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Very much so, and you conclusion is one I share, there is not enough content at the base level, you need to keep that thought in mind as it is the most important aspect of all of this.

Faylee, in the CSM thread I addressed this issue because people were saying there is risk every time I go out in a ship, which I then said, nope. Here is the rub your killboard directly correlates with my killboard which has a lot of large fleet fight kills in it and yet you are doing small gang. That is what you have not assessed in this paragraph, it has no relationship to Goonswarm at all. If you want to look at a proper comparison for what you are doing then perhaps low sec pirates fighting in FW systems?

As for the Goonswarm comment note that they are operating in nullsec in the main and as such they are in a more anything goes part of the game, you may say that hisec should not be 100% safe, but it is supposed to be safer, the same rules do not apply in terms of game balance, and this you need top understand or at least take account of.

Test doing this Keepstar is a good thing, and you got content around PH moving in previously

There is no benefit to fighting back, only negative, which is why there has to be a mechanic to end the war achieved by fighting back. Otherwise it is going to continue like this. Though this does depend on what happens to the war deckers over the next six months.


Well I wonder just how many hisec structures will get blown up by people wanting to prove a point and making my point, let the anger flow. But the detail on whether it is a hisec structure needs to be detailed. It was my point that I said anywhere that people owned a structure. So limiting it to just a hisec structure is not a good idea. I wonder if this means that PIRAT has to have a structure, I hope so…

Come on, people have been warning about this for years and have been ignored and ridiculed on the forums for it. Now that is looking to change.

See above, it is important to understand that hisec should be compared to pirate entities that compete in FW space.

Sorry you are hardly mercs, you are mainly running protection rackets and farming for easy content, which is all fine and dandy as it is a sandbox, but don’t expect people to like you for it and even more important to respect you for it, they won’t.

In nullsec you have your own fleet of capitals to counter drop

Step back take a deep breath and think it through.

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We aren’t just running protection rackets. You say that as if we don’t show up to our obligations and fight on a clients behalf. We aren’t going around muscling groups to pay us “or else”. Pirat is one of the only groups left that has the capacity to take these kinds of contracts and compete.

To the rest of your reply imagine would it would look like if groups like Test were constantly around providing groups like mine with constant threat. What I’m saying is that it’s not necessarily an issue with the system because it’s a problem that players can fix… just needs some tweaking. I’m not saying it’s perfect and can definitely use some love, but if you feel there’s not risk then maybe you haven’t done what Test has done and fought back.

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I think you are kidding yourselves on that, you have some contracts, but in the main it is the protection racket that makes you ISK. It is also a turn off to many players who are defenders too.

Test are not fighting back they are fighting PH in order to get hold of an income source. It has nothing to do with your alliance at all, apart from the fact that you had a war dec against them at the same time. And looking at it you seem to be allying with Test, so you are doing a merc contract then, good stuff.

You know what I suggested in the war dec discord and this is Test event an example of the gameplay that could happen with my suggestion, which was a strategic objective in hisec which when destroyed ended the war dec for everyone.

There are currently no hisec entities that could do this.

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Well, they arent, that hypothetical is not happening.

The issue is players leaving due to wardecs, not that people arent fighting back.

As has been stated over and over, you cant force people to fight if they dont want to.

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Yes it is.

Those are both issues that CCP is aiming to address, according to their keynote speech at Eve Vegas.

I agree with you.

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Any thoughts on nerfing the gila?

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I assume you are asking because of it’s obvious over use in most PVE activities? If that’s the case then I would agree with you that something should be done. It is a Faction Cruiser, so it does deserve stars that are better than those of a normal Cruiser.

I think that a good start would be to maybe tweak AI so that it is less friendly and forgiving to drone ships. Drone ships are favored in many PVE activities because of how easy they are to use and in some cases are easy to use with a drone bunny where you can exponentially grow a multiboxing team for maximum efficiency.

As far tweaking individual stats and traits, I’m not sure. I haven’t ever really given the Gila a close look, but I can look at the attributes and common fits and see if I can come up with something… but again it depends on what the intended change and it’s ourpose entails.

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What I’m amazed about is that nobody has actually cottoned on to the fact that no significant corp can ever be wardecced again.

This has such a huge loophole in it that none of the nullsec groups, none of the wh groups or indy corps ever need to worry about wardecs again. If they have half a brain anyway…so maybe a few groups might not realise :slight_smile:

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I assume you’re referring to groups being able to create 1-man corps to keep structures in while they are able to keep their members safe from decs…

I don’t see this as something that most Nullsec groups will abuse mainly because of how confusing standings and all that is liable to be. Not only that, but I’m sure it would be hard to police and enforce.

Someone in the Wardec Project Discord said he mentioned this loophole to CCP Burger and he said that he didn’t mind if groups abused this in order to keep from being war decd.

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Part of my concern is the new PvP in abyss where from the sounds of it will be 1v1. However we are limited to cruisers that can also run the abyss site leaving very limited choices and potentially leaving the Gila as the only real option.

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Give me some time to ponder this issue. I will get back to you.

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It’s a loophole they must have foreseen which only leads me to believe that CCP don’t want wardecs generally. Because they don’t like the status quo, they’re destroying them until they can “bring a better system in”. Why spend the effort to make these changes if they’re bringing in a more permanent solution? We all know what CCP’s development timelines are like. Yes the current system is broken, but this feels like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Standings are easy to deal with and shouldn’t be a problem if you desire to avoid wardecs. If it’s important to a group to not get losses to wardecs, they’ll make the minimal effort of using shell corps. Lets face it, why wouldn’t you?

At the risk of sounding like a bittervet, this just seems like a way of making Eve more friendly for the nullsec groups rather than anything else (which isn’t surprising given the makeup of all previous CSMs). It doesn’t really affect any other group other than a few small groups of people who want to be in a corp but not face any consequences. This change is to hisec mercs the equivalent of the original jump fatigue changes to null. Except if you gave all ships jump fatigue every time they jumped through a gate. And only allowed you to shoot if your opponent said yes please first.

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Of course as soon as I saw this I realised that if I was running a structure in hisec I would put it under a one man corp and decide whether or not to ally my main corp with the one man corp to defend it. So that creates a choice and a will to defend, it otherwise see it as a loss and get on earning ISK to replace it. It is a win in that sense.

I can also say that if CCP Burger said it in such starks terms then that data must be truly awful. And I would think it is not so much to keep from being war decked, but to keep them active in game while they work out something better. Oh and I am glad they spotted that transfer issue.

The damage is enormous, you are discounting it like all the war deckers, the status quo could not continue the figures were appalling. In this way the people can continue to operate outside of war decs. It is not so much throwing the bath out with the bath water. it is more like trying to keep some water in the bath. You and the war deckers are just the soap.

What…, true a lot of one man corps of nullsec players do hisec indy, but the CSM is pretty much Goon city and they do their own indy in the main in Delve. What the hell are you even talking about? Yes a bittervet indeed, think about it. They don’t care, the Goons have been looking to destroy hisec indy for years, seriously?

Obviously you are upset and hurt by this change as a war decker, I can understand that, you have gone from total freedom to inflict pain loss and control, to one where you will be unable to interact with a large segment of hisec if they are smart. But you only have yourselves to blame because you milked this system until it ran dry. People were warning about the issues with war decs for a long time and no one listened you just said HTFU and throw yourself under our guns, and see how that worked out for you. People walked away and quite rightly…

You are partially right, you had total freedom to do what you wanted, just as nullsec entities like the CFC, PL and NCDOT. did with their Super / Titan superiority and CCP said ooops this is not going well and they changed it. You are having the same thing applied to you, you had a great time before this, able to farm to your hearts content, but now some of them will be out of your grasp while they work out what to do, rather like people were out of the grasp of the super blobs due to jump fatigue.

They reduced the impact of jump fatigue to what I would call a good spot, the new jump bridges with no fatigue and letting ships with jump drives pass through reduces the impact further, though it means that they can be camped and water boarded, so what you see here is something that was nerfed to make the game more balanced towards smaller groups and then relaxed and I would suggest that war decs will see the same approach. Now chill out and wait to see what comes out, I look forward to seeing what CCP will do and you should do too.

EDIT: On reflection I am jumping too much into your thread Faylee, sorry about that, it is just that I like debating and discussing with you. But this is your thread, so tell me to bug out.

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We’ve already addressed my background and how my experience and expertise are what make me a good candidate, even if someone were to find issue with how I’ve played the game in the past. No one can deny that I am well suited to help advise CCP on issues and balancing related to wardecs and highsec pvp.

Now if we can move past thins now that you’ve made your opinion clear…

@ISD_Buldath or @CCP_Falcon could I get some help in cleaning up a lot of this spam that is meant to derail or trash the thread? I would appreciate it.

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So what if he’s a scammer in game. CCP is pretty straight forward and strict about scamming in the forums. If he knows and understands the mechanics that people see as issues I’m ok with it even though if I catch him in WH space I’ll blow him up without a second thought.

Also what are your thoughts on changing WH space?

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@Faylee_Freir you can also ping me and I will look into threads.

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Thanks a ton!

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Is all of the above accurate?