First Local, Next Warp Core Stabs?

These are not the same thing.

Further, PvE play and PvP play are not mutually exclusive. Many of us do both.

Making Mining Lasers target modules. Issue solved.

The easiest way to find PvP is bait in a ship while PvEing.

Salvage would suggest otherwise.

And Mining Lasers for all is fine by me :slight_smile:


And glad to have you aboard Mining Lasers for all ships, all fits, all of the time :slight_smile:

Proposal; All T1 mining/industrials get 1 point, all T2 mining/industrial get 2 points. Remove stabs from game.

T1 ships will still easily be scrammed. T2 ships will still be taken down by a buddy. Attentive, well flown ships will still escape.

Sure, if you remove low slots too

Could one of those supporting removal of WCS show a fit they can’t counter by bringing an appropriately fit hunter?

Mmm sounds hawt


You do know that the only way you get to buy stuff is that soneone builds it first? And they build that stuff with minerals people mine?

What an angry post. Does he know that he can get faction points and or use 2 points to counter it?

How about a sight change to the higgs rig to increase the core warp strength of a ship when used in conjunction of the warp core modules

Some would say the cowards are the people hunting non combat ships. This is a local gate for local people.


is it just me, or do hunters just want kills on a silver platter? that seems to be the direction here. how dare the hunting groups have to actually work at something.

Those damn dishonorable submariners!

Pirates is what they are

Fixed that for you.


While WCS aren’t a module I regularly use, and am perfectly capable of adapting to their removal, I don’t necessarily agree with this change, although if it’s changed I’m not going to whine and quit the game. I’ve also never experienced enough problems with other players using WCS that I ever felt the need to whine about missing that sweet Epithal kill.

Everything in EVE is about action - counter action. I’ve always thought tackle was a bit OP - web/scram not only prevents warping, MJD, and MWD, but also slows target speed by 60% or more. 60% really? And you can just throw these modules on any ship. Low fitting requirements and low power consumption.

That makes sense?

I suppose you could argue that killing the person who has you tackled would be the counter - but now you’ve effectively removed solo industry play. Fair enough, people can make the argument that EVE is not a solo game and should require group action. Okay so let’s take that a step further and remove solo PvP play then -

Only certain ship hulls can fit Scrams or Disruptors. And/or the range on Scrams and Disruptors is nerfed so bad that only bonused hulls are worth fitting them on. CHAOS!! And/or Scrams and Disruptors eat so much power that they’ll have to involve more than just ‘PRESS BUTTAN, ORBIT’ playstyle if used on unbonused hulls. CHAOS!! Or maybe limit ships abilities to tackle up/down or something. CHAOS!!


The problem with nerfing things like stabs is that it is unrealistic, and that’s what puts people off. IRL it’d be like the US Navy being told that nuclear reactors were an unfair advantage, so they need to rip them out of their carriers and go back to shovelling coal.

A better approach, I humbly suggest, is to mimic real life a bit. If our ganky friends don’t like stabbers, let them work out a counter. Maybe it’s the ability to target specific modules; a tractor beam, or a giant pot of Acme space glue and some bird seed.

Whatever it is, every six months put all the (realistic!) suggestions on the forums and let ppl vote for their top 2/3. CCP can then do their coding and rendering magic to push the counter out in the next major update. Rinse and repeat.

Community engagement, realistic countercountercountercounter measures and bird seed all in one fell swoop.

Give ECM modules the ability to jam WCDs. CHAOS!

I still think having an active WCS would be an interesting solution. Instead of having these constant buffs, you have a form of ECCM that tries to free you.

Or they could apply Tiericide to the current WCS. Right now there are (8) different versions of the WCS. They have ever so slightly different Fitting requirements, and they have ever so slightly different effects on your Sensors. But they have the exact same effect on your Warp Strength, which is the whole reason for their existence. So why not cut down the variants?

  • T1 mod = high fit reqs / high penalties, +1 Strength
  • Meta mod = low fit reqs / medium penalties, +1 Strength
  • T2 mod = mid fit reqs / low penalties, +2 Strength
  • Faction mod = mid-high fit reqs / medium penalties, +3 Strength

And then limit them to 1 per ship. That way people can’t stack them up in ALL their Low slots. You get to fit 1, and you get the +1-3 you can afford to buy.

Debateable whether they can be fit at the same time as the Active mod mentioned above. I’m leaning towards “no”, that way you either get an automatic +1-3, or you can cycle a bit and possibly get more. Fitting them both means you start at +1-3 and break loose that much quicker.

Or just delete WCS. The fundamental problem with WCS is that they encourage you to suck at EVE and fit your ship to lose. It’s a module that wastes an important slot and imposes significant penalties, and all you get in return is the ability to possibly disengage from a fight you should have avoided in the first place. If you aren’t going to fit your ship to win then use local/d-scan/scouts/etc to never get tackled.