Faylee Freir - CSM 14

(Dracvlad) #42

And that is fine, people can still bump and there are choices.

I really hope so, hisec would then get more interesting and it would be the best thing that could happen to war deckers for a long time, even though most of them are likely not to agree with it.

I am ignoring him, I look forward to reading your views on it, especially the war dec parts. o7.

(Annah Tsero) #43

@Faylee_Freir thoughts on people that want CCP to change mechanics instead of them having to make an effort? cough

(Faylee Freir) #44

I think it’s natural for an individual to want to preserve their gameplay or have the odds tilted in their favor.

(Nykke) #45

got my vote

(Deekz) #46

I don’t always vote, but when I do, it’s for people with good ideas like these.

The members of the CSM have been disappointing me for years.

This is change I can believe in.

(anthrobeau) #47

We couldn’t hope for a better representative. Vote Faylee.

(Buoytender Bob) #48

With the Fall CSM 13 minutes out and the apparent stark number representing retained pilots post being wardeced, what proposals do you offer to fix the current broken system? Please note that many people (both in and out of HS) have been trying to bring up all the detrimental effects on player population to both CCP and CSM for years, only to be told that our observations and conclusions were all incorrect. What are your proposals to attract and maintain a steady flow of new pilots into EVE?

(Faylee Freir) #49

I wish that CCP was up for doing some all-around overhauls, but I’m not sure that’s the case here. They are currently stretched thin working on finishing the roll-out of Upwell structures, so I believe that CCP will try and find some quick fix that narrowly addresses issues and still leaves us with a system that isn’t ideal.

  • I think that there should be some kind of mechanic where a defender can dictate the outcome of the war besides choosing to fight, stay logged off, staying docked up, and/or dropping to NPC corp. The first thing that comes to mind for me is some kind of ‘War Effort’ where activity that the defender participates in goes towards some kind of goal or stretch goals that put the power or outcome in their hands.

  • I would love to see CCP implement some mechanic similar to Sov Null where a corporation can influence the space around them. Things like if you mine frequently enough having access to some sort of service module or structure you can use that has a chance at spawning more valuable ores. I would also love to see a dynamic security system in place where CONCORD response times are dynamic in relation to average criminal activity, player density, and other metrics of player activity.

  • CCP needs to find ways to make being in and staying in a corporation more valuable. Simply dropping to NPC corp at the first sign of adversity isn’t a system that I would say is good for anyone, and the game would be much more interesting if there was a sort of ‘carrot on a stick’ urging players to stay in their corps.

  • I think we need diminishing or limited resources that are worth fighting over. Moon mining is an INCREDIBLE first step towards this but honestly lacks the backbone to interact more with other players (a player can just sit in an NPC corp and be immune to interaction aside from ganks)

  • There are a number of issues with current mechanics that stifle combat and lead to extreme measure of controlling risk. I will not elaborate on these mechanics here, but would be more than happy to explain to CCP how these mechanics have a negative impact on gameplay.

Currently there aren’t a lot of pvp-minded corps in Highsec, and in my opinion this is mostly due to convoluted mechanics and the bar of entry to play. I would love to see more combat-oriented player return to Highsec, but sadly I’m not sure if it’s possible to sustain a system that promotes this. You currently have a handful of very large groups that have the capacity to overwhelmingly smash any smaller groups that come around… and that’s alright but unfortunately it creates a situation where going up against career mercs is too much of a daunting task.

I agree that any situation where you have a focused and better prepared group of players going up against players that are not so creates a situation where the outcome is undesirable. The thing is that in this game, loss is something that most players don’t like and everyone has different levels in which they mitigate this. I think you can find similar trends in areas where Capital escalation is the first and only option so you have a gang of Supers dropping Retrievers and stuff (lol). I think it’s only much more evident in Highsec as that’s where most of Eve Onlines population resides.

I think it would be very disingenuous to place all the blame on War Decs. I’ve been playing since 2012 and I have noticed constant complains about mechanic complexity, the feeling of having to play catchup with skillpoints, feeling the need to grind isk where you feel your only option is to do these repetitive and boring missions with little to no player engagement. I can think of a million LITTLE reasons for a player to be turned away, then they get a war dec and decide that enough is enough.

I’m not shifting the blame to another area of the game, but simply suggesting we properly share it! :slight_smile: I don’t want to support a system where new players aren’t exposed to risk and loss, because often times it’s those exact player interactions that hook players in and keep them playing. I know it was for me.

I think that CCP does as good of a job as they can to attract new players. Eve Online is a game that is almost completely self-sustained by the stories and experiences that people read about in the form of a blog post or an article on a gaming news outlet. I would find it very hard to believe that your average player is drawn to Eve Online because they can shoot at red crosses or sit in front of an asteroid belt for hours.

I personally think that once a new player steps into the game that they really realize that it’s not always as good as the stories you hear about. I think a good example is a new player coming to the game after reading stories of being a Lowsec pirat. He makes his way to Lowsec with lofty goals and ambitions only to find that he’s being blobbed to death by Faction Frigates and overwhelming force.

Then you have the player that is totally in awe over the stories of the possibility of building an empire in Nullsec only to find out that it’s very stagnant and that CCP’s development choices have lead up to this point.

So I don’t think we have a problem attracting new players. I’m not sure if CCP can do much more. The issue is a combination of MANY things that turn players away, and that is more than just War Decs.

(Buoytender Bob) #50

Thanks for another well written response. I did not mean to imply that wardecs were the main cause of failing to maintain paying customers, only that CCP has always pushed the narrative that newer pilots losing ships retained a higher percentage (implying higher overall numbers staying and playing EVE) than those who did not, therefore, it was good for newer people to lose ships. Any suggestion of that their conclusions being drawn from their data were wrong (since they were not comparing true cause/effect) received hard push back from both EVE Devs and veteran players (like the CSM). If they have been wrong dismissing the previous concerns/complaints by certain HS players, where else have they stumbled as bad? No one (well, no one reasonable) is asking for no risk/loss in highsec, just that they listen to the HS people of all ages (game wise) about concerns and possible solutions instead of saying their data indicates the players are wrong when it is , in fact, CCP and the CSM drawing improper/illogical conclusions from the collected info.

(Tora Bushido) #51

Faylee Freir for CSM! :partying_face:

(Dantelion Shinoni) #52

Bear in mind.

Faylee Freir is pretty much THE WarDec Project candidate.

If you want the very people that defended and abused the degenerative system that High-Sec WarDecs are anywhere near the wheel of the game, vote Faylee.

If you have more sense than that, take this candidate as what she is, an agent for the status-quo and the sole, self-centered, and parasitic interests of High-Sec Merc and WarDeccers.

You have been warned.

(Annah Tsero) #53

Better for the CSM to have someone that actually knows how wars work than a bunch of people that don’t :wink:

Haters gonna hate

(Faylee Freir) #54

I don’t consider this to be true. In fact I can only think of a few people in the discord server that have expressed interest in voting for me.

You’re right, I have a lot of experience using and abusing most of these mechanics. That said, there’s a lot that I find that needs to be changing even if it directly impacts my gameplay. I realize that there’s plenty unhealthy with Wars and I’m willing to work with both sides to find a suitable solution.

So this isn’t me wanting to preserve everything about wars, and if you trowel through my post history you’d find this.

You would be wrong in this.

(Dracvlad) #55

Faylee is the most open minded of the people I interacted with in the war dec discord.

(Proteus Onzo) #56

Listen to this:

This candidate is a career scammer, griefer , system exploiter and tear-harvester, by his own words in the above recording.

Listen to how he talks about the people he screwed out of everything they own, and then then think how he will screw you too.

Is that whom you want as CSM?

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #57

@Proteus_Onzo did you not read this from the first post??

(Proteus Onzo) #58

I did.

Quite an extensive resume of griefing , suicide ganking, scamming and screwing people over.

Surely he is a “trustworthy” CSM candidate, right?

Lets elect a career griefer/scammer, right?

(Black Pedro) #59

Why not?

Seems like she is a feature expert on the villainous side of the game. I am sure CCP would benefit from having someone with so much direct experience in the these intended forms of gameplay under NDA and on the CSM.

As we just learned wars are a important issue for the game right now. Having a career wardeccer on the council would be a valuable asset to help CCP address the problematic aspects of the mechanic while preserving the good and intended things wars do.

(Proteus Onzo) #60

Up to you if you want to elect a self-ascribed career scammer/griefer/suicide ganker as CSM.

Did you listen to the podcast and soundcloud recording?

(Kickah) #61


Eve is the most hardcore game I know. It would benefit CCP and it would improve the eve to have people who understand the game better than most and probably GMs. Also, I think pvp is the most interesting … I just realized nobody reads forums. CSM is something I would never consider or wish on anyone. None of my mates would take the title seriously.

have a nice day