G-Ball Sport Gaining Popularity

“By its detractors, G-ball is dismissed as a gimmick riddled ‘sport’ that’s more flash than substance, while it’s proponents site its ingenuity and the tremendous physical demands on athletes. The truth is, unsurprisingly, somewhere in the middle.” -Gallente Newscaster

G-ball, or Gravityball, is a team sport originating in the Ameinaka system that has grown in popularity locally since its inception in YC55.

Featuring three teams of 4 players per match, fought in a cubed arena. The primary goal of G-ball is to accumulate points while in possession of the ball. Accumulated points are only banked by returning the gravityball to the teams scoring area. Possession can be stolen by either of the opposing teams.
These core pillars of G-ball are constant, but the sport endeavours to keep things fresh. Year to year different methods of scoring are swapped in and out, along with new player tech and gadgets, and of course the much anticipated unveiling of the new arena layout each year.

To the untrained eye, G-ball is somewhat bewildering, as players seamlessly transition between working with players on other teams, to knocking the living daylights out of each other.
Due to the three team nature of the sport, the ever-shifting alliances and goals on the floor make for a lot of excitement, tension and drama.
Grudges are common, as are brawls. Play is rarely stopped during a round, and any penalties incurred are handed out after said round.
If cleverly done to sidestep penalties, dirty play and violence is praised by supporters, and universally condemned by opposing fans, making G-ball one of the most engaging spectator sports around (especially if you have a wager on the game).

A sample of banned rigs and features, permanently removed from rotation:

  • Static ball: An electric shock delivered to whoever carries the ball, increasing in strength as points are accumulated
  • Blackout: a ‘No Penalty’ period invoked during play, banned indefinitely after career ending injuries increased 48% for the year

Some fan favourites:

  • Skint: Players on a team lose kredits until deactivated, making for some amusing decision making
  • Now you see me: A temporary stealth enhancement for a single player, making for some of the nastiest takedowns the sport has ever seen

((If you would like to contribute to the sport/post, you’re welcome to! Please just throw me a PM first))


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