecks faction warfare map, they show buffer as additional percentage. In faction warfare, running enough plexes to get a system to 100% makes the ihub (infrastructure hub) vulnerable, running plexes past that adds buffer. Buffer is important in that when bashing the ihub, if some enemy militia pilot closes a complex and it brings they system back to 99.3%, the ihub ceases to be vulnerable and reps up to full health instantly.

What we’re seeing here is that the bots run up these systems to vulnerable, and then are too dumb to stop plexing those systems, since plexing a vulnerable system doesn’t actually pay any LP. What that leaves us with is systems that are vulnerable with a +5 buffer. If current rates of these systems ticking up hold, most of the cal/gal warzone will be vulnerable in about a week or two as well.

(Bloodclart Raider) #156

So is 103.3 the max ?

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #157

Yeah, each complex gives ~0.6%, takes 150 complexes per system to take it from stable to vulnerable.

(Bloodclart Raider) #158

So the buffer is about 5 plexes

(CiXiang Reytzenstein) #159

Yes, think +5 is the maximum buffer you can get. Though the bots are probably still plexing those systems. Sure I’ve seen at least 3 in Floseswin earlier. Btw, its funny, the bots are so simple, they’ll run from each other.

(Bloodclart Raider) #160

I have seen systems vulnerable before and no one bashing them, bashing them requires organisation and leadership something Minmatar only have for 2 hours on a Thursday.

(Cypherous) #161

You’re a bit late to the party, FW has been dead for a long time now :stuck_out_tongue: