Font distortion after 13.10 update

After todays update I’m getting a fonts distortion in windowed more while maximized.
It renders game unplayable in maximized windowed mode.


CCPlease help.

Somehow 1904x976 gets distorted horizontally only
vertically game limits.

If you shrink game in width, fonts return to normal

1900x = ok
1901x = ok
1904x = distorted

I have the same problem.

Client in window mode, window maximized to full screen in 1920 x 1080.
Fonts are blurry and stretched vertically.

I have the same issue, running the game in windowed mode (2544x1041) on a 2560x1080 screen with 90% UI Scaling.exefile_0PF3vI14uG

The same for me the font has become weird. I use 1920x1690 windowed mode

The issue occurs after maximizing the window in window mode. Very annoying. My eyes!

Should be getting fixed soon™

@CCP_Dopamine please help. Our eyes are killing us.
I made a bug request but apparenty game makes screenshots normally.
At least you don’t get distortions on screen. Only when you take screenshot via other tools,

It’s unbearable.

Look. This is how it looks on screen

This is how the game makes it via printscreen:

Dude, I just said they are getting it fixed, no timeline was given.

UP topic

Dude, its probably because nobody gives a ■■■■ about what you say.

Any idea how to promote this?

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