Freighters are too cost effective to suicide gank. Need HP increase

If bad players started getting good, then they wouldn’t have to worry about gankers.


{citation needed}

IIRC last time this claim came up a search of killboard results (excluding war targets and attacks outside of highsec) showed that few, if any, empty freighters were targeted and most kills had a plausible financial goal. Which makes sense, few people are willing to throw away a billion ISK just to get a killmail that nobody is going to respect anyway.

If the gankers had to invest twice as many Talos they might choose their targets a bit more wisely.

If hauler pilots stopped acting like helpless perma-victims gankers wouldn’t have any targets to attack.

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I don’t give a dam about freighters getting buffed or AFKing.

I’m just calling out someone for saying freighters are endgame, they really aren’t. A deep space transport or blockade runner is more endgame and useful than a bloody freighter.

I say it again if you think a Freighter is expensive or endgame you’re a dam Scrub.



Translates too: Entitled solo player, playing against a TEAM of 10, 15, 20 other customers wants those other customers to have to pay more isk??


If empty ones are getting ganked, there is no profit, and therefore it is balanced, because the ganker loses isk while the freighter pilot gets insurance.

I already proved this is true, with bulkheads.

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But that would require the highsec trash to take some initiative and defend themselves. It’s much easier to whine and cry and demand “just one more small PvP nerf” over and over again until the threat goes away.


The point is this is not a new player ship and as a result there is no expectation that this ship should survive when flown solo.

As in all EVE PvP numbers wins.


Be honest mate and stop blowing smoke up his arse 99/100 it’s normally 1 or 2 people multiboxing.

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Oh well why didn’t you mention those evil multiboxers right away?? That changes everything :rofl: :crazy_face:

I agree with that no ship has a right to survive.

It’s just saying that a feighter is endgame when 2/3 months training is all you really need on a freighter alt. At least with something like a DST/BR you’ve got to train up tanking skills, cloaking skills, cap skills, navigation skills to make it work well. A freighter is good to go with the bare minimum training.

If you had read the past 45309345908230978 freighter threads you would understand the reference.

You don’t want to get me started on multi boxers. Not when you’ve got guys in this game soloing HQ incursion with 40/60 accounts making 3+ bill every 10/15 minutes.

CCP are batshit mental for allowing people to do that.

They were given capital rigs when they were first given fitting choices. It was widely disliked because of how expensive they were.

We probably shouldn’t have given freighters fittings. They were really perfect as they were.

No. They are targeted because the gankers are bored.

Gankers need content like everyone else. So if a good kill doesn’t come along in a while gankers will target anything including an empty one.

Giving freighters more hp doesn’t make gankers more selective, it just makes it harder for smaller gangs to gank.

It’s a dumb ■■■■ lazy option. So no.

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No, ■■■■ off.

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There is something he refuses to even comment on, which is the fact that freighters already have the option to tank with low slots. It’s their choice but they refused, and even went so far as going with modules that lower EHP.

Truth is, freighters can already increase their EHP, even double it. They choose not to.

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for the rest of his life. But give a man the option of handing out a free fish every day, or actually learning how to fish, and many will just choose to go with the free fish option, then whine and complain that they never learned how to fish and that they lost their fish and want another free one, or the one fish wasn’t enough, etc etc.


Suicide gankers will always have zkill isk efficiency close to 100%, because NPC kills (read: CONCORD) are not counted in statistics. It does not mean ganking is always ridiculously easy.

3x Reinforced Bulkheads II will do that.


Right, and I cannot believe that there are people that play this game still thinking its a single player game. Team work is always the key, if people cannot do that then they need to stop playing a game like eve-online and work on their social skills first… Or if they want to move billions of isk worth of cargo they could hire some protection.

CCP catering to the lazy is what is killing this game, some of us would just like to play the game as it was en visioned from the very start.


When CCP switched them from having rigs to having low slots, a big part of that was:

before Kronos they have lacked any choice or customization gameplay

Source: Kronos devblog

and from the associated forum thread:

The most significant issues raised in the thread are:

** The permanence of customizability that relies completely on rigs. As the only classes to have rig slots alone with no fitting slots, Freighters and Jump Freighters would have allowed customization towards a player’s most common use cases, but would still lack the very important ability to adjust fittings in response to changing needs and environments.*

CCP won’t just add rig slots and be done with it. That would need a trade off of the low slots (which they’d lose), so how is this higher customisation with rigs?

They already choose them wisely. That’s how they get kills.

Freighter pilots that actually take responsibility for their own safety are already extremely difficult to kill. Be one of those pilots instead and you won’t be ganked.


Wanna balance it out? Just remove the auto-pilot feature from the game. The only real Eve Online rule is this: Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.

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