Fastest way to get 2.0 Amarr standings on a brand new Alpha

I’m trying to run as many copies of the Amarr COSMOS for storyline BPCs. I’ve as of yet had no luck trying to find newbies who have the 2.0 faction standing from running missions to sell me the BPC. I need 22 of the module, so that’s 7-8 BPCs.

What would be the fastest way to take a day-1 alpha up to 2.0 to run the mission that gives the Upir small Nosferatu BPC?

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Run the career missions. There are 3 sets and you get roughly 7.5% standing boost per set. You can also run the SOE Epic Arc which gives roughly 8% faction standing.

An additional option is the data center agents. You can buy tags on the market and trade them for standing.


For a comprehensive reference, this is an (old but) outstanding guide to quickly increasing faction standing. I’ll agree with the other poster - career agents.

I even made a mini-guide on the most efficient way to run the career agents when you arrive at the station, but I can’t find the post anymore. The Plan may reference it. Good luck.


Run the SOE Epic Arc Bloodstained Stars and choose Amarr at the end. And then run a number of L2 or L3 distro missions for quick storylines.

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Career agents are the intro agents in the tutorial? I’m a total null-bear I have no idea how this works

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do you really need amarr standing ? If you can go with the corp standing it would be much faster.

The connection skill : if you have base standing x and level l in connections, then you modified standing is
y = 10 - (10-x ) × (1-0.04 l )
reversing the expression of x from y, we have
x = (y - 0.4 l) / (1 - 0.04×l)
Which means, for a desired standing of y=2, a base standing according to connection level l of :

  1. 2
  2. 1.67
  3. 1.31
  4. 0.91
  5. 0.48
  6. 0

So if your alpha had the connection skill to 5 he just needs to make one mission for the corporation to have this 2. standing.

Now, burners mission and several L4 missions give a direct 0.359 gain in standing with all skill V, so that mean if you share the standing in fleet the alpha can receive half of it, that is after N missions his standing will be
base = 10-10*(1-0.0359/2)^n
again, base standing after n missions :

  1. 0.179
  2. 0.355
  3. 0.528
  4. 0.698
  5. 0.865
  6. 1.029
  7. 1.190
  8. 1.348

So the 8th mission shared rewards should give the alpha with connection II (max skill of alpha) access to the agent.
if someone does the mission fast, it means ±50min of farming, however if the isk rewards reimbursed easily this is not always the case of LP and sitting on those 8 * 9/2 * 1.6 = 57M isk in LP may not be worth the gain.

just tested, I have access to chari shakai even with negative amarr standing (because 8 standing with nurtura)

Well if anybody does Nutura L4s and wants to make a deal wrt shares, I’m interested, but not really sure where to go (other than here) to find that. Alternately I’ll pay 30m/bpc if you’re multi-logging a bunch of pullers and feel like running a few cosmos L2 distribution missions.

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This is quickly becoming a much bigger production than I had anticipated. I was hoping to just make an alpha, run some quick missions, repeat. Or better yet, find some newbie mission runners who would do the missions for me. Where are all the new players hanging out? I tried local in market hubs but everybody just assumes you’re scamming there.

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Nope - career agents are something else entirely. Each faction has 3 career agents, all located in different systems. (I’ll see if I can find them for you.)

Once you arrive at a station, there are 5 agents for a total of 45 extremely easy, safe, quick missions to run. (4 of them give you 10, I think the exploration agent only gives you 5.)

Proceeding through them all, at one station, can be as quick as three hours. (2 hours of active time, 1 hour of waiting) if you do them in the correct order.

** They give an excellent chunk of faction standings boost if that’s what you’re after. **

Damn - the link to my guide doesn’t work anymore. (It was a post on the forums.) Basically, make sure you do business and industry first, because the last mission involves a 1 and a 2+ hour job wait time. Then when those are underway, do the two combat agents and explo.

After that, SoE Epic Arc is probably your best bet for faction standing gain versus amount of time invested. (Although it’s not a short Epic Arc - for someone who is prepared and knows exactly what they’re doing I’d say it’s 5-6 hours of solid time.)

Datacenter agents have two downsides - they’re very expensive to buy the tags (hundreds of millions if not billions of isk if I remember right), and they also drop dervied standings considerably.

Here’s the Eve Uni page:

Good luck.

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@The_Larold Hey thanks for linking the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’. The actual thread pertaining to ‘The Plan’ is still active here in these forums:

That thread also contains various links (all are good) for helpful info, including your Career Agents mini guide:

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Oh yeah, I forgot to post an answer to the OP.

The actual fastest way to get +2.00 Amarr Faction Standing on a brand new Alpha Clone is to first train up Social and Connections skills, then complete missions for the Level 1 Amarr Data Center Agents.

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