For two days i lost 2 Orcs in a safe zone, 100% GM intervention

Please post your lossmails.

ive been pointed by roaming diamond rats, CCP says they dont point but there was nothing else on grid.

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bad player makes bad decision and dies due to it. repeats the same bad decision a second time and blames someone else.

classic eve story.

bye kid, you won’t be missed.

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I genuinely never thought that I’d live to see the day when carebears whine about getting ganked by NPCs, and not by other players.


Hear hear!

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KM didn’t show a FOB response fleet, just Kestrels for both kills. How long would it take for Kestrels to do 100k damage and why couldn’t you use your drones on them?

To the OP, I feel for you, it is hard, you need to check for FOB’s using the Agency, and the real bummer is that most players cannot remove them. Sorry to hear you leaving but you could have checked, but I did make the same mistake myself once.

Good god man just show your ignorance to all here.

The loss mail shows diamond rats, also he explained quite well what happened. But let me repeat it for you, these things will point you, but a warp disruptor only, they also have reppers, that is what he said happened to him and if you had any idea about FOB rats you would have not shown your ignorance.

I got caught by Blood Raider FOB rats when I first returned to hisec and it was a hell of a battle before I managed to remove the ships that were pointing my Orca and Skiff and warp away. My Skiff was at 20% shields and the Orca at 40% by the time I was able to warp out.

These things are nasty and even high SP players can find them troublesome. I am all for the environment being nasty, but I do feel for the player concerned.

I am genuinely surprised that you have just picked up on people complaining about this, I have seen many posts like this.

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Not 100k… 200k DMG
I had Heavy and Light drones, none of these did anything, because there was 2 repairing ships in the fleet. Repairs itself or another when I change the target. SO, how many of the new players, can fight against this fleet?

The gank are made from a GM with only one reason. The guy who did this, know what he doing, that’s why the NPC gank did its job.

Lets see. based off killmail, No tank on an orca (lol) while mining, expanded cargoholds while afk mining(hmmm) zero high slot boosters (those shield boosts can save you), survey scanner (not needed when afk mining), and lastly its all tech one modules on a ship that nearly costs 1bil (you dont go cheapo on orcas)

even if you were fighting(not afk lol) then based off how you explained how the fight went you did it wrong. always kill the logi first then the scrambler then anytthing else…

Lets not forget the orca was meant as a mining support platform (meaning you arent supposed to be afk) it was built to augment other mining ships to on the mining grid.

i consider anyone who afk mines in an orca not even a serious miner and laughably the worse and most wasteful pilots in new eden.

and lastly it offends me that you spam the word “safe” nothing is safe in eve. especially when you afk.

as a miner i am always at my screen doing other activities while i mine. so its very offensive you assume everyone goes “afk” while mining. You dont leave a massive industrial machine on, and leave it running when you go to make a cup of coffee or walk your dog or talk to other people. you always have crews watching and monitoring it.

Td;lr get gud scrub and welcome to EVE


So you lost an Orca… Then did the same thing that cost you an Orca the day before.


Oh cool, so in addition to being an idiot farmer you’re also racist trash. GTFO.


Oh… I thought he meant we were master players, fun loving, wild, and free.

OP’s face looks very familiar …

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He thinks the GMs spawned those things specifically for him.


Where is this safe zone you speak of ? I would like to visit.

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You made the same mistake twice.

You knew they’re out there and you repeated the process …
… putting yourself at the exact same risk …
… with the predictable outcome happening.

People who can’t manage to learm from their mistakes …
… and instead cry about them when they repeat them …
… aren’t doing too well in this game.

You can either grow …
… or run away and play a different one.

This thread is great bait.
Tons of people are triggered.

I am thoroughly impressed.


Sorry for your losses. Allow me to pour some oil on the waves, OP. There are two things in the title that caught my attention:

  • two days + two Orca losses
  • “safe zone”

Starting with the “safe zone”. There is no such thing in Eve, except the systems listed on the “rookie griefing” page of the support website, and even there mistakes can happen.
And because the environment changes over time it is crucial that you keep abreast of changes in the game. Rats, the non-mining kind, with diamond icons in front of their name are bad news when you see them. You are fortunately spared the constantly roaming triglavian scouts we had to endure since last summer, who killed a load of orcas.

Secondly, after the first loss, you should try to understand why and do your research. If you see anything out of the extraordinary (like diamond rats in the killmail) it’s a signal that you are missing some knowledge to survive. Also, it is not normal that an orca goes down that fast to a couple of rats and, from your story, not be able to take a few of them down. It is an orca after all … Perhaps it was a bit too soon in your Eve career to be flying an orca, too early to know and understand the dangers ? The game is known for painful losses.

Keep reading all you can about Eve, we all do that, at least those of us who stay. I hope your losses don’t put you off the game, but inspire you to become better. Get back in the saddle !

The best part really is … “safe zone”.

Everyone’s ignoring the quotation marks and what they imply.



I like the GM intervention part the best.