Framerate regression when the UI is enabled

First of all my game configuration

I’m using the Lutris client
4.9 protonified wine (also happens with the 4.6 tkg wine that ships with the client)
dxvk 1.2.3
esync enabled (also happens with disabled)
Radeon RX Vega 64 with the RADV Vulkan driver
KDE Plasma, happens both with compositing enabled and disabled
64bit client and wine prefix
Happens independent of any graphics, display or UI settings whatsoever, also with a fresh shared cache

So now to the issue I’m facing:

For example, when flying next to an Amarr station I get about 100 fps, 120 fps when hiding the UI with ctrl+F9. So far this is normal (or at least acceptable) behavior that I also had with the windows client
After some time however (the interval is usually shortened by higher graphical load, but it also happens in completely static scenes) my fps will heavily drop, in this scene to about 50 fps. Note that it is always a factor of 2. When hiding the UI, I’m back up to 120fps again, when bringing the UI back I’m down to 50fps again.

Minimizing the EVE client and maximizing it again fixes the regression until it naturally happens again
I have tried hiding parts of the UI but there seems to be no single element responsible for it, only hiding the whole thing by pressing ctrl+F9 brings me back to 120fps.

Of course, neither CPU nor GPU are really stressed during any of this so it’s not a bottleneck.
I have tried pretty much any option I could think of as mentioned above

Kind regards
Thron Legacy

I have the same problem. I have a Vega 64 aswell.

I use gentoo with kde plasma. Wine 4.12.1 with staging and dxvk 1.2.3.

Amd driver is amdvlk. vers 2.0.93. Vulkan Version 1.1.109.

Cheers Tertius

Similar thing here with nvidia gtx770 (430 series driver), wine 4.12.1, dxvk 1.2.3.
The game is quite playable, but framerate skyrockets when the UI is disabled.

Can confirm same issue.
Gentoo Linux, amdgpu+mesa on HD 8850M, tested with following Wine versions: 3.16, 4.7, 4.10, 4.12. Using DX11 with DXVK.

Since this appears to happen across AMD/nVidia it’s safe to say it is some weird regression in Eve.

Edit: About the new 1501045 update seems to be a similar issue

I confirm the problem too and would add some details.

The FPS down usually when interfacing with the UI, like changing the overview tab or opening the cargo hold. I can reset the fps back to normal by going in graphics settings then pressing ESC, it kind of return to normal for like 5 minutes or until UI interaction. Also, I noticed that the CPU and GPU usage was going down when that occur. with is weird like, how I don’t get full speed and get both CPU and GPU with a lower load (with EVE uncapped, GPU Graphics pipe stay at 100% and with the bug it go down to 50-60% and the CPU usage lower by 20-30ish% for the main EVE thread)

Radeon RX480 @ 1500Mhz /w vulkanized dx11
Whole gfx chain is GIT from 3 days-ish, kernel 5.2.0

I can confirm that opening the Settings menu makes the FPS go back up which is weird. I enabled some basic debug HUDs from DXVK and I can’t find anything that is different when the lag occurs (draw calls, pipeline count etc)

I am starting to think the performance regression is not caused by the graphics subsystem itself but rather with the UI handling code which is stalling and causing the FPS to drop. This would explain why disabling the UI makes the issue go away.

Issue continue after graphics card change.

LLVM, mesa, libdrm, DDX amdgpu all updated to latest GIT (two days-ish ago)
I also installed the latest 64BIT DXVK and switched to 64bits client.
Kernel 5.3-rc3 (required for my new RX5700)

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