Fixing Market Monopoly

One of the things that i love in the game was impossible monopoly in any aspect in the game. But now Market is pure monopoly. CCP can fix it sooo easy.
One way to fix it if they want …
Make player market min tax to me the same like NPC station after Skills + inplants + stendings (NPC Corp, NPC Alliance) + what ever they want. Even if is needed to make perfekt trade characters 6-9 mounts is bether then now.
If min tax is 0% to be the same in NPC market, but i thing is bether to be 0.1% min tax or 0.5% don’t care just to be the same.
Now if you don’t want to use TEST stations to trade, you are not competitive in the market and you don’t have alternative … MONOPOLY
Even if CCP make changes that I suggested always there will be players that will be lazy and won’t spent mounts to make perfect character for trade and will use Player market but they will have a choice.
CCP made the market monopolized … what will be next.
If you have other suggestions fill free to coment.


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Who has this monopoly?

Try to put Azbel with Market in Jita range and you will know.


OP Doesn’t like how a competitive thing like the market, is actually competitive. In this PVP sandbox MMO.


That’s not what a monopoly is…

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This is the part which is a bit confusing to me seeing as how the Perimeter market Keepstar is TEST’s

Scoots Choco i see you are from TEST and you need to read more books.
" Definition of ’ Monopoly ’ … In a monopoly market, the seller faces no competition, as he is the sole seller of goods with no close substitute."
Mounts ago PH open Azbel and TEST Try to kill it. There was a fights … Now TEST Buy PH as a pets to clear other market for them. You buy Goons to defent Keepstar when was reinforced some mount ago.
TEST don’t let other player to enter in Market buisnes. Now read definition above again.

Tell me in which good being sold, PH “faces no competition.”

I talk for TEST not PH. The good from your corp make money TAX. The good i talk about in the 1-st post. Or you thing good = items only :slight_smile: Hope CCP will make it the same with NPC station with perfect char stats.

Nothing in what you said lists an item that any party has a “monopoly” on.
Please try again.

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Low IQ - Check

The only monopoly that exists in eve is the gifted and maintained ones via T2BPO handed to pets and content creators. Every other market is open to grabs including a Forge Trade Hub pos.

A lot of T2 is fulfilled entirely by T2BPO owners due to lack of demand or exhuburent invention costs.

The monopoly as you put it, is based on their ability to defend their keepstar and destroy your citadel.

Dont like it? Hire mercenaries to counter them.

Otherwise, they’ve earned their monopoly. It’s perfectly in touch with the way eve should be. Might makes right.

You saw the amount of isk flowing through and wanted to put your own citadel up, but it was quickly destroyed. Next time, defend your citadel better.


It’s very simple; just do not use player run markets, if enough (or everyone) stops using them, then they become a “burden” (cost) to the owner and will most likely be re-purposed or decommissioned.

On the other side; NPC taxes can only go as low as 2% and who wouldn’t want to keep that 1.9% difference to themselves? if you’re a busy trader taxes does take a considerable cut over time and would be a fool not to jump on the opportunity to cut taxes down to 1/20th of the original cost.


You are not right. if you want to trade and dont use player station you are not competitive. And if you want to trade you dont have choise. Soo again back in the begining :slight_smile:

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Keep in mind that CCP originally had planned to increase taxes/fees to 5 and then 10% in NPC stations so that people would use structures. Due to enough counter-arguing, CCP has not followed through with this plan yet. However, telling people “just don’t use player run markets” is relatively naive in an environment where CCP favors ever bigger blobs over other forms or organization and playing together.

On the other hand: I wonder how much market power is in this dumb Keepstar anyway. Most of the orders there are PLEX and skill trading. You can also abuse these dumb off-shorers by selling your things not in Jita 4-4 or the Keepstar. Choose one of the 35 stations within 1 jump around Perimeter instead. Make their life hell and make them spend some or all of the saved money from off-shoring in hauling contracts or time spent collecting the things themselves.

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In the moment CCP make tax in NPC station 5% or 10% is the moment i will stop playing :slight_smile: When in that spot of Keepstar was Fortizar to ‘I Choose you’ there was a post they sayed the profit in 24h was arount 20-25b. and awmost no one use it at that time. Now i bet is few times more ptofit. They can buy any Alliance to defend them or not to atack them :slight_smile: So there is no chance as Solonius Rex suggested to hire mercenaries to counter them. At that point only CCP can do something if they want to.

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So you want CCP to step in because as a player/corp/alliance you to weak to do anything about it?

“Please CCP fix because the other player has more friends than I do.”


HS has no bubbles to keep attacking fleets at bay, no bombs and no capitals. Resupply cannot be any easier (Jita 4-4 is next system). So if someone put their will, wit and effort into organizing constant unending torrent of dps on a structure instead of crying on forums - then defending fleets wont be able to do anything (aside from racking up some cheap-ish kills on their KB).