Feythabolis - Regional History Overview

The region of Feythabolis is largely considered a footnote in the history of humanity. A small ‘empire’ having risen in the region some two thousand years prior to the advent of the Yulai Accords and founding of CONCORD in YC0, and one that quickly was subsumed by the rising Angel Cartel from Curse between YC4 and and YC104, it has remained ignored by the majority, outside of explorers, and intrepid capsuleer warlords vying for ‘sovereignty’ over the systems of the region since Y105 when ‘Starbase System Sovereignty’ was made widely available.

Much of the history of the Feythabolean Empire has, sadly, been lost over the intervening century. What is known about their history to this point is limited to fragmented historical texts recovered from Angel Cartel smuggling operations, and living memory record of the older members of what few remaining settlements and outposts still exist in the old Core Systems of the AV-SCL Constellation, particularly in the systems of J-TPTA, the previous Capital of the defunct empire, and F-8Y13, the original cradle star of the Feythas people. Most other such settlements having long since been razed, or abandoned after repeated Angel Cartel resource raids, and further decimated by Sansha’s Nation Incursions around YC108.

To this point, what is known about their history is that the fledgeling Feythas people rose, initially from the world of F-8Y13 III, a Temperate planet straddling the line of the classical Alpine and Archipelago classifications, with primarily shallow oceans and limited tectonic shifting. Most land formations are composed of igneous rock suggesting that the planet may have been at some point in the past, closer to an Oceanic world. The island and small continental formations likely forming from ‘burn through’ hotspots in the crust steadily building up the landmasses over hundreds, or thousands of years prior to the first human inhabitation.

An ancient mega-scale construct centered near one of the geologically younger island chains suggests that at some point in the distant past, an advanced human civilization attempted to stabilize one or more of these geological ‘burn through’ hotspots and the planetary mantel.

It appears that the early Feythas people had initial difficulties achieving space flight, due to problematic resource distributions brought on by the manner of land formation. It wasn’t until around BYC1921 that the planetary population of F-8Y13 III would achieve reliable space flight, and begin to expand beyond their cradle world into the rest of the system, and quickly spreading through the AV-SCL constellation by way of surviving jumpgate chains, though were largely hampered by still requiring lengthy sublight transits in systems.

A damaged gate in J-TPTA was also quickly discovered, but largely left alone in favor of expansion within the limited gate chain of the constellation, and the ‘Core Worlds’ would solidify over the next few centuries. After this point, much history has been lost or fragmented, but it is known that around BYC1406 a dedicated project was conceived to expand further from these core systems. An attempt to repair the damaged gate in J-TPTA yielded promising results, and a number of successful tests were conducted with smallcraft scouting what would eventually become CFLF-P, and nearly a dozen large exploratory and colonization ships were built to begin further expansion into the wider Feythabolis region.

Surviving records suggest that these colonization vessels were completed some time around BYC1112, and were set to cross the gate from J-TPTA to CFLF-P in BYC1100 after a parade through the Core systems, visiting each colonized world and major habitat to onboard its contingents of colonists.

Unfortunately, when the fleet arrived at the ‘repaired’ CFLF-P gate, and engaged for transit, a cascade failure in the gate’s stabilization systems occurred in the split second of transit causing a mass collapse of the transportation corridor, and irreparable damage to the gate structure. The colonization fleet was presumed lost with all hands, and led to a dramatic shift in the society of the Feythas people from star eyed expansionists toward a more insular, introspective but still largely progressive outlook on the universe. The only reason this particular set of records seems to still exist is due to how pervasive it was in changing the outlook of the Feythas people at the time and stuck deeply in historical memory as ‘The Great Tragedy’ of a people reaching too far, too quickly.

From BYC1100 on until BYC884, the technological advancement of the Feythas people in the AV-SCL constellation had largely stagnated, though not completely halted, even as a cultural golden age began of philosophy and progressive action.

It would not be until BYC737 when the next attempt at reaching farther would occur, with the advent of rudimentary FTL communication interlinks, and the start of construction of a replacement gate for the one destroyed in BYC1100, and the first attempt at proper stargate construction by the denizens of the AV-SCL constellation. an ‘outbound flight’ construction fleet beginning an STL transit from J-TPTA toward CFLF-P the same year construction began, and would take fifty-three years moving at relativistic velocities to reach CFLF-P, and a further two for the destination gate to be finished. Activation appears to have occurred without incident, and the Feythas people would begin to slowly expand once more. Taking a measured approach to expansion. Soon finding many of the worlds in the region they began to slowly populate were quite hospitable, similarly to the easily inhabited Rainforest worlds of J-TPTA II, IV, and V which had long past become the cultural and administrative nerve center of the fledgling empire. By BYC45, the fledgling empire had small outposts and observatories in most systems that constitute the modern Feythabolis region, and had a steadily growing number of populations across the region, but were still largely technologically destitute to the large Empires that had developed in the core of the New Eden cluster.

By BYC27, they seem to have developed their first Warp Drive and began their first steps beyond their home region, and seem to have made first contact with a number of small planetary cultures during this time.

By BYC10, the Feythas people would make first contact with a number roving marauder fleets in the modern regions of Ternerifis and Impasse that would significantly impede further expansion with their limited technological base.

YC10 would signal the start of the steady decline of the Feythabolis Empire, as the rising influence of the Angel Cartel spread and eventually stabilized in Curse, then expanded south through Catch, and Impasse, and eventually into the region of Feythabolis itself. Initial skirmishes between the Feythas people and the Angels were limited, but quickly escalated in scale as the Cartel would grow with the influx of outlaws drawn to its rising reputation from the core empires, and the defensive fleets of the Feythabolean Empire would be subdued steadily over the intervening decades.

By YC89 the Feythabolean Empire would be largely defunct, with most of its cultural centers plundered, and untold numbers of its populace spirited away or killed by the Angel Cartel.

At this time, no concrete census data seems to have survived to the present day as to the exact size of the Feythas population at its height.

In the AV-SCL constellation, the remnants of grand cities and public works can be found largely having been reclaimed by the rainforests and wildlife of the temperate planets in J-TPTA, and other enviorns in the systems of the constellation, standing testament to an empire that most have forgotten.


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