Factional Warfare Feedback Thread

Hello o7
I’m here to talk about some changes that been made in the faction warfare complex’s
I’m hearing from people that the asteroid that ware added in the complexes and gas clouds make old pc’s go wild, huge fps drops
also on undock and dock animations there are fps drops
will it be addressed somehow ?

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It would be very helpful for CCP to develop a timer for all the FW battlefields. It would greatly help FCs to post fleet pings and create better content.

No need to review the location of BFs. Just a timer for everyone to see when the next BF is happening.

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Lol, no. Having time tables for battlefields only allows pirates to know exactly when the battlefield will take place.


Another change to FW is the capturing of friendly plexes. As it stands right now, all a player needs to do is sit on a friendly plex site and capture the site.

An adjustment to fast capping of friendly sites would entail shutting down the cap timer at random intervals and for random amounts of time to keep fast capping of friendly sites down to minimum.

Capping friendly sites are also a great way for Rookie of FW to learn the capping mechanics.

Allow for Command Dessies and Electronic Attack Frigates to enter a Battlefield. This would help introduce more variety to fleet comps and tactics to deal with both PVE and PVP.

Also, the current Meta in BFs is everyone is flying either HML Cyclone Fleet, HML Drakes, or long range weapons due to PVE spawns being far away while accounting for possible PVP. Allowing for command dessies gives flexibility to short range weapon systems (blasters, HAMs, ACs) because the CD can jump us around the BF to deal with Rats and/or get up close and personal with the opposing fleet.

I think CCP may have tried to implement a blanket approach to the tiered plex fighting system by seperating out Navy and Advanced ships to make pvp more “fairer”. But I don’t think allowing EAFs and Command Dessies into a BF would hurt this approach since these are ships intended to support a fleet.

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Along similar lines of my suggestion above.

Allow certain T2 ships to enter a plex size bigger than them. For example, allow Command Dessies, Electronic Attack Frigs and Assault Frigates to enter a medium Navy rather than just a Medium Advanced.

Note that I’m not suggesting for T2 ships to enter the same plex size: eg; entering a Small Navy or Scout Navy. But allowing them to enter a plex size larger such as a medium or large allows for more variety in microgang fights.

EAFs, AFs, and CDs are no more overwhelming than had someone brought a T1 cruiser into a medium navy. Or Bringing a BC into a large navy.


Personally I think the whole NVY-ADV qualifier should be scraped, at least for the BF.

The BF deserves to be it’s own environment, the NVY distinction serves no purpose here, the BF qualifier is enough unless you guys plan to introduce other types of BFs (which I would welcome if they were centered on smaller vessels, but I’m not holding my breath).

That and on smaller plexes, the only purpose it serves is getting rid of pirates hulls at Scout and Small levels, might as well just go all-in and center on navy ships in the Warzone, it’s not like all those pirate hulls won’t find plenty of uses elsewhere.
Only real harm of getting rid of ADV is logi, and at anything but Medium it doesn’t matter that much, so might as well just allow T2 logi from Medium and Up and be done with it, if you guys worry that only fleets with logi will be able to partake in, well that ship has sailed a long time ago with the focus on bigger sizes so might as well make the most of it.

Also, I support the BF being mostly about Advantage, but if that’s so it’s frequency should be reduced, so that it is a once-in-a-siege time that all parties must jump in to get a lead.

Faction War Implants. Faction War Implants should be available that would augment various aspects of those involve in FW from increased DPS and Optimal range of FW Navy ships to creating FW based disruption effects and counters in a FW system. Disruption effects, such as a ship being able to create a tidal energy wave that lasts for five minutes and has a radius for 25km, would slow down ships, including pirate ships, passing through the tidal wave but would not cause them to drop out of warp.

The triggering mechanics in FW battlefield need to be changed.

  1. The Battlecruiser trigger on each Control Point needs to remain within the Control Ring all at times to necessitate it needing to be attacked and destroyed instead of the BC trigger leaving the Control Ring that allows capture points to be earned while the Battlecruiser is outside of the ring. The BC trigger would receive a 25% increase in shield or armor HP as well as a 10% increase in DPS, and tracking speed. Time between spawn in of next wave after the BC trigger had been destroyed would increase to 30 to 45 seconds.

  2. An enemy Dreadnought should randomly appear in a BF site to increase the challenge. An enemy Dread would add 1% capture points back to the slider in favor of the defending faction every 45 seconds. Up to three Dreds could spawn in a single BF, but no more than three total.

  3. Allow more Open plexing sites to promote PvP. Open plexing sites would yield more LP and be of any size and increase or decrease the percentage of the systems Contested percentage.

  4. Add weapon batteries to all sites, regardless of size, to increase the challenge of capturing the site.

FW needs Navy Destroyer Drone Carriers. Navy Algos for example.

Nope, we have more then enough overpowered drone ships already in game.

I do hope this will not be the end of new content for facwar… November was a good start but I believe its already slowing down… i suppose it would be too much to ask for new facwar missions that actually send you plexxing, looking for kills, patrolling celestials/pipes… assassinating officers/players… y’know; get people into space where they’re actually vulnerable rather than staying docked and farming when quiet…

Dont get me wrong the new frontline system is great; but on its own currently it really isnt enough to state loudly that its far different, superior and fun than the last iteration.

wtf u on bro?
You must be calmil.

Idea: Create a T1/T1-Meta only plex


  • create a newbro friendly environment to pvp, with a low barrier of entry where people don’t get frustrated immediately by much more powerful fits
  • introduce a new meta of theorycrafting - currently all builds center around T2 modules and mostly Navy/T2 fits - basically introduce “maximizing under different constraints” which makes it interesting and is more on a level playing field
  • as a byproduct, introduce a market for T1 and T1-Meta modules and ships, see abandoned hulls used in pvp
  • lower the price point of entry for players, LP can be lowered accordingly
  • restrict the plexes to scout/small/medium “-AUX” (auxiliary)
  • -NVY should remain the majority of plexes, ADV and -AUX should be roughly equal

It adds a new layer for both new players and experienced players who will optimize for this new content. At the same time, these builds are useful in NVY, unlike ADV who cant downgrade in fights (so this concept would be "upwards compatible).

  1. You need to allow T2 and T3 ships into more sites. As it stands now all you have created is just another N+1 environment. And worse, you leave faction warfare players in T1 stuff facing off against pirates flying T2 and beyond.

  2. Everyone on a faction killmail should gain LP. It’s silly the way it is now, and it completely screws the players doing specialized jobs (like tackle).

  3. I feel absolutely ZERO incentive to capture or defend any sites. Why? It doesn’t matter. I have been playing almost every day since the new update went live and so far not a single system has changed hands anywhere near me. Months of “fighting” and nothing has changed. And even if a system did manage to flip, what of it?

  4. It should be possible to sell or trade LP directly to other players.

  5. Add an entire line of powerful items that can only be purchased and used by faction players. Perhaps implants, or new ammo, or boosters. These items would only be only useable by faction players.

If the goal was fast and exciting gameplay start focusing on that. Right now it is quickly becoming anything but.

I agree, we totally need the Navy Phoenix in Scouts, that will make the game very lively! (for the 4-5 tryhards).

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I think all T1 ships in New Eden should have a Navy variant.

Why does FW need Navy variants? Because of this, Faction Warfare Proving Grounds.

The Abyssal Proving Grounds are mysterious pockets of space where players can compete for rewards in (relatively) balanced PvP challenges.

The FW proving grounds format varies, but usually involves some restrictions on ship hulls and module types to create a more level PvP engagement field than exists in most of the rest of EVE.

A FW Proving Ground is open to only FW militia flying Navy ships ranging from a Light Navy capital (carrier, dread or Fax) to Navy frigates. The FW Proving Ground is a massive system of 75 AU that is accessible once a number of FW systems have been captured by one side. Once spawned, FW militia are able to enter the proving ground and engage in combat. The goal is to capture 6 of the 10 control sites, after destroying three out of five control hubs of the enemy side. The control hubs are not as beefy as the regular hubs but must be destroyed to allow the main control points to be activated.
NPC for each side would be present and would be top of the line, elite NPC’s as well as the more common and regular NPC’s.

Drops would include possible Evermarks, up to 1,000 and be random with no more than 250 dropped in one ship, Faction Navy implants, both hardwiring and skill based, Faction Navy BPCs for modules, ammo and ships. The FW proving ground would also introduce BPCs for Faction Navy MTU’s, Mobile Depots and Faction Navy Citadels.

Whoever captures the FW Proving Ground would also receive a new avatar border showing their participation in the FW Proving Ground and having won. The avatar border would only show when the Capsuleer is active in FW. Other rewards would include a base of 350,000 LP for each of the members of the winning side, 1,000 LP for each of the members of the losing side.

Cloaks would not be allowed but a Faction Navy Cloak module could drop that would allow a Faction Navy ship to sit cloaked in any site, regardless of the distance from any object.
Probes would not be able to be used but if a ship remains idle for too long, enemy NPC’s will warp in, scramble your ship and pwn your pathetic face into a turnip pie with a cherry on top.

In order to keep free loaders out of the site, only Shield Commanders and above would be able to access the FW Proving Ground. To fly Faction Navy Capitals, in the FW Proving Ground, you must be of the rank of Major, Lieutenant or General of your respective faction militia.

Whichever side captures the FW Proving Ground System would see their own FW systems become Stable for three days without any sites appearing for either side to offensively or defensively plex.

The losing side would see their FW systems become Vulnerable for one day, regardless of the actual state of being contested which would allow the enemy faction to attack the systems main Hub directly and potentially capture the system.

After three days, the FW systems return to normal, except for the systems lost due to the Hub being destroyed.

*In order to fly a Faction Navy Light capital, you must be active in the militia, meaning you cannot leave the militia and then fly the Faction Navy Light capital. There also needs to be a new mechanic introduced where NPC Spies of the enemy faction cause a player to lose Sec Status and LP for attacking the Spy that has embedded with the friendly militia. The only way to locate the spy would be to use a special ship scanner and spy ship that negates the enemy spy’s ability to reduce your Sec Status and LP.

F**k Tama.

The changes are good but just a few points.

1). It takes way too long to capture a system it does not feel rewarding to have a fleet spend hours plexing for just a few percent change. Make increase the victory points by 30% across all plexes.

  1. There are too many Plexes. People just move to another Plex rather than fight.

  2. The advantage system is far too hard and boring to change. Listening post and propoganda beacons are rarely used and do very little when they are. All the advantage objectives are just a boring chore that take away from pvp except the battlefields.

  1. Allow for Corp LP Tax. A sustainable corp wallet would go a long way to helping small corps build out their infrastructure and reimburse pilots.

  2. Allow for more Advanced plexes to spawn. It’s woeful at the moment. Too much dessie/frigs at the moment and even the newbros will eventually grow out of it and become vets only to get bored and realize there isn’t much use for pirate or t2.

  3. Allow for a mini BF that could support 5-10 man comps and have better AI. Allow for “bonuses” for each mini BF. Eg; 5% to Remote reps, but -10% to short range weapons, etc…

This would help alot of pvp corps that can’t or don’t want to do 25 man comps while adding more variety and encouraging creative out of the box theorycrafting.

Introduce an elite structure that increases capture percentage of a system by 1 percent every minute for 30 minutes.

Such a structure would be similar to a Propaganda Structure but would draw enormous PVP when its deployed.

The structure could only be used in Frontline systems to capture the system.

The structure could only be deployed when a system is contested at 15% and would cap out at 45%. If the structure is placed in a system that is 30% contested, the capturing militia would only get a 15% boost.

The structure itselt would be located in Sleeper space only. When deployed though, the structure would have a 50/50 chance of creating a wormhole that would allow a Drifter BS and or cruiser to appear near the structure.

Structure could be sold on the market and would cost no less than 750 mil ISK.