First gates shutting down

Finally something interesting is happening in EVE. New space to explore. What is not to like?

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the required PVE grind to enjoy the new content ?

Like I said I only found out about it due to this thread. I was in-game for 2 hours before I posted that comment and during that time I didn’t receive any in-game notifications. Also didn’t receive any Email notice or see any warning on the Launcher.

So you can take your Bull Puck and …


A hint?

In a project report?

From months ago?

Sorry but I’m not going to memorize every little hair-brained idea CCP proposes, especially with their track record.

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You cannot use the gate network in trig space unless you have ground a lot of pro-trig standing.

what the lady said :point_up_2:

You are completely misusing this resource.

The average it shows you is the average of all the datapoints. Since the data point is the maximum of the time unit, the smaller time window shows smaller time units and the effect of the daily login cycle becomes apparent and drags down the total average. That means the average of the more recent time windows with higher resolution of the PCU are always lower than at long time scales.

Just look at the 1y chart:

Clearly the numbers are up, in the last year. There is no doubt.

Further, CCP shared even better statistics during their last Twitch broadcast:

Eve is retaining long term players better than anytime in recent memory.

And if you want to cite the MER, the ISK delta number, the key metric in seeing how many players are going inactive (or returning) was actually quite good in August:


Only a net 15T ISK went dormant in August, which is very low compared to some months in the past.

The game is fine. And by all important metrics - player count, activity and even CCP’s earnings.

You don’t have to like the recent changes, but stop falsely claiming the game is dying or something. No doubt CCP has benefited from a few things out of their control like a pandemic and a nullsec war, but Eve is on a trajectory upward again so you gotta put the “Eve is Dying” card back on the shelf for now.

Come on, new space! Are you so bitter that doesn’t excite you just a little?

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After a fundamentally flawed, terribly programmed, horrendously bug-ridden, utterly grindy, utterly unrewarding, biased against certain factions, flawed against certain factions and many other bad things period of forced PVE, during which the invaders have not had to endure any meaningful consequences and still do not have to endure any meaningful consequences while Edencom players lost space, have no station access in Trig space (understandably) and Edencom still holds the bug-ridden end of the stick.

My excitement is rather … how should I put it … as scarce as ores should be in EVE.


Pucker up, all you gotta do now is spend three months killing drifters!

I want to support drifters. Quite honestly. They were fun (even though they killed Jamyl), but after this bovine waste against Trigs, I wholeheartedly want to support drifters. And Sansha’s Nation.


CCP wants us to all destroy our drifter standing before they introduce that option :slight_smile:

or rogue drones… apparently there is derived standing that goes positive towards edencom and trig if you kill rogue drones.

Wow, that is pretty dumb

4 out of 5 travelers agree: Customs & Immigration is the more exciting part.

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