Fighting Dagan with a cruiser

Although personally I’d rather put in the time and effort to teach people how to fish instead of just giving him one. Having said that one of my alts is training into a Bowhead so I can fly around and give fitted cruisers to newbies, albeit with an RP knack.

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maybe because you have better skills and experience. I better do the easier way with a destroyer. killing Dagan with 100 DPS might be possible, but a little bit too hard for me. I will learn some advanced tactics and skills later.

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I’ve killed Dagan as Amarr player in an Dragoon with Neuts. After some minutes, he ceases to boost his shield and your dps will do the work.
As mentioned above Parthus is a tough opponent, too: There you learn the effect of neuts on a laser ship.

Actually there is another place to test the neuts upon yourself in Newbie Epic Arc - the mission in Hek to scout pirate fleet with stolen Nidhoggur. Said Nidhoggur sucks you dry from about 60 km range, but besides this its harmless (and drops 5mil-ish-ISK-worth tag if killed). Battleships and elite cruisers on the field give tasty bounties (compared to any other bounties/missions in the Arc) if you are brave and strong enough to kill them all without re-warping.

oh yes that mission. I was so scared by that carrier fleet. so since I dont really like combat, as soon as the agent tell me to return, I warped out.

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There are Security Missions like that where the objective is easy but triggers a massive (normally overwhelming) response. I recall one about going and getting wine from a warehouse.
You can have a crack at the response fleet, but in practice “grab and run” is good enough.

What it does teach is “understand what the objective is” and “complete the mission, not what you think the mission is”.

I’m reminded of Gene Kranz’s memoir. The level of pride he has in Apollo 11 because he completed the mission of "landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth. Apollo 13, less so. Yes, they got the crew back (a stunning achievement), but the the first half of the mission objective was not completed. Well worth reading.

reading the mission journal before I go is usually what I do. I started to do it because I remember on my first exploration career agent mission, I have no idea what to do so I drifted in space for 30 min. then I read the journal and solved the mystery.

I spend 2 lesson learning about Apollo 13 at school. its a dangerous mission.

Rather hijacking the thread (sorry), but you may find the BBC World Service podcast series on Apollo 13 interesting - hopefully they’ve not geo-limited it. It goes into a lot of the detail with interviews with all the key participants from both mission control and the crew.

How did you exactly find out who sent you isks? Did they put their name into a comment (which you see as pop-up info in wallet history) specifically?

It will appear as a Transaction in the Wallet - I think they filter as “Player Donation” with the details in the description field (you may need to expand the wallet window!) - the person transferring the funds has the ability to attach a short message (a few dozen characters or so) to say what the money is for.

Short message i know of, however - nothing tells name of character who sent it (unless it is written in that short message, like i originally asked)


The donor details appear in the description column of the transaction.
[r] Terak Romaller deposited cash into Fred Flintstone’s account

The description column is the fifth (and last) column
Date / Type / Amount / Balance / Description.

It is quite possible that you will need to expand the Wallet Window to see the Description Column since I recall it’s not very visible by default. The message from the donor is in the rollover.

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Thanks, now i found it in my game as well. Now i will be able to see who exactly helped me.

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Guys Guys can you believe it! I did it! killed Dagan! I finished the arc! Thanks so much! thanks to all of you!


Congratulations, that’s good news.
What did you use to kill him? The Coercer or did you buy a Cruiser?
Did it feel like a hard or straightforward kill and have you any lessons for others about it?

I used the coercer you gave me, the kill was a bit easier compare to Parthus, I had to escape 2 times before I can destroy his ship. also docked a few times because my capacitor run dry. Dagan’s shield repairs really quick, so my ship is dealing little damage to it. I had to orbit him at 10km and use multifrequency in order to deal a bit of damage. but finally, after the third time I warp in, I killed him.

Well done.
He’s a tough kill - more so for a Coercer than many of the other destroyers, knowing when to align and bail out of a fight is important, as is capacitor management.
His active tank is the problem - as you will have seen, you need to punch through it and if you give him a moment of respite he’ll quickly reboost his shields.

You’ll have nothing to fear in Level 1 missions, and most of the Level 2 missions.


Has Dagan been recently nerfed? I just completed the arc and this was a far different experience than what I was expecting. The same goes for Kritsan, whom I has saw people in local asking for help against. I soloed him in a breacher for someone. I was in a thrasher using Fusion S and Dagan’s shields steadily dropped. I initially thought he must have an armor tank. Next his armor seemed to melt a little faster than the shields. Then his hull went bye-bye with no issue. If he had an active rep I could not tell. All I heard in my head was Killmonger’s voice saying, “Is this is your king!?!” From start to finish, taking out his escort to Dagan’s gnosis exploding, I did not even use my own shield rep the entire fight nor did I need to reload my ammo. Even at range his damage was paltry. Once I closed in and orbited he could not hit me at all. I’ve fought elite cruisers and frigates in L2 missions with more staying power. And I looked at his info. That arse whooping I gave him was with 73.5% (if I recall correctly) resistance against explosive damage. I was very disappointed because he was so hyped. I feel like I could have taken him, albeit much slower, in a well fit reaper.

you must be really good then.

So here’s the thing about Dagan (for all you newbies reading this thread):

  • Dagan’s resistances to certain damage are based on the Faction you align yourself with.

What does this mean?

For example: If you align yourself with the Amarr faction then Dagan will have resistances to damage that is primarily associated with Amarr. That damage being EM and Thermal.
Dagen will thus be weak to all other resistances (Kinetic and explosive).

The same will be true if you choose any of the other factions.
Choose Gallente: Dagan will be strong against Thermal and Kinetic
Choose Caldari: Dagan will be strong against Kinetic and Thermal
Choose Minmatar: Dagan will be strong against Explosive and Kinetic


Yes, it is a bit weird and possibly counterproductive to make an NPC strong against a faction that you want to be loyal to… but look at it this way:

The game wants to make it arbitrarily harder such that you will ask for help from other players. This gets you to socialize early on and make connections with other players. Even if these connections may be fleeting, it (hopefully) encourages you branch out and talk with others as you expand out into the game.

On the other hand; if one chooses to go it solo then research on fits and flying tactics will be needed to beat Dagan with limited skills. This teaches a newbie how to be resourceful and will help them later as they try new things by themselves.

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