Faylee Freir - CSM 14

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Yes. I wrote it, didn’t I? Keep it on topic please. You’ve just been warned by ISD.

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Sorry, I’ll leave @Faylee_Freir to it :slight_smile:

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Apologies Faylee, my frustration ended up being released on your thread.

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You aren’t doing anything other than trying to flood my thread with spam posts. I have discussed with you my history with scamming yet you continue to bring it up as if you want the focal point of this thread to be on that. If that’s what you want to do, go mane your own thread about me and my scamming.

To satisfy your curiosity, no I wasn’t involved with the bonus room. Yes I think they went too far.

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That wasnt so hard, was it.

Are you engaged in scamming/griefing now?
Will you continue to scam/grief if you are elected as CSM?

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The main questions I need answered by any CSM candidate are:

  1. Do they engage in or promote illegal/banned techniques in game?
  2. Are they familiar and understand most of the game mechanics?
  3. Do they communicate fairly and frequently with people,especially those with different views?
  4. Are they willing to make changes in EVE mechanics that may actually adversely effect their own gamestyle if they feel that it would make the entire game better for the largest number of people?

So far, Faylee has has answered the above questions for me in either a positive or neutral response; this makes him at least worthy of considereation, even if his playstyle is completely different from me. That may change, but for the moment: Campaign on, Faylee!

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I will continue to scam yes. Nowadays my scams aren’t as personal as what you’ve read about in the past. Mostly consists of the dueling stuff and courier scams. I’m playing the game within it’s intended set of rules. Why would I change what I do in game if it doesn’t effect my capacity to be a valuable member?

Glad we got the scamming stuff out of the way. If you would spare us your thoughts and opinions on scamming and refrain from spamming my thread I would appreciate it. I’ve entertained you enough here.

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He may have failed 1 but we have no proof, 3 and 4 he has failed already.

A scammer on CSM.
Just what we needed, not.

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Are you done yet?

removed some stuff since it’s irrelevant :smiley: (Annah)

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It’s exactly what you need on the CSM. Or are you saying one allowed Eve play style is more important than another one?

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he’s saying he’s the only one who should be accepted on the CSM :joy:

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You have my vote.

Removed irrelevant text. -ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

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Removed a ton of off topic posts. You want to duel, duel at the sun, 1v1, frigates only.

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fixed that for you

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GIven in likelihood that the war-dec will be re-designed long before the next election. What do you bring to a null-sec dominated discussion?

Where were you when the trollcepter was nerfed? When auto self-repair of structures was introduced? A key point has been that a player should be able to impose their will on others. Is this a Single-Shard universe or you just provincial?

One of the big cautionary tales is Trammel. Players point to this as a warning about nerfs to PvP. Of course what is always ignored is that Ultima had a significant anti-ganker community as well. Given that there it is almost non-existent in Eve - any ideas to incentivise? If there are no heroes, then Eve does not really need villains now does it?

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I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to believe that CCP will get it right the first time they roll out with their new redesign of War Decs. As much as I love talking with some of the current CSM members like @Brisc_Rubal, I can’t help but think that it’s going to take the mind of someone that is deeply entrenched in these mechanics and gameplay to provide proper balance and feedback.

While I’m not an expert in Nullsec mechanics, I’ve experienced enough where I can at least be involved in a conversation about their issues. It’s easy for me to see through a CSM that agrees with changes that make Nullsec safer, because I mean why wouldn’t they? Most of these guys are from big blocs and while there are some exceptions… Eve Online has turned into a game of macro, where balancing is heavily tuned towards large groups building their sandcastles.

I was in Highsec doing naughty Highsec things. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t have an opinion on them, because lets be honest everyone thought Trollceptors were broken and I don’t recall anyone thinking that keeping them in the game was a great idea.

I completely agree that a player should be able to impose their will on another player. That’s quite literally one of the unique hooks that Eve Online has always had. Your decisions and actions matter. I do agree that some degree of careful balance should be considered because we should never get to a point where after all options and angles are considered and attempted that a player or group is left under the thumb of another. This totally depends on what situation and circumstance you’re referring to when you say, “impose their will on others”.

The game has been advertised in the past to be a single-shard server, but I think that you can definitely see it not being the case with the introduction of Instanced PVP and being able to opt out of certain content. Eve Online has always been a rather hardcore MMO, and with the average consumer in todays market it doesn’t surprise me to see CCP taking a different approach.

If I’m reading correctly you’re asking if there’s any ideas to incentivize being the good guy or hero? I think that the average player considers him to be the good guy or hero. In most everything we do we have choices to make on the severity of that action and how much it’ll impact another player negatively.

Take a Lowsec pirate for example… He roams around looking for opportunities to kill other players. He finds a pilot in a Battleship belt ratting and tackles him. He has a decision to make as he ransoms him - to honor the ransom or not - Do I blow up his pod or not?

It’s when you intentionally make decisions in-game that you know are going to negatively effect the other player and you don’t care about having the “villain” or “evil person” label that you actually are a villain.

There will always be players crying and complaining about a particular villain that they ran into that day which caused them to have an unpleasant experience, but the neat thing is that THIS IS EVE ONLINE. It’s what the game is about! I admit that it would be a pretty ■■■■ game if everytime I logged on I never had fun because I was always a victim… but it’s the motivation that I personally have to NOT be a victim that leads me to find new ways to put myself in a position of power.

Without Villains we wouldn’t have the unique and interesting stories that jostle the jimmies of various gaming news outlets. The actions of The Judge never would have happened and never would have had such a crazy impact on other players. That scumbag a few years ago that was recruiting new players and exploiting them for real life financial gain never would have had “heroes” and “white knights” coming to kick on his ■■■■-filled sand castle and liberate these new players from his evil grasp.

Without all of this, the game would simply be an empire building farm simulator.

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While I currently despise gankers and merc’s in general, I do appreciate the thoughtfulness you have put into your posting. Players such as yourself make me be a better player, for that I am thankful. Considering the amount of time you have put into forming your reply’s and the thoughts you have stated being well spoken, I would actually have to state you are getting my vote.

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Thanks Skitterball!

I honestly do want to see a healthier Eve Online. I enjoy shooting other players, and in order to keep that going we need the game to draw people in and keep them playing.