Faylee Freir - CSM 14

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I’d rather have someone knowing a lot of different game mechanics than some ignorant pleb like you Salvos @Proteus_Onzo

(Faylee Freir) #64

There’s an obvious fundamental difference in how you and I approach this game and how we play it. Sure you find it distasteful as I’m sure many others do, but I’m playing within the constraints of the game in the same way that many others do.

I don’t think the targets that I kill and scam are at all related to the overall population of the Eve Online players. While I enjoy the “darker side of Eve Online”, I know that we need the game to be balanced and fun for everyone. So me wanting to represent everyone here as a CSM member is a genuine desire to improve the game. You just gotta get past the fact that I’m playing Eve Online, Salvos.

I’m not ashamed of my history and what I’ve done as I think it’s a neat and unique way to play the game. I’ve carved my own unconventional path and met a bunch of very interesting and skilled players throughout this process. Have you ever wondered why it is that despite my obviously devious history that I’ve never had an issue getting into various corps and alliances?

I completely think that the various things that I’ve done in the game don’t speak to an inability to add value as a CSM member, but that it’s exactly the opposite. CCP is likely about to embark on a task that involves an area of space that the typical Nullblock candidate knows very little about in the ways of mechanics and meta, and that’s where I come in as a specialist.

Most of the people I dueled aren’t “noobs”. They end up in a desperate situation with an apparent slim outcome, willing to accept help to avoid a loss. Noobs aren’t flying Freighters with billions and billions of ISK in them and noobs aren’t flying around Jump Freighters with billions and billions of ISK. One of the guys I’ve dueled is an old Shadow Cartel FC…

That wasn’t even me that said that. My voice is easily identifiable as being different than that. Here it is at 00:45:20. I’m sure you’ll refuse to believe this though, it’s cool!

I appreciate this miniature smear campaign you’re attempting, but you aren’t really saying anything that I haven’t already laid out there. I have laid out my views on Eve Online and that I desperately want to see changes and balancing in Highsec, all while keeping Eve Online… Eve Online. If you find what I’ve done in the game to be too horrendous to consider voting for me, then I’ll point your vote into the direction of the Nullbloc vote where you can vote for Goonswarm members that play Eve Online in the same dark and manipulative way.

I’m totally aware this is a useless post on my behalf, but just in case you’re actually open to… well anything… here it is. I recognize you don’t like what I do in Eve Online, and that’s totally fine with me. To avoid your future attempts to derail or hijack my thread, I’ll be looking to take actual discussion with other players. Thank you for your witch hunting!

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He sure is patient when dealing with complete retards, thats true

Faylee is one of the most honerable, trustworthy pilots I’ve come across in eve. Nice guy, knows the mechanics and has an intelligent head on his shoulders (unlike Salvos)

Would make a good CSM member

edit: Oh look the post reporter in chief who was qqing about people reporting his posts reports more posts :rofl:

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You seem rather salty and emotional, calm down Bumpbear. This is a thread about he candidature of Faylee for the next CSM, it is not for you to throw your toys around on, so I suggest that you and your other yapping attack dogs find another thread to pollute.

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Stop polluting the thread, we don’t need another Salvos…

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Nobody in their right mind would vote for a PIRAT member into the csm. Your group’s reputation is down the drain on the same level with the botters and rmters. Try asking reddit for their opinion aswell. But you wont because you know I’m right :slight_smile:

(Faylee Freir) #72

Maybe with all the public hate for Pirat and the EULA breaking allegations, it would be that I fit in rather well right next to certain people in the CSM.

In all seriousness, I am representing a group of people that wish to see War Decs improved from their current state and that extends far past Pirat. Reddit is very much anti-Wardec so of course they wouldn’t like the group I’m apart of. I’m not too concerned with Reddit.

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What is your favorite midnight snack and why is it tide pods?

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Try them and you’ll see why I love them so much!


(Faylee Freir) #75


"5 corps, 50% of all war decs" - I think this really shows how sad a state that war decs are really in. When the content isn’t engaging or accessible enough at a base level, I think it’s an issue. Sure anyone can mash, “Declare War”, but not very many people see it as a viable solution to resolve a conflict, because in a lot of cases it doesn’t actually resolve conflict.

"105 kills per loss" - I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with this and I’m not surprised one bit. Take a look at my own killboard with 1,562 kills / 193 losses / 1.13T killed. This says that I’m a player that prefers calculated fights or employs tactics that ensure I’m favorable to win. This is something that happens everywhere in Eve Online. Just look at how Goonswarm has levereged their size and wealth to make their space “safe”. Do you nerf Goonswarm because they are better prepared and better equipped than their opponents? I think that this recent event of TEST anchoring a Keepstar in Peri in order to push Pandemic Horde out shows us exactly what happens when a capable force comes into town. It’s been fun skirmishing with them and there’s been good losses on both sides…

"4% of wars with defender kill" - This is similar to the above statement I’ve made. I think it paints a good picture of the current state of wars in that a lot of players don’t see anything worth fighting over in highsec. It’s been incredible to see Test come into Perimeter and take it from Pandemic Horde, and I wish that type of fighting would exist all the time here. To me this isn’t a shocking stat, because what we have is a system in which one side is like a well-prepared military force, and the other has no interest in fighting or is just trying to get stuff in Jita and go back out to Nullsec. The important thing for me to note is that it doesn’t HAVE to be this way.

None of this HAS to be this way. I believe CCP has the capacity to create a system in which players from all backgrounds have a vested interest in all areas of space, and not just the self-interest in protecting their home in Nullsec. Wars hold a very special place in my heart because I LOVE being a hired gun. I love being the guy that gets paid to shoot at other people on someone elses behalf. I think the merc profession is a valuable and interesting one and is worth keeping around in the game.

I intend on doing a full write up on the War Dec stuff that was released and discussed from EVE Vegas, so look for that to follow.

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Rip wardec groups lolol

(Eve Griefer) #80

I wouldn’t be so sure. If anything, it might mean better targeted wars. But I’ll leave a hunter to talk more on that. I’m just prey.

(Faylee Freir) #82

So requiring War Decs to be against groups with a structure will change the meta of all this. What will happen is groups that desire to have a structure will not anchor one from their corporation that contains all their members. Instead they will anchor a structure with a 1-man corp and give access to all their members and will keep the body of their members safe and immune from war decs.

This basically means that 99% of the content will be in the form of shooting structures that are owned by a 1-man group. This will be an issue for groups that don’t blow up structures for fun (lol the amount of people that do that is laughable) or groups like actual mercenaries that take structure attack and defense contracts.

So for a group like Pirat, what it’ll mean is we will still kill and defend structures, but we won’t have that daily content around where we’re used to having it. So you adapt or die - We’ll likely turn to mass ganking in the form of everyday being a miniature Burn Jita or live in another area of space for content and only come to Highsec when a contract needs to be completed.

(Eve Griefer) #83

Unless structures in other parts of EVE count and you continue to shoot my idiotic corp-mates (and other null-seccers)

(Faylee Freir) #84

It was said that the requirement was structures in Highsec. If all it required was a structure in ANY space, then we could continue to farm Nullsec dudes and it not really matter to us.

(Black Pedro) #85

No Burger didn’t. I just re-watched it. Yes, the statistics were for high-sec structures, but when he announced the changes he clearly says “corps with structures” with no qualification of where they were.

(Faylee Freir) #86

Ok, I’m re-watching it right now as well. We’ll see how it is implemented in the coming days. Just expressing a fair bit of warning of what the meta will look like if it’s only Highsec structures.

(Black Pedro) #87

It won’t be. Ok, this is CCP so maybe, but it makes no sense to exclude the big powerblocs.

It’s also temporary. The plans presented were pretty concrete and although CCP has a habit of letting deadlines slip, a real wardec revamp will almost certainly come next year. While I am sure some similar protection will be included for the smallest corps without structures, I wouldn’t worry too much about this quick-fix.

If anything, it will be a good test of what happens to the meta, and allow CCP to see if there is an unhealthy shift towards 1-man shell corps that they need to address in their complete revamp.

(Faylee Freir) #88

Right, I don’t mean to say that this is a permanent and dead set deal. I understand that this is their first step in a bandaid until they revamp wars in the first half of 2019.

What I am concerned about is that this will likely be the meta for 6 months (if CCP stays on time). Yeah it’ll kill blanket decs where the majority of wars and content are on Nullsec groups (if it’s Highsec only structures), and yeah it’ll protect newer and casual players. So I assume that for 6 months, aside from showing up for a structure timer, that daily content will need to be had through other means and probably different areas of space.

It actually makes me mad when watching the section about wars in the keynote with the slides that he has. The reason it makes me mad is because it’s CCP and their development that has pushed this “STARK” situation where we have 5 corps doing the majority of the wars.

I also think it’s completely insane to scoff at the ratio of ships killed / lost because it is completely telling of how more than just wars are messed up.

Look at what has happened in Perimeter with Test and that is all the proof you need. Test came in and slammed their fist down and put the pressure on us. We’ve lost more ships in this time… I wonder why? It’s because a larger group that is interested or focused on PVP is here in the same area as us. They’ve killed our stuff, we’ve killed their stuff and it’s been a ton of ■■■■■■■ fun!

The ultimate problem is that CCP has pushed pvp players out of highsec and now are all of a sudden surprised and we get mocked by the community when we’re shooting at idiots around Jita. The guys in my small circle of Eve Online absolutely love being a mercenary. We enjoy doing it in an area where we don’t have to worry about getting blobbed to death by a fleet of capitals that outclasses us 300:1.

(Proteus Onzo) #89

Its just a game.

You prefer to be the one doing the outclassing 300:1.