Farewell Eve Online

Farewell Eve Online - it has been a great run.

I’m writing this post, probably in the wrong location, but with a heavy heart. Today I cancelled my accounts, for the last time. Not because I dislike Eve Online. Not because I had a bad experience. Not because I’m not having fun. I do this because we have been through hell in the past few years with changes NOT in the best interest of the game or the players. I do this because it has become abundantly clear that only the players of Eve Online actually care about the game and the future of New Eden.

I held out hope for many many months - one after another filled with balance changes, industry updates, mineral redistributions, bounty reductions and taxes, faucets turning off, weird mix-ups within the lore, less than satisfactory communication on roadmaps, several player-made riots, and an ultimate reduction in player-base, ultimately leading to a less than desirable player experience - for both new and veteran players.

Through all of this, I held my head high, kept my chin up, and blindly believed that the game I loved would ultimately triumph in the face of adversity and poor player sentiment. In a world fueled with an extremely competitive landscape of online gaming, the decisions and outcome of a development and business team seemingly blind to the ramifications of their actions remains unpunished.

The time is now - I call upon new players and veterans alike. Enough is enough! I would happily pay the increased price of admission if the content fit. I would happily pay the increased price of admission if the player voice was heard. I would happily pay the increased price of admission if the objective of the overlords was not simply the quick cash-grab mentality that they so clearly focus on in their every action.

The world suffers from war. The world suffers from inflation. The world suffers. Why should we, in an attempt to escape the world around us, plunge into a fantastical world of internet spaceships if we’re meant to suffer equally due to the consistent and swift action of diminishing the fun of what we all seek when we login.

I can be patient. I can look forward to the future. I can have fun with my friends and ride out the revolution of the scarcity era. However, I will not contribute toward the continuous padding of the pockets while CCP “figures out how the hell to fix their game”. The increase in PLEX and monthly subscription costs is a slap in the face to the last remaining groups of loyal consumers still hanging on to the promise that Eve Online will continue to be the escape they have successfully found from the real world for 20 years.

Rest in Peace Eve Online - you were beyond your time and once served a greater purpose.



Can i have your stuff?

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Give me your stuff.

I have never actually seen anybody actually contract their stuff over when they pretend to leave.

+1 from me.
Less waffle more contracts OP - stuff gif now

@Mac_Fearless it is @God_Emperor_Kane 's cake day:


I think a cake day present is in order. Happy cake day, Kane.

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Can I have stuff?

And yet the characters are not biomassed, account still is there.

This topic seems to be a case of “look at me”.

I havent subbed in like 2 years i think. Not really seeing a point in playing these days. Nothing exciting, nothing new for me to come back to.

So you just take up storage and cpu cycles and network bandwidth costs.

Except to post in #metoo #lookatme topics.

Why not just use Twitter or something? Wouldn’t you get a larger audience you desire there?

Yes. Poor CCP, all those people logging in as alphas for 10 seconds taking up those precious bandwidth.

Must be costing them millions of dollars. Maybe they should stop alpha accounts.

Yeah hashtags dont work in the forums. And check my posting history, i just posted in new player qna like a day ago to help a new player out.

What audience? Im chiming in my two cents. I dont care if you read my comment.

I do care if you respond with something stupid, though.

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