Freighters are too cost effective to suicide gank. Need HP increase

They just got low slots.

They don’t need anymore buffs.

what fit are you running?

what EHP have you managed not to get?

it must be a cargo fit to reduce the EHP

yes, imo.

In what way?

Undocking is one of the leading causes of getting ganked.

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in a way that they are boring as hell.

Ideally i want them to have fittings a bit less or on par with Bowhead - to be able to fit an MWD or an active tank. That will benefit active freighter pilots and give them some control over “Oh shi~!!!” situations whereas currently freighters are flying loot pinatas where gankers have all the control.

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No, sorry. I once thought this but having tried every possible crazy thing it comes down to cat and mouse.

If you get caught without backup you die, more HP just delays the inevitable.

Successful hauling is 100% about undocking with the right ship for the right cargo, support and destination; about scouting ahead and not getting caught.


Freighters are not endgame ships they’re something you throw on an alt with minimum training (2/3 months).

So what did op lose that brings us this delicious tears today?


Ok, so we can make them more interesting with a MWD and active tank. To keep them balanced they will receive raw HP, align time, and cargo capacity nerfs. Same end result, except now you’re actively playing instead of passively watching your freighter autopilot to wherever you’re going.

In fact, I think I like this plan. Active players get to have more “fun” but remain exactly as vulnerable as they are now, AFK players who don’t turn on their active tank are even easier to kill. It’s a win/win!

Only if you’re an idiot and still have a profitable gank target after that additional HP. If you are smart and use the extra HP to bring your expected loot drop value below the cost to gank your freighter it is a huge improvement in safety.

100% wrong. Freighters are the endgame ship in the hauling profession. The fact that you want to do endgame-level activities with a throwaway alt does not change this fact.

And yet changing from nanofibers or cargohold expanders to all bulkheads makes it so that it takes 16, 17 taloses to gank you.

Isnt that balanced?


{citation needed}

also, “venture are the endgame ship in the alpha endgame mining”. ¿?


nope. Mining battleships are! Praxis is OP!

You are 100% spot on. This also sets the good hauler apart from the lazy AFK “I rather don’t interact with the game and want to watch Netflix”-carebear like the op.

You see, as long as there is danger there is opportunity for business for people who are skilled to get that stuff from point A to point B safely. If things get too safe everyone can do it without effort and the business opportunity dies.

I rather have an EVE where hauling is a viable business oportunity and not just and AFK activity.

In my opinion there are not enough freighters dying and CCP should balance that by severely nerfing their HP.

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Well the jump freighters i own must be a bleeding scots mist then. I suppose you think a flipping porpoise or an Orca are endgame to you flipping scrub.

Different roles. And, again, whether or not they are the single highest endgame ship possible is irrelevant. They’re still an expensive, skill-demanding ship at or near the top of the profession. The fact that you want to fly them solo on a minimal-skill AFK alt does not mean that they need to be buffed until this is possible.

Theory craft, being poor and hauling low value loads is not success. Hauling valuable loads in the right ship and not getting caught is success.

This is wrong for many situations. Many low value freighters are ganked purely because they are so easy to kill. Even empty ones are ganked sometimes.

If the gankers had to invest twice as many Talos they might choose their targets a bit more wisely.

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What’s your point? Obviously not getting caught is best, but good luck getting into the major market systems where ganking is a 23/7 threat. Taking two smaller loads immediately is getting you more ISK than waiting for that one in a million opportunity where the approach to Jita is clear. And flying an excellent gank target and hoping that your scouting doesn’t miss a threat is a good way to end up being on the wrong side of a comedy lossmail.