Fixin' Up the Mess in ZZ - A Straight Talk to CCP


diving into the chaos we’re dealin’ with in EVE Online. We’ve all been bustin’ our humps, adapting to the wild warzones and the brain-busting mechanics CCP keeps throwin’ at us. But, let me tell ya, we’ve got a real pickle in the Zarzack system (ZZ) that’s throwin’ a wrench in our strategies and tipping the scales all wonky-like. This here post is me layin’ it out straight about the one-way Shipcaster mess and the headache of asset safety when our Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) poof after the fight’s done.

The One-Way Shipcaster Problem

Now, here’s the skinny on the Shipcaster in ZZ. This thing’s a one-way street to the warzone, and while it’s a nifty trick, it’s got us in a bind. We jump through and bam, no way back to Zarzack. It’s like gettin’ dropped in a maze with no exit. It’s boxing us in, messing with our mojo, and making a muck of managing our gear and goodies.

The FOB Disappearing Act and Our Stuff

But wait, it gets better. Once the warzone’s over and the FOB pulls a vanishing act, our stuff gets hurled into some random safety hangar. Talk about a headache. It’s like coming home and finding your house moved to another city. This nonsense is keeping us from settin’ up shop in ZZ like we mean to. The guessing game of where our stuff ends up and the extra dough to get it back is a real pain in the neck.

What We Gotta Do About It

Tweaking the Shipcaster: Look, the one-way deal is cool and all, but we need a back door to Zarzack. Doesn’t have to be a round trip on the same ride, but some way to get our boots back on home turf. Keep the spice but give us a lifeline, ya know?

FOB Asset Shuffle Fix: When the FOB goes poof, our gear should zip straight to a specific hangar in Zarzack, no detours. That way, we know where our stuff’s headed, and we can plan like proper strategists instead of playing guessing games.

Cut Us Some Slack on Retrieval Costs: With the Shipcaster and FOB shenanigans, how about letting us get our stuff back from Zarzack’s safety hangars without raiding our wallets? It’s only fair given the circus we’re dealing with.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it. The Shipcaster and asset safety in ZZ need some fine-tuning. The tweaks I’m talkin’ about here aren’t just about making things easier; they’re about keeping the game slick, strategic, and enjoyable. These changes would be a breath of fresh air for us players and would keep things interesting in the ZZ battlefield.

CCP, you guys are known for shaping EVE Online based on what us players think. I’m hoping you’ll take this as it’s meant - a bit of friendly advice from someone who’s knee-deep in the thick of it. Let’s work together and make this game even more epic than it already is.


100% agreed, backing this

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Now this does sound like a fantastic idea but it will be abused like player will put all what they need in to these fobs and bosh all items in zarzack …

So zarzakh is -1.0 so unless they goofed asset safety it should be going to the closest lowsec region.

please read the full post, and consider

Fix whatever you put in that code in OP. Im not gonna sit and scroll side to side to read that

This allows Jump freighters to more or less jump into ZZ by allowing friendlies to jump to FOB, deposit, wait. Not sure if that’s a problem, meaning hurting all the current marketeers in ZZ.

Honestly, I don’t see the issue with this. You cannot dock with the FOB without being in militia, for one. Two, its always in lowsec, so if you’re ballsy enough to bring a JF into LS in the first place, whether we’re talking the FOB system or the systems outside of ZZ, then it’s a trivial difference between FOB Fedex to ZZ and just bringing in a JF anyway. Not that big a difference between JF’ing to Alsa or Turnur and using DST to transport to ZZ, than just the FOB. On top of that, you still have to wait a week+ with the new opportunity changes that add more systems, so it’s not like that transfer to ZZ is instant, either. Seems pretty balanced IMO.

As far as a QOL improvement for the pirate mil folks, it’d be a massive boon. I think it’d be best to implement and watch how it affects things and see if it’s ACTUALLY exploitable/an issue, than just sit here and armchair dismiss it because you THINK it’d be an issue.

TBH tho, I feel like the FOB should just bridge over to ZZ and be accessible there during the insurgency downtime, instead of just use a clunky asset safety system in general.

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Really bad approach when it comes to CCP and feature development. Such a bad and exploitable feature can be left alone for weeks or months because CCP is bad at actually keeping an eye on things and following up to rectify issues swiftly. For instance, pirates are still massively advantaged by the system compared to empires.

As you cannot dock in the FOB From my understanding, if you have the balls to do that then you deserve that level of access, no?

How are pirates more advantaged? From what i see, they are not.
How is this a exploitable mechanic? you have not explained that only made empty claims

I proposed asset safty to return to ZZ because i feel having free jumping back and forth from ZZ to war zone doesnt really seem… balanced…

perfect fix!..

don’t stage/live in ZZ and you don’t gotta worry about asset safety or anything. poof problem solved. I don’t think CCP was intending on people LIVING or basing out of ZZ. The Shipcaster is there to get around a lil faster but usually people are out roaming and looking for targets or they offensive/defensive PLEX.

You go to ZZ to move around a lil quicker and also get to the null sec areas so you can flag for Angel/Guristas faster rather than fly X amount of jumps through null so you CAN enlist because otherwise it would be a pain in the ass and no one would even really bother to go enlist for Angels/Guristas in the 1st place.

but yea… don’t live or base out of ZZ… problem solved.

They didnt intend on ppl living in wormholes either

Wrong, ZZ is intended to stage out of not live in. There is a shipcaster there that takes you to the warfront thats part of the mech. thats the whole point of the system
It even has a npc station WITH a market, so argue agenst that why dont you.

this feature isnt exploitable, and you ahve not stated how it is such.
There are bold, empty claims.

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