For two days i lost 2 Orcs in a safe zone, 100% GM intervention

There are probably players who are looking for an MMO to relax, because there are already too many free MMOs which requires jumping on the keyboard. That’s why I’ve been playing this game for the last two months.

Maybe there are bit percent of players, which are just starting MMO, and they would accept what is happening to me as normal. But I’m a fan of the MMO and I’ve been playing sand games for almost 20 years.

Although this game is new to me, there are things that are just logical. That is, for two months I had no problem in the “safe zone”, but yesterday and today I lost two Orcs.

Of course, from the game-play logic/ behavior, there is only one explanation for me, about how these 3 ships came to me, which inflict 200 damage at 75% resistance(total 500-600 dmg), and at the same time there are 2 ships that repair the ones I attack; and one ship that stop my warp. So my logic is that there is a person in the CCP team who either works drugged or drunk. Because hardly any player would accept this as normal behavior of NPC, in safe, high… or call it like you want… zone. Two days in a row, after two months of drought… cum’on.

No problem for me, but you guys won 2 things.
1- Another free space on your servers, which will be free of me.
2- People talk about different games (Forums, Chats, etc.), they will have this information from me that there is GM intervention here.

I understand that you are greedy enough to deliberately f0ck people, because you want to make more money. But don’t you think that’s how you f0ck yourself?

Fly “Safely”!

Are you referring to Triglavians in mining belts? They’re there to discourage botting/AFKing and to encourage players to fleet up to collaborate to ward them off to maintain their mining op. Or to simply warp to a new belt where they won’t be a present (again, anti-bot/AFK measure).


lol, new player plexes Orcas and loses them, how not to play EVE and reason #6459078530697543609586459806 not to make command ships great AFK miners.

And yes, the whole trig thing is idiocy.


I don’t think he means Triglavians. I’ve certainly not had Trigs point.

I suspect it was diamond rats. Only a guess.

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Because miners didn’t already need a hauler alt, now they need a combat alt or a baby sitter.

I suspect he wasn’t pointed. I think he just straight up died. But we don’t have all the details.

Someone needs to point out that there are no safe spaces in Eve. Wherever you thought you were safe, OP, you had zero reason to believe so.

Nowhere in Eve will you find anything about safe space. There isn’t any.


Plex… Inject… Plex… buy cool stuff… loose cool stuff… rage on forums because does not understand how the game works.

So many of these people in EVE ever since injectors. I cannot talk of course I also injected. Difference is… I understand what I do inside and out.


There are no safe zones in EVE. This is clearly stated all over the place. High Security space is not safe - it is just as dangerous as any other area of space. It simply has NPC police (CONCORD) who will kill PCs who attack you without provocation (and not fast enough to save you in most cases). CONCORD isn’t there to make you safe; they are there to kill those who break the law, and do not appear in response to NPC pirates.

A bit of scouting/use of the Agency window can help you determine if you are at risk from high-end pirate NPCs (diamond rats) in your current system. Learn how to leverage the existing tools in the game to reduce risks - but understand that you will never be completely safe, unless you are docked in an NPC station. The moment you undock, you are at risk of death from PCs or NPCs.

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The inability to preemptively attack neutral suicide gankers arguably makes HS more dangerous than LS :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, CONCORD is there to punish, not to protect.


Hi OP, I have a question:

Are you aware that EVE Online is a game about shooting things and getting shot by things, and that most of the items and actions in the game deal directly with violence?


Safety is relative; hisec is not safe, it is merely mechanically safer than other parts of the game.

For future reference, whining about being ganked by NPCs will earn you nothing but ridicule; tears are a valued commodity, and yours are priceless.

Lies :stuck_out_tongue:.

You can attack anybody in hisec, at any time and for any, or no, reason. You just have to be prepared to take the consequences.

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After reading this post, I think maybe SiCO is right, CCP should allow Rorquals in highsec. This is great content.


@Mr_Deemer some of us are more empathetic and helpful than others if you’re willing to answer our questions and ignore everyone else :wink:

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You know what I meant, and so did your mother :pregnant_woman:

Jay Kay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


AFK mining, ofcourse, like i said that’s why i spend 2 months in this game. You accept that’s like boting… i don’t care about. I don’t think there is a miner who is 100% on his computer, if you think so it only your problem.

You people are somehow missing out… basic… fundamental… concepts…
NEW player against 500-600 dmg from NPC ships

  • 2 repairing ships
  • 1 warp disruptor
    In place where NEW players should learn the game.

Some of you looks like fools of their replies!

Two months no problems
-and somehow for 2 days in a row two NPC ganks
-which there no way someone to survive.
And all that is happened in the place for the new players.
Are you guys ok?

Evergreen players a lot, but thanks for entering in the topic.

Then we don’t care about you. Go away.


Did you think I was playing for you?

No, I don’t think you were playing for anyone, since apparently you weren’t even looking at the game.

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Wow. What a nasty and arrogant response. Some of us are trying to help you and this is how you reply? You burned the bridge with this defender of carebears… with a response like that, I don’t think even Mike Azariah would bother to help you out now.

Oh come on, you can do better than that… brb your half-brother needs a diaper change :baby: :safety_pin: