Framerate lag spikes

(shaun 27) #42

Hey i been testing a slightly different bug or at least i think it is (Stuttering graphics abyssal space) I assume your all windows 10 getting this because when i done this on windows 7 i didn’t get the same effect as i did from windows 10.

(Dexyr Sulvara) #43

Just chiming in to say I’ve been having the same micro-stutters in-game as well.

Having disabled the logging in the Logs & Messages windows I know longer have the stutters.

Like previous users mentioned, I’m also using a Samsung NVMe SSD (970 Pro model) with the latest firmware (v 3.1, published 17/01/2019).

Glad to see I’m not the only one with this issue & hopefully it can be resolved, not being able to read back over combat logs definitely makes things harder!

(shaun 27) #44

I could deal with micro stutters in fact its got that bad for me atm i dont even notice them until i review my videos :tired_face:.

(Endrin Barukh) #45

@Dexyr_Sulvara You can either do that, or you can disable the logging into Windows files outside of the game. If you disable it externally in Windows, you can have the combat settings enabled ingame and see everything ‘normally’.

Have a look at this… Go to your Documents and navigate to the Gamelogs folder. If you right click and got to Security tab, you can Deny all the entries under the User entry. If you do that, the game will stop trying to log the combat into the folder and it resolves the stutter. You can enable everything ingame. The stutter issue happens during the logging communication between EVE and Windows.

(Dexyr Sulvara) #46

Thanks very much for this! I found it mentioned before & tried it. Now whats interesting is something I didn’t cop earlier, but my documents folder is on a regular SATA SSD (Samsung Pro 850), so it seems perhaps its literally the EVE client sending the logs to Windows creating lag, and not the logs being written to a specific drive?