I got a free BPC like everyone but didn’t even look at it just threw it in the oven, then noticed it was a 2 run BPC of a stabber, well just ran it anyway without much thought, today later I noticed!

Millions of minerals are missing from my hanger and yes I’ve looked in everything including corp hangers, nothing just gone, there may have been a bug with that BPC has anyone noticed anything yet?

no not yet

CCP have introduced a stealth way of removing hoarded minerals lol


Oi, don’t give them ideas like that.

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You can redeem your stabber in Pochven.

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I’ll move it out of Pochven as a repackaged ship for 20M :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh don’t worry about those minerals. Minerals you mined are free anyways ergo you lost nothing.

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Jesus freaking Christmas how do certain things get moved, found them in a can they shouldn’t have been, they hide so nicely among the tons of stuff, I’m gonna sell a lotsa stuff.

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“Jesus freaking Christmas” how people go ranting on forum first. instead using search function in personal assets?


how did you find out, stop spying on me

When you have too much stuff it can be hidden among the debris, also I may not have the mega monitor you may have so icons are not 10x10 ft, maybe I have color blindness, or my vision just stinks compared to your eagle eye, point being is playing fields are not level, you either judge above or below and the moment we do we often contend about it…human :yawning_face:

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You have search bar in personal assets. Just start typing name of item and it will show it location. If you have it somewhere. I judge laziness and arogancy.

And I judge you have Cordyceps in the brain, that search only works if it is IN your hanger or storage bin you type in, and in eve unless you are a nerdish type not everyone knows how to use DOS commands, if it’s lazy then blame programmers for not forcing all of us to be DOS gods.

By the way you want to buy a lot of t-1 modules and other things, I have a gazillion things to sell and I’m going to bulk sale stuff real soon.

Search is in Personal assets! alt-t second tab from right…

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You know that’s how I found it eventually, there is still a lot of eve keyboard commands that are not known to me or others, unfortunately my processor and CPU are still legacy code.

You’ll be overjoyed to know I literally went out and bought a 32in monitor to upgrade from my 19in monitor because yes it is difficult to see the tiny little icons properly, pre-covid of course, whatever covid19 did to my eyes I can no longer see near items as well, my reading glasses give me headaches so I cannot use them, and yes I’m seeing the optometrist soon.

Don’t let covid19 get you!

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Search function only works if you’re looking for a specific item. If you’ve been playing for over a decade and have lot’s of stuff scattered all over the place, it’s very easy to forget what you have, especially if it’s special items that you don’t use much or have in large quantity.

Yeah… not really

It even shows if items are inside containers.

Just exactly which part of what I said is it that you don’t understand?

After playing for a long length of time, some players accumulate a lot of stuff spread all over the place. It’s easy to forget what you have and where it’s located, especially if it’s an item that you don’t see or use much. So yeah, if you’re not looking for a specific item then the search function isn’t really feasible, unless you like spending hours on end searching through all your assets just to see what you have.