Fix this CCP. You keep losing players

Been back 2 days after not playing Eve in years. Did a basic trade run from Jita to Hek. Not with 15-20 bil in cargo, but around 1.6. Had inertia stabilizers and was webbing with an alt. Cheap throwaway 30ish catalysts pop me in about 5 seconds.

This community so starved for content they grief a returning player.
CCP just lost another customer.


Lol. Not CCP’s fault. All on you.

There’s also no webbing alt on your lossmail, so you clearly made some mistake.


No, you created content for the community by hauling more value than your ship could tank in EHP. Paint a shiny target on your back, and players who enjoy being pirates will gleefully shoot at said target. That’s the game working as designed.

Griefing would be stalking you at every undock to kill you for no in-game purpose. This was pirates attempting to get that 1.6 billion in loot to drop.


Godspeed, capsuleer. o7

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30 catalysts would cost a bit over 300 million isk. You dropped 800 million isk, giving the pirates a net profit of 500 million isk + salvage. The rational action IS to gank you.


If you get a freighter through Uedama it is not CCP´s fault really.


Yeah, so the game is working as intended. You failed to use safe hauling procedures, and got punished for your mistake.

Now, you’re faced with an option. You can complain and quit, or you can try to learn from your mistakes and grow as a player.

If you have any questions, or just want general guidance, feel free to ask. And, if you’re going to quit, can I have your stuff?


Hello, friend. We’re very sorry for killing you. But I have a question:

How were we supposed to know that you were a returning player? We see a fat hauler that’s profitable to gank, and we kill it. Did we err? Should we have opened a conversation with you, told you what we were doing, and inquired whether or not you were a returning player, so that we would’ve known whether you’re a valid target or not?

It’s no secret that we’re very new to PvP, and any information and guidance could help us learn and become better EVE players. Please respond and let us know, so that we may adjust our operations accordingly.


The Capsuleer of that freighter should have baught a “Carring-3.4B-ISK-freight-without-tank” Permit, what a shame.

Why use inertial stabs with webber? Reinforced buckheads would be much better there.

Question to suicide ganking guyz, would you attack this freighter with 3 reinforced buckheads instead on inertstabs?


they do and with the void buff they can gank a bulkhead freighter for 600million

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So, anything above 500 mil in freighter cargo is in danger zone? This is looks unbalanced, Maybe it’s time to add rig slots and some fitting capabilities to freighters, like Bowheads have.


Less and less people make the effort to transport cargo or to do unfun mining.
Lets see if 1x Morphite soon costs 1 Million ISK.

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Anything that leaves station is in danger zone. People gonna kill you for lol’s. That being said, some gankers I know don’t touch bulkhead freighters unless there is at lest 2bil in cargo.

Drop rate is 50%. You need at lest bilion of cargo and extreme luck to make gank profitable.

I bet that most of those kills are autopilot and no webing alt.


This was a welcome party, feel honored.
At least you know what Eve means right after the first day of the return.
That was your lesson money.

Stargate (Juunigaishi) (17.1km)
Don’t use autopilot.

Welcome (back) to EVE!


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Killing for lulz is another, very different topic, I don’t want to touch it there :slight_smile:

There need to be balance between ganking profitability and relative safety of cargo hauling in high sec. For me it’s looking like balance somewhat shifted in gankers favor. But since CCP don’t care, things unlikely to change, unless they see this situation as harmful for business.

Your biggest mistake was posting about it on the forum. The ganking crowd has pushed most normal players off the forum so pretty much every time someone like yourself points out that ganking is a rubbish mechanic (which happens a lot, because it’s basically cancer) you’re just going to get bombarded with responses from code alts taking jabs at you.


Don’t go to Jita: Pirate/ConArtist Haven.
Don’t buy Contracts from Jita and nearby systems. The Contracts sellers warn their Pirate friends or use Alt to dispossess you of your newly aquired modules/ship and get a kickback for your info. That’s maybe 50% return on their contract sold to you.
I’m noob and I know not to go to Jita from what I gathered reading about the game before I installed it. The few hundredmills you’d save on a large contract/purchase you’d lose to pirates.
It can happen in Null also.
Don’t buy Contracts from nullsec either. More than likely the sellers will gank you when you go pick up the stuff or they’ll have their friends/corpmates attack you.

New Eden is a warzone. The entire galaxy is a cesspool of ISK-mongering Glory-seeking pirates. Even some of your fellow corpmates aren’t to be trusted.

As a returning player, you should know all that.
Better luck next time o7


I have two questions:

  1. If you were able burn a $20 bill, and then pick a random person, and they were forced to give you all the cash in their wallet, would you do it? Let’s say for the sake of argument you’re able to reliably estimate roughly how much cash they have based on how they look, what they’re wearing, etc.

  2. How many people as a percentage of the population do you think would/wouldn’t use this ability?