Freighters are too cost effective to suicide gank. Need HP increase

Remove freighters from the game, problem solved.



Then stop carrying enough cargo that the gank is profitable. This is a problem that you have the power to fix already, stop being too lazy to use the solutions that have been provided.

guaranteed to cost the pilot more than you lose

Who cares? If I lose 1 billion ISK and you lose 2 billion ISK I’ve still lost ISK and I have no reason to do it unless I really hate you.


You dont make any profit, and only get a loss, when you gank an empty freighter, though.

Include the fact that the freighter gets insurance while the ganker does not, and it’s even, if not a plus for the freighter.

If you’re ganking with 6 accounts, that is an additional 8 billion isk needed over the single freighter pilot, per month.

Plus the cost of the gank ship.

So you need to gank targets that are atleast 1.2 billion in loot with even average loot fairy luck, plus an additional 16 billion isk of kills in a month.

That’s a lot of ganks and a lot of effort.

The balance already exists. You are trying to outnumber someone 6 to 1, and numbers should be included in a calculation with regards to balance.


Are you in CODE? All that will do is cause OP to lose even more isk when he gets podded. OP for hauling use cheap +4 learning implants. If you want to splurge faster align time is never bad. Tank is pointless, they will know how much you have and plan accordingly.

Mostly if you have a cargo worthy of a freighter you have a cargo worthy of support ships. Web/Logi/Bump back, whatever you can muster. Really the best way to haul to Jita is to just run smaller loads in transports. Especially since the veld changes since you don’t haul that stuff to Jita anymore.

Check your map to see where the ganks are happening, docking in the system before, logging out and taking a snack break, also known as “The Sandwich Maneuver”, and then running quickly though before they see and scan you is also a tactic.


Also did some quick math, an obelisk with bulkhead 2s has around 500k EHP.

A maxed out talos deals around 1500 dps.

You would need atleast 16 taloses to take down an obelisk in 0.5 space. And that’s if the damage is applied perfectly by 16 perfectly maxed out pilots.

This is around 1.6, 1.8 billion isk worth of ships.

So yes, there is balance.

If a talos is maxed out for damage, a freighter should be maxed out for survivability in order to be on the same playing field.


Well, yes, everything is a choice.

You can choose to ask friends to escort you, logi to heal you, scout, web, or not.

You can choose to fit bulkheads and increase survivability, or not.

You can choose to fit implants to increase survivability, or not.

Everything is a choice. You choose to be a victim, and you choose to mitigate the risks.


This is terrible advice. More HP is always valuable because it increases the cost to gank your ship. If you have 50% more HP that’s a direct 50% increase in the cost to kill you, and requires a 50% increase in the expected loot drop for it to be profitable. Tanking your ship could very well be the difference between having an expected profit and an expected loss and remove any ISK incentive to attack you.


I’d say add capital rig slots without nerfing base stats (like they did when they added low slots). That way it is an investment for freighter pilot to be more secure without giving gankers more loot, unpopular rigs will get used more, freighter in general will be more customizable. And/or add a role bonus or CPU to be able to fit DCU (they did so with bulkheads already).

A win/win/win scenario.

Note: cases where cargo capacity might become too big to smuggle unwanted stuff (capitals) in high sec should be addressed beforehand.

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You’re certainly right about there being a misunderstanding. You recommend using the expensive shield implant set on an obelisk to get 510k HP? You are aware the obelisk has only 14k base shield HP? You’d get hardly any extra HP at all while offering a multi billion isk pod to the gankers.

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Except for the people who now have to pay more to gank freighters. Everything is fine as it is right now, why do we need to nerf highsec PvP even more to compensate for the idiocy of lazy freighter pilots?

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Who cares? It’s extremely difficult to catch pods without interdictor bubbles, and none of that loot drops so there’s minimal incentive to shoot it.

Who cares? A person who does not want to pay for a multi billion isk pod for less than 10k hp on a freighter might care. That 10k hp isn’t going to save you but it will cost you many billions.

Lazy freighter pilots will fit for more cargo or faster warp/align which means even less tank than they have now.

Why do they deserve to have cargo or warp time buffed? There’s no point in arguing about the right form for a freighter buff until someone provides justification for why freighters need to be buffed at all, and the only argument presented so far is “I suck at EVE, nerf PvP so I can win”.

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Wait, how do you get 50% more HP on a freighter, I think you mean 50% more armor, hull or shield, not all 3.

In any case, profit is an excuse for killing, not a requirement.

The bottom line is it is fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This was purely an arbitrary number for the sake of explanation. The statement is true regardless of the percentage.

Same people making the same arguments for years on end.

You gotta love pointless passion for meaningless things. A fine example of why the world is in the state that it is in.

By all means, carry on. I need my daily dose of gamer buffoonery.

i feel that freghters do need some love in favor of higher customization. (capital) Rigs are perfect solution to that - they are major investment on par with HG implant set.

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Why? In what way are freighters currently underpowered and in need of a buff?