Frontlines Wargame on Singularity

Hey there,

Sorry about the prolonged radio silence on this issue. Regretfully I don’t have more news right now. It’s unlikely we’ll be able to dive deeper into it until the new year.

Just wanted to touch base to let you know we haven’t just closed the book on this and moved on and if we’re yet able to determine there was some mistake with the data we pulled for the rewards in this event we still want to rectify that.


Hi :slight_smile: Has there been any more information on the status of the medals?


…and a month later we’re still here wondering what the hold up is.

I understand if there needs to be recounts to the data to include potentially missing players, but the PLEX and BPC prizes have already been distributed. Where are the medals for the players that have already been confirmed to have participated?

I don’t want to be that person. And i appreciate the suggestion that there should have been more for those who did more. However considering the timing of everything that was going on in game and outside, not to mention the the AT and the quickly approaching Holiday season this feels like that suggestion should have been applied to any future events of this nature and not tagged on to this event a last minute thing. It seems like its only created more issues/frustration than what it may have been worth.

And i do understand the frustration of those whose names aren’t on the list at all as I have an alt of my own that is missing despite the fact that she did a few plexes as well.

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I’d go further than that to be honest.

I reactivated several accounts to get involved again in FW, which I have been extremely active in previously.

All of those accounts have slowly deactivated, because the excitement I had has just gone

This was an absolutely needless overcomplication that resulted in nobody getting any medal at all, including the original proponents of this idea who failed to qualify for any rewards at all.

Advanced Trolling trained to V right there.

I’ll get back to winning Eve. Since this thread and the issue are very obviously being left to die.

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