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Yeah, not surprising since so many other people seem to having the same idea.
The lifeboats on the SS CCP are getting awful crowded these days; perhaps I’ll saunter over and check about room before they are deployed.

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It’s an illusion.

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I never thought I’d see a video of Brisc shirtless and with sequins, dancing backup.
My eyes, they burn…

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If they’ll give us Corp aggro in the life boats (so we can steal from each other without the oppression of crimewatch), cheap wardecs, and make sure nobody is flying T3 or pirate faction lifeboats against noobs, and let us do in it systems where noobs can see us having fun…

The exodus will be so much fun nobody will want to leave.

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He’ll be back.

He always comes back.


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Maybe i haven’t seen it in your Original post or it’s buried deep in the comments (TLDR), but would you support the installation of a proper bounty hunting system? how would you think it would need to work?

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there’s actually talks of getting rid of it, since it adds strain to the servers.

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So the issue is that creates our current sub-par bounty system is that it’s subject to RMT use and abuse - transferring funds. I personally think it’d be sweet to have a contract system where an actual hit is put out on someone and terms are established beforehand… but that’s going to be subject to the same use and abuse as prior models.

Currently I see very little value in the bounty system other than it being a badge of honor. I see huge merit in being a bounty hunter, and I personally would love to actually play Eve Online as a proper bounty hunter if the game supported it in the right ways. I just can’t personally think of any other methods of having a bounty system that isn’t bad.

Yeah if CCP can’t find a proper way to do bounties and it’s just being stressful on the server then I’d rather get rid of it than keep it. I like my 17b bounty I have, because I think the story behind it is funny… but if it benefited the experience we have on the servers then I’d be fine with removing it. I’d rather see them find a neat way to redo bounties, but yeah.

Yes, I’m responding from an alt because I’m too lazy to swap over and I’m in a hurry out the door. I can confirm this from Faylee here later when I get time.

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Confirming R-0-B-0-C-O-P is me.

I was on Open Comms last week where we discussed the Wardec changes. I was invited to come and speak on how I felt about those changes as part of the Wardec community. You can watch the wardec segment of the show here here:

To be honest I felt like they wanted me on the show because they anticipated me to complain or cry about the changes, and then they’d make fun of me. I had fun discussing the changes with them, but hate we weren’t able to dig deeper. I anyone has any specific questions about the changes and how they effect highsec, please ask!

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Start from 1h09m in. Sadly did not get into details at certain critical times with some of them fooling around just when it got to the good stuff, when that guy brought his cat in for attention, sad… But you did a good job.

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I agree. I had a good time, but I wanted to get into more core issues. Something tells me that they weren’t interested or in the right frame of mind to have a serious discussion. During the stream I was too intently focused on what I was needing to say to pay attention to chat or their cameras… watching it back now it seems like they were almost never paying attention to me while I spoke - fair enough.

I would love to discuss / debate more fundamental things such as:

  • How much risk / reward should be in each area of space

  • What kind of experience should new players (actual new players, not alts) have in Highsec.

  • How has the coddling we’ve seen in the last number of years effected the game, it’s playerbase, and the way CCP develops the game

  • Immersive gameplay and how to create content in order to tell a story. Narratives that draw new players into the game.


While I would love to discuss these topics and how it effects us all, in all areas of space… I don’t know if the general playerbase nor CCP is really interested in anyone’s opinion on these things. It’s their game after all, and they will try to develop it the best way they see fit in order to make profits.

I mentioned in the stream that I thought that everyone is cheering over some preemptive moral victory over Wardec groups, and I was serious. It’s glaringly obvious that all these people are cheering because they think that this is a deathblow or some victory over wars because they don’t like them. There’s plenty of things I don’t like about how other people play the game, but I don’t whine for CCP to change it for my benefit.

New players can now get the beginning experience that everyone desires for them to have in a dec-immune corp, so this is no longer a “save the children”argument or issue.

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*sips coffee*

(Dracvlad) #198

I think most people are too black and white in terms of this, for a long time I think that certain threats in hisec are very high risk, however the rewards overall do not match the risk. I am largely happy as it is, but many people want to reduce rewards in hisec which is utter madness.

I am not so much bothered by that in terms of the change where a lot of players go straight into nullsec with newbie groups and that means that they get richer, more PvP exposure and so on. I have noticed quite a lot of people pottering around near me for example were in Pandemic Horde for a time.

I wonder however what can we do for those that decide to just develop in hisec.

I don’t see it that way, the risk in hisec is definitely there, the scaling back has only really happened in terms of creating a social corp concept based on structures and so far most people have said it is acceptable. I hear all those gankers saying one more nerf, but they always ignore the many buffs that have actually helped ganking.

I wanted to see if it was possible to create a anti-war decker coalition, but with this change to reppers it is not going to happen. It seems that CCP wants people in hisec to gang up into corps and alliances, but that is not what the player base wants to do. But some of them would be quite happy to ally in, or at least I feel that. But with the proposed change to repping this just favours the big war deckers. And what gets me is that this neutral RR thing only make dealing with pipe campers and the like easier, in fact it makes it harder for the defenders of structures.

And this is a real shame to me, I was hoping to see hisec coalitions develop and I was going to put my ISK where my mouth is, but it had to match the mentality of most hisec players. For a start I like having my own corp with only me in it, I don’t like to have to put security all over the damn place. I like having access to corp offices. I could join an alliance and I am debating that, but it gets complicated. I have created a new corp with two PvP characters in it, that will have a structure at some point. However the rest of my characters will be in my main corp and I would keep them out of anything like that.

I have that sense too, but I think Brisc is genuinely interested in war decs. You already know my feeling on PIRAT past, but I have always seen this as part of the game, just as ganking is. My objective has always been to try to make it more fun for the defender.

Very much so and then they can decide to dip their toe into the water when they feel they are up to it and have the ability to at least take the losses. Overall I am happy with these changes, but I would leave RR as it was, but instead link in the allies as not going suspect, but do it in such a way so as to not allow the big war deckers to exploit it. Maybe some limitation.

Thoughts on the Wardec Changes (from a member of Pirat)
(Faylee Freir) #199

Just posted a thread containing my thoughts on the proposed wardec changes!

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Your link is broke. You might want to replace it with this one.

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Thanks, I just caught that and edited it out! Sorry for the NSFW mods, don’t kill me!

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My question would be, from the standpoint that ganking as it stands is good, is:

How do you feel a less hisec “safety” would impact new player retention?

(Lord Kalus) #203

Considering he’s seen the numbers in the aftermath of your activity, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he took a dim view of it.

(CSM War Dec Session)
"… the CSM was presented with numbers resulting from research into the state of war declarations in EVE and those numbers quite starkly showed how asymmetric the situation is, and how war declarations allow a small number of players to negatively affect a huge number of people, with low risk. These numbers may be discussed further by CCP at a later date. […]

CCP Fozzie goes on to clarify that the metrics for the current system clearly show that it’s in a state that CCP is not happy with. The current system is extremely skewed in the favor of aggressors. There is also the fact that people involved in wars will simply not play whilst the war is ongoing. The also want to see a scenario where the defenders who may not normally be interested in wars would engage in them as they see a clear scenario where they can get a victory condition and end it."

(CSM Economic Activity Session)
“CCP Larrikin pulls up activity data for players of corporations that have wars declared against them and it shows considerable activity drops in all activities during the war. They also show that the low activity continues after the war ends. Brisc Rubal noted that the numbers here were so stark, it would justify immediately removing war decs as a mechanic and promising a fix after the fact. The CSM in general were surprised at how stark the numbers were and noted it was clear this mechanic was having a significant impact on player recruitment and retention.” (emphasis added)

  • CSM 13 Winter Summit Minutes