Fix this CCP. You keep losing players

Both actually. I am an older generation of gamer before Eve online. I remember when owning a computer, video game consoles and the internet was considered new content.

I never had more than one account for a game I played before Eve online. I never multiboxed before, I always played one game on one client on one screen at a time. I never payed for a subscription to a game while I didn’t intend to play it and never played a subscription based game where I never had to pay for it.

I don’t think it is worth it to me personally to invest in hardware necessary to do more than that in a video game. Games are not my life though I’ve always played them but I try to spend as little time now as possible actually playing them. If I am being honest I am probably more interested in these forum discussions than playing Eve online itself and have spent more time in this one discussion than playing Eve this entire week.

I’ve tried multiboxing before but it isn’t necessary to do anything I am interested in doing with Eve online and I don’t pay for any of my subscriptions for a very long time since shortly after I began playing. Most of the time I did pay for my subscriptions was just letting my skill queue train while I played other games.

I guess the average gamer these days probably has a computer worth thousands of dollars and still calls it a potato. Needs multiple accounts, clients running and monitors to play one single game. Dedicates most of their life and time to playing video games.

When I was a kid I used to play nintendo and sega all the time, as I got older playstation seemed like a whole other universe to get addicted with. As a teenager I played my first MMORPGs and multiplayer online games and got so addicted I wouldn’t sleep so I quit playing MMOs and focused on school instead. Now I play a few hours a week on average between multiple games on PC/consoles and only actually one game per console/pc I own.

I’ve always been very independent so I guess I never kept up with the average crowd of gamers in what was normal to do in video games but I guess I am not a normal player in Eve online either. I think that multibox and having many accounts is destructive to any game and it’s experience. Playing all day as a kid taught me how self-destructive playing games too much can be but now as I am older we have adults who play video games all the time like they are children with no responsibilities and all the time in the world to waste.

Everyone is different though so maybe some people it is a benefit in their lives to play games a lot for different reasons they cannot enjoy without games but I hope that is the purpose and they are not playing games all the time because they won’t do other things they can in their lives without them.

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Ah yeah. My mistake.

Webifier I on a thorax.

That’s what I was looking to check, because most people that claim to use a web alt don’t do it effectively. This is an example of that, but my point is lost as I made a mistake even looking for it.

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That’s right. I’m one of those ‘adults’ who play games most of my days. I’m grandpa so I take breaks to bike, walk or play ball with the younguns or do some required paperwork but other than that I’m on my €500 puter playing all sorts of 3D games like Assassin’s Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, X4 and now EVE.

I’m an old dude. I started working when I was 16 and didn’t stop until my body and doctors ordered me to stop working. They told me it’s time for me to relax and that I eaned it. Yes, I don’t have many responsibilities, like a child. All I have to do is remember to take my meds and fix a few things around the house.
I got bored out of my mind without gainful employment so I turned to games to relax and the Internet to learn.


The maths say CCP lost one paid sub and gained 30 Alpha accounts being multi-boxed.

The maths say those 30 unpaid alphas will continue to create this result day by day and week by week.

The maths say that the PvE/productive population is paying for EVE, and the PvP leeches in high-sec are hurting the real EVE economy (subs and sales).

The maths say CCP figured this out long before the PvPers did and started nerfing PvP.

Learn the maths first, then do them. You get better results that way.


Those were the times!
Now imagine gankers forced to do industry gameplay and mining. Their clones skills being temporarily disabled excluding mining and industrial ship skills and moved to a system where the only ship they are able to fly is venture with mining laser.

Alpha Injectors - Seems way down looking at the trading volume

If you believe someone is breaking the EULA then report it. Just making a claim of cheating without any proof is just carebear sour grapes.

But certainly, the “math” doesn’t say anything at all. That’s you saying it.


That is hyperbole at best, ignoring reality at worst; multiboxing alpha accounts is a no-no and bannable.

If you think someone is doing it report them to CCP.


Yes, yes, that doesnt really stop it, like it never stopped people to use bots or RMT.
It is only a deterrent, and a weak at that. Its a game, and they cant ban a player forever, only some account. Banning lots of one day alpha accounts doesnt change much for anyone.

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Multiboxing alpha accounts using VPN is not something new here…

That may or may not be the case (we don’t know, beyond suspicion), but in all cases if it does happen, it is a breach of the EULA and deserves a ban.

So if anyone has proof of cheating, or even just suspects someone is cheating (whether to multibox a gank fleet, a mining fleet, alts sitting off gates to gather intel, etc.) report it.

who is it that is botting 20 alpha accounts to gank ?, all the known multibox gankers have been doing it for many years and are clearly not cheating so who is it , do you have a killmail we could look at or some kind of evidence .

Do you have any proof for that , or should we just take your word for it ?

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One of the most prolific multibox gankers is the Kusion Special Team, the guy running them often streams on twitch and given the number of people that have complained about his activities it’s highly likely that CCP have looked long and hard at what he does; so far he hasn’t been found to be breaking any rules with regards to multiboxing, input automation, alpha accounts or any of the other numerous things that he’s been accused of.

if they have been cheating then ccp would have banned them years ago as they are the most petitioned characters in game due to salty carebears crying because they were bested in Elite pvp. CCP watch them like a hawk for years and they have not banned them so from that i infer ccp thinks they are not cheating also Kusion streams his ganks online and you can watch him do it if you were even interested in ganking.

Not really needed tbh, the chances that some sour raging “customer” reported them for… anything is very VERY high. Especially because they will be suspected of macroing or related stuff. You can reasonably expect all major gankers to be under severe scrutiny.


Kusion is not the only one out there… as for him he’s certainly omega for all chars hence he uses stealth bombers … but here i would say the 2 of you picked a convenient example and are a bit biased .
Nevertheless , this does not exclude the possibility of some of them abusing alpha usage via VPN.
I have come across this abuse once from some chinese guy that had like 30-40 Ventures in a highsec system and all of them botted I suppose since they were bouncing around like crazy from AB to AB , because they just simply mined all of the ore there . All of the characters had names like “cvbwauyfvbuawagfuwf” , so I reported him and never saw those around , so I guess he got what he deserved.
Now, if he did this for mining , I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire that no one attempted or did this for suicide ganking.

Dont know, maybe CCP is incompetent like that. Would explain many things really.

Welcome back to eve